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xperia x2


Xperia X2 update schedule announced

While we are waiting for the Xperia X2 to make it to market, Sony is trying to reassure customers that the new Windows phone won't be left out on any software updates.  The schedule was announced through Sony's official blog site for the Xperia in hopes to let consumers know they heard the complaints on the lack of updates for the X1 and "doesn't want to go there again".

In March (presumably 2010), Sony hopes to launch the first upgrade for the X2 (code named MR1) that will upgrade Windows Mobile from 6.5.1 to 6.5.2. Additionally, MR1 will video telephony, an FM radio, quicker GPS functionality, and a few other applications to the X2. It will also address any bugs that are identified through consumer use.

The next update is expected to go live in May that will bring Windows Mobile 6.5.3 to the X2. Sony is considering this upgrade "the big one" that will significantly improve usability, performance, power management and the browser experience.

In announcing this schedule Sony did remind everyone that the X2 will not see Windows Mobile 7 due to the lack of hardware support.

It's nice to see Sony take a proactive approach in giving consumers an idea when their Windows phone should see updates. The one thing that would make this news better is having the Xperia X2 available on store shelves. [xperiancers]

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Oh, look. There's the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2a (the "a" points to the North American version) on the Sony Style Web site. It's still not available for purchase, but we saw it at CES running Windows Mobile 6.5.3, and CNET says its been told to expect launch this spring. We're not holding our breaths, given the lack of expediency given the X1, but we'll definitely be glad to see it when it comes.

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Stopped back by the Microsoft booth at CES after our recent encounter with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 on the Toshiba TG01, and, sure enough, there's more lurking around. The Pharos Traveler 137's got it (Build 28005.5.3.0). And right next door was the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2, and it had 6.5.3 as well, though it's so heavily skinned with the Panels interface that you can't tell at first glance.

Two more phones with possible upgrades on the way.


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Hands-On: Xperia X2

Maybe I'm a little jaded after waiting so long for the Xperia X1 only to have it land, look impressive, but fail to make a big impact on the Windows Mobile world. Don't get me wrong - the Xperia X2 is very nice: the build quality is amongst the best of the couple dozen devices I've handled here at CTIA. From the slider to the feel of the keyboard to the subtle curve on the lower-rear of the phone, everything is top-notch.

Not so top-notch, the latest iteration of Sony's Panel's interface. It's awfully pretty and definitely the sort of things you can use to wow your friends and shame your enemies, but only if you're careful to stick with one panel and not switch between your different options, as the lag starting them up is a little disappointing. Perhaps it's time Sony moved beyond the standard 256RAM/512ROM 528MHz Qualcomm processor and into the big time if they're going to try to power interfaces that are this dynamic.

Still, the 480x800 screen and 8mp camera can't help but impress. I can definitely see Sony fans coveting this and I can't blame them for it, the X2 is a very futuristic-looking rig, I just wish the internals we are futuristic as its looks.

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Remember how Vodafone said customers can expect the LG GM750 in October and the Sony Xperia X2 in November? That was it. No actual dates attached.

But never fear: We've gotten (very blurry) word that the X2 (aka the Vulcan) is due Nov. 6. Price and plans still to be determined (or at least leaked).

Even better, the GM750 should be on hand this Friday, Oct. 2. As you can see, £25 a month gets you 300 minutes and unlimited texts, and the phone itself is free. Unlimited data will cost another £5 a month.

For us, the question remains: Will either of these phones see love on this side of the pond?

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

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Good news for our friends across the pond on Vodafone: The carrier says to expect the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 in November. That's the X2 and it's sweet keyboard, banana slider and 8.1MP camera. No word on price.

And that's also a couple of months sooner than online dealer Expansys says the X2 will be available, so there ya go.

Also coming down the pike is the LG GM750, which is expected in October and brings along its 5MP camera and black-slab good times.

Vodafone via Coolsmartphone

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Sony's Xperia X2 Price Confirmed?

We reported last week that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 had surfaced on Expansys's website for the modest price of 604 British Pounds (about $1,000 U.S.). According the a report by Solapalmari, an Italian website, a Sony Ericsson senior executive who preferred to remain nameless has set the price point for the X2 somewhere between 590 and 600 Euro. That's in the 533 British Pound or $880 U.S. dollar neighborhood.

The Senior Executive's tip came via Facebook which presents several questions on credibility of the source. However, stranger things have happened and if accurate, the X2 still remains a tad on the pricey side and will struggle to compete with the HTC Touch Pro 2 who's price point is about 150 British Pounds less. For us in the U.S. market, there is always a chance the X2 will be picked up by a service provider and offered at a discounted price (along with the customary contract extension).


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Expansys, everybody's favorite UK importer/exporter, has the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 listed on its site for the low, low price of 604 British pounds, or right about $1,000 U.S. That's only hundred more than the original X1 initially went for when it trickled out in its U.S. release, so you could do worse, we guess. Also listed is an "expected release date" of Jan. 11, 2010. This is an Xperia, after all, so we'll believe it when we see it.

Via Pocketnow

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Sony Ericsson announces Xperia X2

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the Xperia X2. The latest iteration features the familiar panels interface but also debuts SlideView, "which provides quick access to frequently used phone activities."

Like with the original X1 (read our review), there actually are two versions of the X2, with the X2a the version with U.S.-compatible 3G bands. That said, there's no U.S. availability mentioned anywhere, and the X2a appears slated for Australia and New Zealand.

Specs are a little incomplete, but we'll start you off with a massive 8.1-megapixel camera with autofocus, image stabilization, geotagging, a 16x digital zoom, flash and more. Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional is on board the 3.2-inch 480x800 touchscreen (resistive, still, unfortunately). There's quad-band EDGE and tri-band (850/900/1900) on the 3G side.

Sony Ericsson says the X2 will be available in the fourth quarter. No word yet on pricing, but you can bet it'll cost a pretty penny. Next question is whether the X2 will get any support from U.S. carriers, after the X1 was spurned. Get the full rundown here, and we've got more pictures after the break.

Oh, and if new hardware's not enough, SE's opened up the panel SDK. Get the lowdown on that here.

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Xperia X2 not being announced today

Yeah, it's really not surprising, but there won't be an announcement a Sony Ericsson X2 today from that event in Singapore. From the official SE blog:

Hi, over the last few hours there has been a consistent string of rumours regarding an event scheduled for the 17th in Singapore. This is a local event to recap the recent launches for Aino, Saito and Yari as well as the GreenHeart phones (the C901 GreenHeart and Naite.) There will be an update on local content initiatives but no new products will be announced at the event.

We’ll have some news on the X2 later in the year, but tomorrow’s event is not it.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

Via Phone Arena

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Xperia X2 rumor de jour

This will be our only Xperia rumor today. We promise. And while we have no definite confirmation from SE that a follow-up to the Xperia X1 is in the works, what you see above is a Twitter post from SE marketing guru Harold de Kort.  Run through the ol' Google translator, you get "Of course after each X1 is an X2 and X3, X4, X5. What else is new. "

Either that's a bit of a kiss-off answer (which is entirely likely), or, yes, they're working on filling out the Xperia line. (Hopefully with Windows Mobile, but even that's not certain.) And if SE follows the same timetable it did with the X1, we could be hearing an announcement shortly and then seeing the phone sometime next year. (via Unwired View)

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Xperia X2 rumor quietly persists

OK, so the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, at least in the U.S. Lack of carrier support (and a high unlocked price) will do that to a phone. And while there have been grumblings that SE was getting out of the Windows Mobile game, we're now getting a brief mention that an X2 is in the works from GigaOm [via] in a piece about Skyhook, a Boston wireless company. Emphasis ours

Once Skyhook was designed into the iPhone, Google folks took notice of Skyhook and started to develop their own competitive offering, which is being offered for free, while Skyhook charges for its offering. Morgan admits that the company has lost a couple of deals because of free offerings. For instance, the X2 edition of Sony Xperia phone (Windows Mobile-based) uses geolocation data from Google.

That's all we get. Assuming this isn't just a typo, it lends a little more credence to an early rumor that SE planned to continue the Xperia line with Windows Mobile. If it is a typo, then a whole lotta people are getting excited over nothing.

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Is This the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2?

Take a gander at the mystery device in the video above (whilst being soothed by the dulcet tones of Underworld's “Jumbo.”). Although the video seems to use some PSP-Esque graphics, this is definitely a communication device that the big SE has up its sleeve. It's new to us, at any rate.

We bring it up because during our Q&A about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, the execs were pretty adamant that “Xperia” is going to refer to an entire line of devices -- which is why the first is called the “X1.” It sure doesn't seem to fit well into any of SE's other other device brands. Now, it's not even certain that the above promo is for an Xperia device, or that said device will run of top of Windows Mobile, nor even that everybody else but us knows exactly that this mamma jamma is and we're posting here with Sony-flavored egg on our face.

In any case, we threw some grabs from the video after the break. Anybody care to enlighten us?


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