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11 Features and improvements we would like to see come to Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is the new Windows 10 default web browser. It's a software built from scratch and designed for the modern computing world, but it's still in the early days with less functionality compared to its competition. If we had a wish list of some of the features and improvements Microsoft should consider for their Edge browser, this would be it.

Google promises to fix Chrome bug on Windows, causing laptop batteries to drain

Google has announced that a serious flaw in the web browser, reportedly affecting Windows machines since 2010, will finally be addressed. The issue is Chrome fails to return to an idle state when not being used, requiring more juice from the power supply, a serious problem for laptop and tablet owners. The company has pushed the flaw to the top of the to-do list for the Chrome team so we're hoping it won't be too long before a fix is released to allow the viewing of more cat GIFs between charges.

UC Browser gets updated with SD card support, file sharing and more

UC Browser is one of the alternative web browsers for Windows Phone, joining the likes of Maxthon to tempt consumers away from the native Internet Explorer by Microsoft. UC Browser has been bumped to version 3.4, introducing file sharing, SD card support and much more.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows 8 finally moves into open beta

Mozilla has today unveiled that its Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta is available for download and testing. The touch-friendly version of the popular web browser has been in development for some time, but finally we're beginning to see the app take shape. 

Should you be currently using a Windows 8 tablet or laptop with touch-screen support, we urge you to check out the Firefox beta and see what you think.

Maxthon web browser for Windows Phone receives massive update

Maxthon (www.maxthon.com) is a popular web browser available for multiple platforms, including Windows Phone. The alternative to Internet Explorer has accumulated hundreds of positive reviews since it was released back in October and the development team are back with a massive upgrade for users before 2014 arrives.

UC Browser continues its update spree; version 3.3 adds Wi-Fi sharing, pin to Speed Dial and more

UC Browser is a super popular alternative web browsing experience on Windows Phone. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has come a long way, but should you require a web browser with more features and regular updates, UC Browser is definitely one to keep an eye on and have installed on your Windows Phone.

Version 3.3 of UC Browser has just been pushed to the store, so open up a new tab and head past the break to find out what's new.

Surfy re-released, delivers a feature rich web browser for Windows Phone 8

Surfy is a tabbed web browser for our Windows Phones. It was initially released for Windows Phone 7 and was overhauled earlier this year for Windows Phone 8. However due to a few stability issues publicizing the app was held off until those bugs could be addressed.

The updated version went live over the weekend and delivers a rather peachy tabbed web browser with voice command support. Version 2.1 of Surfy also adds a text to speech feature that adds an audio reading of web pages.

In the short time we've tinkered with Surfy this afternoon, it makes a nice impression. It might just be that Windows Phone web browser you've been looking for.

Official Maxthon Cloud Browser released; turbo charge your mobile web experience

Windows Phone gets a popular cloud-based web browser to reduce data and make things faster

Internet Explorer isn't necessarily a slow web browser on Windows Phone, but there are alternative web browsers from third parties.

Maxthon (www.maxthon.com) is one of these alternatives, and what a second choice it is. If you're looking at a free way to improve your web browsing experience and boost your Windows Phone into space, download this app right now. 

Head past the break to see our hands on video and tour of this fantastic browser alternative!

UC Browser updated, adds more sharing options and enhanced music playback

UC Browser is a web browser alternative to Internet Explorer for our Windows Phone. The app was recently updated to version 3.1 which brings a few new features and performance tweaks into the mix.

This latest update comes with multiple enhancements including greater sharing options that allow you to share to Facebook and Twitter, the ability to play downloaded music in the background after you exit the app, and optimized searching by allowing searches through both the address bar and search bar.

UC Browser gets updated with numerous improvements

The team behind UC Browser for Windows Phone have released a new version to the store. introduces numerous improvements to the already feature rich web browser. Here's a quick recap on what we noted was new in version 3.0, but what are we looking at in this latest release?

Internet Explorer is still looking for love in Microsoft's latest campaign

Remember Microsoft’s campaign for Internet Explorer, “the browser you loved to hate”? Well it isn’t gone and the company has just launched round two – common misconceptions. The new advertising maneuverer aims to fix what the company feels are common misconceptions about its web browser.

UC Browser version 3 hits the store, brings an array of new features

We previously went over what's new in version 3 of the popular third-party web browser, UC Browser not long back where many exciting features were stated to be coming soon. Today, we're pleased to relay news that the update is now live for consumers to enjoy. So what's new in the latest release? 

AVG Technologies updates Family Safety web browser for Windows Phone 8

Popular security provider AVG has announced and released an update for its Family Safety app, which now supports Windows Phone 8. If you've not already used the app before, it's been available on Windows Phone 7 since last year, providing a protective solution for those who have children surfing the web on mobile devices. It's a free app that acts as a web browser, blocking known threats using the AVG Linkscanner technology. Anything relating to violence, drugs, weapons, pornography and more is blocked.

UC Browser for Windows Phone bumped, adds synchronicity and optimisations

UC Browser, an alternative web browser for Windows Phone, has recently been updated to version 2.8. The developer has been busy pushing UC Browser further on the platform. We last looked at the app back in December when it was bumped to 2.7 and introduced a number of improvements and new features, so what's new in the latest release?

Google clarifies Maps position on Windows Phone, will be able to access soon

Yesterday the interwebs went crazy over Google blocking Windows Phone from using their Maps application the web browser. Instead users were redirected to the Google homepage, quite frustrating was that this appeared to be a conscious decision on half of Google. Turns out that was the case and a recent development has been made to rectify the situation for Windows Phone 8 users attempting to access Google Maps on their devices.

UC Browser for Windows Phone updated with new features

UC Browser, an alternative web browser for Windows Phone, has been available on the platform for some time now. Since then the app has been updated a number of times and has now been bumped to version 2.7. It's worth noting that this is not a simple IE wrapper either. UC Browser is the real deal, offering a serious solution for those who wish to use something other than Internet Explorer. 

UC Browser offers alternative to IE9 on Windows Phone

UC Browser is an alternative to Internet Explorer on Windows Phone, one of the first of its kind. It's been around for some time (it was on Windows Mobile) but only supported Chinese for the Windows Phone build which under went beta testing a few months ago. The browser was recently updated and now has language support for English.

UC Browser is a well designed web browser and pages loaded with a little zip. There's still some work to be done to complete the transition to English and a few features we've yet to discover. But all in all, if you're looking for a change of pace from IE9, UC Browser is worth a try.

Reasoning with changes in Mango IE9

The above chart certainly paints an interesting picture about usage within IE on Windows Phone. Back at MIX'11 when we managed to get a demonstration by Joe Marini of IE9, the excitement began of a chrome-less browsing experience. Moving onto later previews and in-depth looks at what's changed in the browser, many began to question the move to take away the status bar and hide the tabs and featured sites. One of the major complaints about the new IE on Windows Phone though is the missing "Find on Page" feature.

Amin Lakhani has published an insightful article over at the Windows Phone Developer blog, which runs us through the reasoning behind the changes that have been made. Looking back at the chart above, it's clear to see that the majority of users neglect the tabs and favourites features in favour of the address bar (myself being one). It's all about gaining as much screen as possible from chrome and using it for content display, to tie in with the whole concept of Metro, Microsoft has actually done this rather well.

Not everyone is going to agree with changes made as not everyone uses the web in the same way. A user may see IE9 on Windows Phone as a tool for light browsing, should he wish to have multiple tabs active at once he may favour a laptop, desktop or tablet. It's good to disagree with the approach taken, but without an alternative there's little anyone can do. One thing's for sure, it's depressing to see the team boast about having HTML5 with Youtube. Surely we should only rejoice when the monopolistic search engine giant agrees to allow Microsoft to pull down Youtube content via the app?

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

UCWeb Browser to begin closed beta testing for Windows Phone 7

File this under: very interesting

For those of you who used Windows Mobile 6.x, you'll remember a neat little Chinese browser called UCWeb. It was similar to Opera where it used servers to compress and reformat websites that were then passed to the phone. The design was pretty sharp, offering an all "black" theme that was great for reading and photos looked great on it. Plus it was free.

Surprisingly, in their help forum, the company has announced plans for a closed beta testing. They're taking applications via the forum, but since it's Chinese you may have a tough time registering and getting a spot. From the Google-translated post:

UC browser Wp7 platform closed beta began recruiting friends

"The UC long-awaited platform for closed beta browser Wp7 recruit friends, are welcome to join closed beta.

The recruitment only accept Windows Phone 7 platform Friends of Friends applications for Friends of Friends in the following format for replies, we will follow all mobile phone technology in the customer service area and the level of activity in the sector assessment, the results we will be a forum SMS notification to you.

Application requirements: Be sure the phone is unlocked, the deployment process on their own Friends of Friends"

This raises all sorts of interesting questions, like will this be allowed in the Marketplace? Will they localize the language for English (they've done it before, obviously)? When can we see it? We'll try to find out more and we'll keep an eye out for this one.

Source: bbc.uc.cn; via @Chassit

Mango's IE9 browser still trounces iOS5 beta 3 in HTML5 speed test

Browser wars are always fun. Not because they are definitive or slam dunk tests that once and for all decide which is the best browser, but because they induce so much chest thumping about standards, specs and specific environments for testing. It's like saying your football team is the best--sure it may or may not be true, but sometimes it's fun to throw the war paint on and act like it is.

In this case, Derek Snyder of Microsoft demonstrates once again the famous "HTML5 fish test" (see MIX 11), comparing it between a BlackBerry, Samsung Android Charge and an iPhone 4. And once again, Windows Phone Mango clearly beats everyone, coming in at an astounding 50 FPS. But what makes this test more interesting is the fact that the iPhone 4 is running the iOS5 beta 3 (just released) which puts Apple's "fall update" up against Microsoft's "fall update", making it a more realistic comparison.

Your move, Apple. 

Source: WMPU