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It may be the 4th of July, the special public holiday for the US, but that hasn't halted publishers from releasing new versions of apps on the Windows Phone Store. The large story today is how Microsoft has updated its Feedback to Nokia system app to rename it to simply "rate us", which has been joined by Atmosphere Weather grabbing some new Live Tile styles, as well as some other apps. Pop past the break for the full read through and to see what's new in your favorite apps.

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Tapatalk is a superb solution for communities that do not sport their own mobile website design for easy mobile browsing. The apps available on multiple platforms open up the world of discussion and today we're looking at an update for the official app for Windows Phone. The developers have added a new dark theme and quick navigation bar for users to utilize, as well as implementing a handful of minor changes.

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Tapatalk is one of the best services out there to access forums on your smartphone or tablet. Not many forums are mobile-optimized nor do they have a dedicated app, which is where Tapatalk comes in. With Tapatalk you can access all your favorite forums on your Windows Phone handset or Windows 8 device. The Windows Phone version of Tapatalk has just picked up a substantial update to version 2.0. Let’s check out what’s new and improved with Tapatalk.  

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Tapatalk has updated its official client for Windows Phone. Bumped to version, the team has added some new features and fixed numerous bugs and issues. If you're not familiar with the name, Tapatalk enables you to access multiple forum software installations around the web. It's a neat concept that makes it super easy to enjoy discussions on multiple websites. Best of all, it's completely free.

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Way back in June, we brought the news of the official Tapatalk client for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 arriving on the Store. The release was still early, requiring further development in addition to costing $2.99. We mentioned at the time that the price was set to assist the developer behind the project, Jagoba Los Arcos, who originally developed Foroplex, but the intention was always to make Tapatalk free.

Well, today is that day. Version 1.0.3 has now arrived on the Store and it is $0 for all.

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The official Tapatalk app for Windows phone got updated yesterday to version The app, which centralizes communications to various online communities, was released back in June for Windows Phone 7 and 8, and saw a fair share of connection issues to different sites. This latest patch resolves many of those issues, as well as some other minor bug fixes.

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This morning, the official Tapatalk client for Windows Phone (both 7.x and 8; optimized for WP8) has been released to the Store and is now available as part of an early-access program for enthusiast users.

Tapatalk is the leading standard for discussion forums, allowing users a common system by which to access and utilize internet communities. Official apps have been available on iOS and Android for some time but today, Windows Phone users finally get their due with an app built from the ground-up.

Windows Phone Central readers were treated to our sneak peek of the app a few weeks ago, where we noted that the app was close to release having been in a private beta.

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Back in April we told you that the official Tapatalk app, which is on iOS and Android now, is coming to Windows Phone 8. That app is now in private beta, which means only one thing: it’s close, darn close, to being released.  Additionally, a Windows Phone 7.x version is in the works.

For all you forum hounds out there, having an official Tapatalk client is great for not only continuing the discussion on the go, but for discovering new ones as well. Tapatalk, as some of you may not know, powers many of today’s discussion forums on the ‘net—they’re like the Disqus of more in-depth, online communities.

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Level with me, you go on other forums besides ours here at Windows Phone Central. You might like BMWs and frequent Bimmerforums. Or you’re a Bronie and frequent MLPForums, it's ok, we really won’t tell anyone about that one. For our forums you can just use our app for great access on the go, but for other forums you’ll need an app like Board Express or Foroplex. The only problem with Foroplex is that it won’t be getting many updates in the future.

But that’s a good thing because an official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone is coming.  

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Board Express updated to version 2.8

Board Express, the companion app for forum users (works with our Windows Phone forums too) which uses the TapaTalk standard, has been updated to version 2.8 and brings more functionality to the table. For a full run through on what's new:

  • Thanks-feature implemented. You can now see how many thanks a user got for his post, and who did thank him (press on the thanks-link). And you can thank yourself by press and hold on a post and then click on "Thank!"
  • Better handling of page loading
  • Fix for loading CRM-pages in vBulletin
  • vBulletin: Option to open a thread in the internet explorer
  • vBulletin: Option to send a thread as link by email
  • When entering a thread, it only gets marked as read when the last page has been opened. There was a bug while browsing in the thread-view. Now the thread gets marked as read as soon as the last paged has been browsed to.

You can download Board Express from the Marketplace for $0.99, and a free version can also be picked up.

Thanks Bearach for the changelog submission!

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Finally, the day has come for you forum junkies. Board Express, which uses the TapaTalk standard for forum interaction, has finally gone Mango with v2.7. And it adds that feature we were hoping it would with this update, namely the ability to pin individual forums to your Start screen:

  • You can create a Tile for each favorite forum! So you can enter your favorite forum directly from your Homescreen! (To do so, just press & hold on a forum in the favorite list)
  • Mango Fast App Switch Support: Unfortunately, due to the high caching of our app, the restoration still can last some few seconds.

We just gave it a shot and as can been seen in the pic above, it works perfectly. So now you can pin the WPCentral forums right next to our official WPCentral App and you have everything you need, right there on your Start screen. Brilliant!

Pick up Board Express Pro for $0.99 here in the Marketplace. You can also grab the free, ad-supported version here. *Note: Free version is still on v2.5 as of now, so no Mango yet. Thanks to Dave Blake, our Forums mod, for noticing!

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Board Express gets a major update to version 2.5

For those of you who use Board Express, the Tapatalk client (site) which enables you to effortlessly browse and post to forums, you'll be glad to know that after an eternity, they've finally released a major update with bug fixes galore. It's last major update was in February with 2.0.The bad news, as seems to be the theme today, is it is not Mango-ready.

Still, lets not knock all the major fixes that are on board, which will hopefully resolve most of the problems some folks have been having:

  • myBB support
  • Prior to opening a forum, for security reasons, the whole path to the forum will be displayed
  • to open a link, you have to double click on it. This prevents undesired browsing to a link
  • SMF => username and account name fix
  • A fix for entering a reply: sometimes while entering a character, the last one got deleted.
  • direct registration possible for a new forum (in a web browser)
  • announcements
  • deletion of threads
  • bug-fix for reports => didn't show the reported text
  • Fix for not showing the username after login
  • MessageBox "Do you really want to Exit" can be disabled
  • Fix for some wrong error messages
  • Possibility to turn on Confirmation prior to submitting a new post or a reply (Standard: deactivated)
  • fix for attachments-text not showing using dark skins

Hopefully a v2.6 is right around the corner with fast-app switching and the ability to pin individual forums to your Start screen, 'cause that would be awesome. And as you can probably see from the video above, Board Express works really well with the WPCentral Forums, meaning you can take 'em with you when out and about, plus post just like you were at your PC. Just load up the app and search for our site and you're in. Grab the Pro version (ad free) here for $2.99 with a free trial or just try the free, ad-supported version here.

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Board Express Pro (see site) just went 2.0 this week and it was quite the major overhaul of the Tapatalk message board client. Featuring a new UI, faster scrolling and just overall smoother operation, it seems to have finally hit the "recommend zone" by us.

We just took v2.1 published the other night for a spin and were quite impressed. The app is compatible with thousands and thousand of message boards around the globe and even our own forums right here. Enabling you to log in, post messages, check your PMs, favorite forums for quick access--it seems to have it all from our end. Also new in 2.x is themes support--from dark to light, to using your accent color, to some presets, it gives a nice, custom look to your message board.

The app does fetch for $2.99 which is a bit high, but if you're a forum junky, we can say it is money well spent. There is also a full-trial that limits your to 60 characters per post and you can only favorite three boards--but it is certainly robust enough to let you decide if it's for your. Download the trial here in the Marketplace and post your thoughts in our thread on the topic--great way to get your feet wet, eh?

Grab Board Express Pro here and the read-only-but-free Board Expres here.

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