Tapatalk picks up major update for Windows Phone, gains full mod support, new UI and more!

Tapatalk is one of the best services out there to access forums on your smartphone or tablet. Not many forums are mobile-optimized nor do they have a dedicated app, which is where Tapatalk comes in. With Tapatalk you can access all your favorite forums on your Windows Phone handset or Windows 8 device. The Windows Phone version of Tapatalk has just picked up a substantial update to version 2.0. Let’s check out what’s new and improved with Tapatalk.  

Tapatalk (tapatalk.com) for Windows Phone first launched last summer in June, since then it has received a number of updates. The Windows 8.1 version of Tapatalk came out earlier this year in February, but had a slightly different look and aesthetic to it than the Windows Phone version.

Today’s update to version 2.0 of Tapatalk on Windows Phone brings the app more up to par with the Windows 8.1 version. You’ll notice that the look and feel of the Windows Phone version is more like it’s counterpart on Windows 8.1.

The app has a completely rewritten UI, moderator support and a transparent Live tile for those on Windows Phone 8.1. Here’s the complete changelog for version 2.0 of Tapatalk on Windows Phone:

  • Complete UI redesign
  • Onboarding/tutorial process for new users
  • Push notification support
  • Added new feed section to display quick updates from across all your forums 
  • Tapatalk ID Single Sign On (SSO) support
  • Built-in image editor
  • Highly awaited WP8 Transparent tile support
  • Configurable font sizes in post view
  • Unlimited Tapatalk image hosting
  • Now includes all moderation features from our Win8 version
  • Ability to open topics/posts from web browser
  • Ability to share topics/posts
  • Lot of bug fixes and other changes

We’ve been playing with for the past day and really like it. The app is a great way for us to consolidate our forum-tivity into one location. Tapatalk has been an app we’ve liked for quite some time, but the new update to the Windows Phone version makes it top notch.

We’re actually fans of the redesign. Those on Windows Phone 8.1 will appreciate the transparent Live tile for both the main app and any various forums you pin to your Start screen. Other highlights of the big update include a built-in image editor (awesome), push notification support (double awesome) and mod tools (triple awesome).

Update to version 2.0 of Tapatalk and let us know what you think!

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Sam Sabri