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wpcentral official app

After a very positive initial launch of our official Windows 8 app, development is still very much in high gear as we look through all your feedback and start to address the teething issues you'd often see with any first big release.

Today v1.0.0.1 is available on the Windows Store, and is the result of work to fix the initial bugs we discovered after going live. So whilst you shouldn't expect to see much in the way of obvious changes we've hopefully addressed a few critical ones that were causing the app to either crash or not function at all for a few users. You can find the app here in the store, and the changelist below.

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Today I’m experiencing the wide variety of emotions that comes with launching a new app into any store. I’m thrilled that we’re finally able to share it with you, exhausted from all the time spent getting the underlying code functional and incredibly nervous about how it will be received and whether there will be any major bugs!

So with all of that in mind I’m very proud to present to you the official Windows Phone Central app for Windows 8.1, version 1.0 of hopefully many! Windows store apps can take up to 24 hours to show up in search results but you can find our app ready to download right now right here! If you want to go and grab it then come back and read this article please do, but I’ve got a lot to share with you so make sure you come back!

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We're not entirely sure what's going on here, but we've just had a flood of e-mails from users who are reporting that our app is crashing when they try to use it. Coincidently they all appear to be AT&T variants of Windows Phone. We're currently testing the app to establish exactly what's happened but first tests seem to show that when loading over the AT&T mobile network, the app fails, Wi-Fi connections and other networks appear to be unaffected.

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Update: Closed Wow! what a response, I've already had over 200 applicants for the beta so in the interest of not disappointing too many people I'm closing applications. Please check out the video below for a demonstration of the app!

Merry Christmas everyone! It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that v2.0 of our app will be in beta in time for Christmas day, and I'm looking for 100 volunteers to try it out.

This build is not feature complete, in fact there are a couple of things in the works which we're not quite ready to show just yet. However the main purpose of this beta is to test two of the most important changes we're bringing:

  • A full comments system with replies (tap and hold an existing comment)
  • New, customisable live tile with images on the rear

Yes we were listening and we know comments is the most requested feature, and thanks to some site changes last month we're now finally able to deliver that feature.

Of course that's not all that's changed, and the other things you'll notice are...

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WPCentral app hits v1.7 - hot fix edition!

By now you may have received the update notification for the WPCentral app. It has been bumped to v1.7 and you're probably wondering what's new? Unfortunately, no new features as this was a "hot fix" for the recent site changes here.

If you recall, a few days ago we overhauled our content-management system (CMS) which broke a few things in the app. So if you're experienced some app crashes or images not showing, they should now work well in v1.7. The good news is the CMS change has given our trusty developer Jay a greenlight for adding commenting to the app. Yes, we know you want that feature and we don't blame you, but we had to do the boring backend stuff first. Going forward, not only will we avoid those 502 site-errors we had but we can expand and add new functions. Case in point, hover your mouse over the Mobile Nations Super Bar near the top of your browser, then scroll over each OS. Cool, eh

Haven't tried our official app yet? For shame! Grab the trial/free version here in the Marketplace. If you buy it for $0.99, you get no ads and Live Tile support. With nearly 25,000 downloads and consistently one of the top news app in the Marketplace, you can't go wrong.

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Happy Mango day everyone! After a lot of hard work I'm pleased to announce that WPCentral has officially gone Mango, so for those of you rocking the developer previews, or those lucky enough to have mango today you should see an update to v1.4 in the Marketplace very soon.

If you who have opted for the full version of the app here's what you can look forward to:

  • Brand new podcast player with Background Audio
  • Brand new double-sided live tile with number of new articles since last opened
  • Live tiles for each section of the app
  • Toast notifications for news
  • Background downloading of the news feed when live tiles are enabled

Whereas if you think the best things in life should be free you'll find:

  • Brand new advertising provider (AdDuplex) making the app much more responsive
  • Fast app switching
  • Pinnable tiles for each section of the app
  • New links page for viewing articles or web pages
  • Search extensibility, the app will provide search results for Bing video games and Software
  • Toggle system tray option
  • Speed optimisations as part of Mango update
  • Fixed a bug in the article parser & Facebook authentication

Of course with the exception of adverts the full version features all of the free features as well.

If you missed Daniel's preview a month back then you can catch the video after the break, you can find the app here in the marketplace

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We're getting real close to Mango being pushed out to the masses, so it's only appropriate that we show what we've got coming up. Our developer Jay Bennett has been hard at work with v1.4 which will unleash the Mango power:

  • Multiple Live Tiles - pin sub-sections like Games, Reviews and Apps to your Start screen
  • Flipping Tiles - tile reveals latest headline, last update when it flips over
  • Toast Notifications - get alerted to the latest story within 10-20 mins of the story; notifications also deep-link to the story itself
  • Live Tile counter - Shows number of new stories awaiting your review
  • Fast app switching
  • Background downloading - app will download story text in the background, making articles load faster on launch
  • Enable/Disable System Tray - for those who insist on seeing the time, battery life, cell signal, etc. you can now have this area show within the app
  • Live Tile settings - see what tiles are enabled, when they will next update and other diagnostic info
  • Podcast overhaul - Play podcast with app in background (uses music controls); Mobile Nations podcast support, fast forward/rewind, podcast episode description and graphic, resume at last left spot if stopped
  • Etc: bug fixes, other minor enhancements, things we forgot to mention

So as you can see, this will be quite the nice update. We're nearing completion of the beta and should have in the Marketplace sooner than later. For those of you on Mango, you're sure going to love this update. Stay tuned, folks...

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We've had thousands of downloads, putting the WPCental app in the top five of News & Weather in the Marketplace. So we're glad to announce that v1.2 is now ready for download (see our video preview here) making the app that much better.

We listened to a lot of your feedback and we think you'll be pleased with the entire changelog, which brings greater control over the app to you:

  • Adjusted the UI layout to have consistent margins and font styling
  • Article text font sizes can now be adjusted through pinch-to-zoom gestures
  • Live tile consistency improved and added option to enable or disable the live tile
  • Optimizations to the animations to improve app speed
  • Fixed crash in adverts when the UI moved too fast for AdMob
  • Fixed crashes relating to “Parameter is incorrect” and “Argument out of range” exceptions
  • Fixed rare crash relating to feed caching
  • Fixed bug where feed refresh would sometimes fail, causing the app to never pick up new feeds

In addition, we've added a nice, swanky 'Settings' button near the top, to give you greater control over how the app behaves, including:

  1. Feedback on refresh
  2. Haptic feedback
  3. Lock portrait view
  4. All black theme
  5. Simple text title

Over all, the experience should be much better now and hopefully it should address most of your concerns. You can grab the app right here in the Marketplace.  Remember, the app is free (using the unlimited "Trial") with ads or $0.99 with no ads and some bonus features e.g. Live Tile, videos, etc. Let us know in comments what you think!

Some video after the break.

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We're generally not the folk to brag, but the official WPCentral app that was released last week is currently the top app in the news and weather category. While we're on a roll, the app is shining with a four and a half star average rating. I'd like to say a big thank you on behalf of the entire team, it really does bring a tear to the eye seeing how much support there is from our readers.

A lot of time, effort and development went into the final product, but it has all been paid off with the positive reviews and feedback we've received. Improvements are being made and our Daniel Rubino showed the developer walkthrough of version 1.2 by Jay Bennett who explained some of the upcoming changes which have been requested. Be sure to check Jay's blog for more information, development and to leave feedback.

You can download our app (if you haven't done so already) in the Marketplace. Remember there is the option of the unlimited ad-supported trial with full functionality or if you wish to experience no advertising and believe the app is worth it then the paid version is a mere $0.99 (79p).

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Yes! After we announced it last week and a brief delay, the official WPCentral app is now ready for your usage. We won't get into too much detail (see our earlier video hands on), but you can grab the app in the Marketplace right here: LINK to APP

The app is either free (unlimited trial, with ads, missing some features) or $0.99 (no ads, Live Tile for breaking stories, etc.), so choose whichever you feel is worthy.

Thanks to our developer Jay Bennett (website, Twitter) for his hard work. Please sound off in comments on your thoughts, rate it in the Marketplace and hit the feedback button in the app to alert us to any issues.

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Update: Official WPCentral app for Windows Phone

For those of you anxiously awaiting our official app for Windows Phone (see previous announcement here), here's what's going on:

  1. Yesterday the app was rejected by the Marketplace (trivial logo issue)
  2. We made a few lil' changes and just re-submitted (not bad for 24 hrs)
  3. We're now awaiting again for approval, anywhere from 2-5 days

So sorry for the delay, but alas, that's what happens sometimes with this Marketplace. The good news is you're getting v1.1 of the app, which due to the extra time, our awesome developer Jay Bennett was able to compile. This build includes some fixes for bugs we found as well as some speed optimization, meaning the version you'll be getting is even more rigorously tested (we had some more beta testers on board).

Stay tuned as we announce when it's finally ready for download.

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