Samsung reveals ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Spin Windows 10 notebooks

Samsung has announced two new Windows 10 notebook. The ATIV Book 9 Pro will include a 3840x2160 display, while the ATIV Book 9 Spin convertible has a 360 degree hinge for its screen for use in tented and tablet mode.

Samsung's rumored 12-inch 4K tablet running Windows 10 heads to India for testing

Samsung's 12-inch 4K tablet running Windows 10 is looking more and more likely, with a device matching the screen size and model number making its way to Samsung India for testing.

Samsung rumored to launch 12-inch Windows 10 tablet

A new rumor claims Samsung is working to develop a 12-inch tablet that uses Windows 10. However, the source of the rumor only has a few details about the tablet's reported hardware specs.

Samsung's latest monitor is certified for Windows 10, can wirelessly charge your Lumia

Samsung has announced the SE370, a full-HD monitor that features an integration wireless charging area that allows you to charge Qi-compatible Lumias.

Samsung will soon let its laptops get patches via Windows Update once again

Samsung has now issued a statement saying it plans to release a patch to its Windows-based laptops in the next few days that will allow those devices to get updates via Microsoft's Windows Update feature once again, instead of having them blocked by Samsung's software.

Samsung denies claims of disabling Windows Update with its own software

Samsung Ireland has responded to claims the company is preventing Windows Update from successfully patching the company's range of laptops. Samsung denies the company is actively blocking any form of update from Microsoft.

Samsung disables Windows Update on its laptops, wants you to use its own utility instead

A researcher debugging Samsung's SW Updater utility found that the manufacturer bundled a program that disabled access to Windows Update.

Samsung believes it can dock an Android smartphone into a Windows notebook

Samsung has filed for a patent application that describes a method for placing a smartphone running on Android into a notebook dock, where it can then switch to the Windows OS.

New rumor claims Samsung is seeking a Hololens partnership with Microsoft

A new report claims, via unnamed sources, that Samsung is seeking to partner up with Microsoft to help develop that company's HoloLens technology, especially in the health care business.

Qualcomm reportedly planning to use Samsung's fab to manufacture the Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm is to enlist Samsung to manufacture the company's next-generation Snapdragon 820 processor. Qualcomm will look to take advantage of Samsung's thinner 14-nanometer wiring for its CPU.

Microsoft Office apps to be pre-installed on select Samsung Android tablets

Samsung has announced an expansion of its partnership with Microsoft that will include pre-installing Office apps on some of Samsung's tablets in the first half of 2015. The company had already announced that the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge would have Microsoft's OneNote, Skype and OneDrive apps pre-installed, along with offering those owners 115GB of free storage on OneDrive for two years.

The Samsung ATIV One 7 Windows 8.1 PC will start shipping March 8 for $1,299

The Samsung ATIV One 7 all-in-one PC, with Windows 8.1, will be available for purchase and shipment starting on Sunday, March 8 for $1,299. The ATIV One 7, which is the only all-in-one PC with a curved display, was first announced in later December.

The Samsung Galaxy S6, complete with 115GB of OneDrive, OneNote and Skype

Remember those recent rumors about Microsoft services coming pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S6? Turns out they were true. Now the phone (and its sibling, the Galaxy S6 edge) is officially official we know that it's a thing, but a pretty limited thing. OneDrive and OneNote are preloaded, with 115GB (odd number, sure) of free storage for two years, and the hands-on our buddies at Android Central had showed Skype was also pre-loaded on the demo units.

Microsoft and Samsung reach settlement over royalties dispute

Microsoft has announced that it has settled a contract dispute it has been having Samsung, which could signal an eventual arrival of new Windows Phone handsets from the Korean manufacturer in the future.

The business card sized Samsung T1 SSD is the ultimate in portable storage

Portable storage is forever getting smaller and higher capacity, be that portable hard drives, SD or microSD cards or even USB thumb drives. At CES, Samsung was showcasing its latest development in the space, the T1 portable SSD drive. And in something no bigger – albeit a little thicker – than a business card, you can now get 1TB of SSD storage.

Samsung reportedly looking to build more Windows Phones, if Microsoft settles legal battle

Samsung may well be looking to produce more Windows Phones, should Microsoft settle the royalties legal battle on Android products. According to the report on Korea Times, the manufacturing giant that is Samsung has been reported to be at least considering the Windows Phone platform to launch more affordable hardware.

Quick look at the Samsung ATIV Book 9, the thinnest, lightest Ultrabook yet

Samsung may be playing second fiddle on Windows Phone these days, but they are still all in on the PC and laptop front. Last night, Samsung showed off their latest creation, the ATIV Book 9, which is a refresh of their continuing ATIV Book series (there is also a 'Pro' version).

The ATIV Book 9 is quite the looker with its all-aluminum, unibody design and its razor-thin 0.46-inch profile. The whole package weighs just 2.06 pounds, and it sports a 12.2-inch WQXGA (2560×1600) display that is a non-touch screen.

Samsung to show off Windows 8.1 all-in-one PC with curved display at CES 2015

Samsung will be showing off two new Windows 8.1 products next week at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, including an all-in-one PC with a curved display.

Samsung calls Microsoft a direct hardware competitor, refuses to pay royalties

Microsoft filed legal action against Samsung earlier this year for failure to pay royalty on intellectual property licensed from Microsoft for its Android devices, and now Samsung is claiming that the deal between both companies, which was originally agreed upon in 2011, is void following Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia.

Samsung pushing out Windows Phone 8.1 Update for more ATIV S users

Last week, we reported how Samsung was slowly trickling out the Windows Phone 8.1 Update (GDR1) for ATIV S users. However, the rollout at the time was limited to just phones with Austrian region branding. Users in our forums detailed how you could do it yourself, however the method was complicated by the sheer amount of ATIV S versions out on the market.

Today, our unbranded UK ATIV S (I8750), without the 8.1 Preview, is finally receiving numerous OS updates and new firmware. Users in our forums are confirming the same for what looks like a wider swath of ATIV S users and more regions.