Take a look inside the Microsoft Garage, the home of 'Doers, not talkers'

The Microsoft Garage is an interesting place where some generally awesome ideas develop and grow into products we may or may not get to see. A large organization like Microsoft has many labs, like that totally secret development of HoloLens, and in a pretty detailed post, the doors to the Garage have been opened for us all to have a peek inside.

The Garage has been responsible for a number of projects you may be familiar with such as the now retired Tetra Lockscreen, SquadWatch and the Xbox One game, Voice Commander.

It's a lengthy read, so maybe grab a beverage and clear some of your schedule. But here's a few quotes to hopefully whet your appetite a little:

"Even on a weeknight, The Garage is chock full of people with projects in various stages of evolution. Some Garage projects, like the "Forgotten Attachment Detector" for Microsoft Outlook, will go on to be incorporated into Microsoft products to be used by millions. Others are purely flights of fancy, like Mount Maker, the massive sheet metal volcano parked in the middle of the room.""Other projects, like Mount St. Awesome, are purely for fun, exploration, or to see what's possible – and that is important, too, says Garage founder Chris Pratley. Six years ago Pratley, then general manager of Office Labs, founded The Garage as a grass-roots way for employees to get their ideas heard and pursue their passion projects. From its inception, The Garage has been a place for all ideas, regardless of whether they make it to market.""During work hours, when The Garage's tinkerers are at their day jobs, the space is typically a bit quieter. One sunny mid-morning, Ben Gilbert is the only one there. He sits alone at a table in the large space working on his laptop, which is adorned with Garage stickers: "Doers, not talkers," "Less talking, more doing" and "Do epic shit."

Well worth your time to take in. And it has volcanoes. Hit the source link below to check it out.

Source: Microsoft Garage (opens in new tab)

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  • I still don't see why Microsoft garage is USA only
  • +720
    There're tons of fans all over the world
  • It's not USA only. I've been able to download some of their apps on all platforms in the UK. I know that's only one other country, but it disproves what you said ;)
  • im not sure how you got it to work then, when ever i have tried it has not let me due to region restrictions, admittedly i have not tried recently though
  • Using Tetra and Mw/oB in Canada.
  • I thought Tetra was a Canadian made app.
  • I don't think it's USA only. Look at two examples, the CEO is from India. One of the most important engineers for the development of Kinect and Hololens is from Brasil, etc...
  • By "talkers" you mean the other 99.999% of Microsoft that have fixed things like Xbox Music/Video, the app gap, etc?
  • That's not a Garage project.
  • Yes, but that was me being sarcastic.
  • And that sarcasm certainly makes it fun to read the comments.
  • Yeah, loads of fun. While some great conversations pop up here, in large the comments are pure trash anymore.
  • Ahhh...don't be so hard on yourself. On a side note, if Microsoft continues to due the bare minimum to support those of us that are WindowsPhone loyalists as if this was a joke, ill continue to make jokes. What's good for the goose...
  • Do epic shit faster!
  • have you done any epic shit in your life? If you have (highly doubtful), how long did it take? It easy to tell other to work faster when you're sitting on the couch watching TV.
  • I do Excel spreadsheets if you wanna know, it takes so time with some... And not much with some. Think ya didn't get my comment lol
  • I love microsoft Things
  • Actually I haven't seen anything particular interesting coming out of this garage. All the apps I tried disappointed me. I think they dont get enough time to polish an idea. Microsoft should recognize good garage ideas and let them get polished. So far all apps seem half assed and never updated. But who knows what the future brings.
  • Well msr is still their golden goose(though some of those apps don't get updated either)
  • They make more than just apps
  • So why did they retire the Tetra Lockscreen? It was a very useful app! The last update resolved the 1520 problem. In fact I am still using it on my 1520 and would like to use it on my W10 L635.
  • Such a shame... It was a great concept, and one of a couple apps to take advantage of the new Lockscreen API.
  • Tetralock screen ruins them :D Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • This is like half year old story.
  • The garage should probably be focusing on making missing apps, akin to the in house development of Facebook, if that's legal that would help the platform out a lot
  • @WilsonBlaze:
    Who cares for "making missing apps", if you could instead enrichen iOS' and Android's ecosystems?!
  • Its just flim flam, here today gone tomorrow type projects.
  • I think you didn't read the article.
  • So Microsoft garage is powered by Lenovo, if it's for "those who do"?!
  • lol
  • Mouse Without Borders is my most used Garage Project. Love using my laptop as a pseudo second monitor.
  • Luckily Microsoft has Geordi LaForge working there.
  • That was a great article
  • Very strange is that. When garage making one app per year.
  • Seems like WP is another " ms garage project"
  • no, wp is a "sidewalk project"
  • Do epic shit XD
  • Thank you for "Mouse without borders'