Latest Tapatalk update brings cool new dark theme support for communities

Tapatalk is a superb solution for communities that do not sport their own mobile website design for easy mobile browsing. The apps available on multiple platforms open up the world of discussion and today we're looking at an update for the official app for Windows Phone. The developers have added a new dark theme and quick navigation bar for users to utilize, as well as implementing a handful of minor changes.

The new design and layout is a great improvement in version Using the new navigation bar on the main menu, it's more convenient than ever to browse around forums, including our very own community. If you don't wish to gain access to our bulletin board through our Windows Phone Central app, be sure to download this update, check out our forum and see how you get on with the new theme.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • After windows 8.1 update windows is growing up day by day... ;)
  • Do you mean Windows phone ? =)
  • Yup
  • Agree. Beautiful apps with superb features since 8.1 update.
  • Windows sucks. I made an expensive mistake by buying my Lumia 820.
  • klol
  • Are you daft or something?
  • You could be.
  • Update to 8.1 n you'll change ur mind ;)
  • I have updated to 8.1 mate. The fucking music app pisses me off everytime. Cortana works on and off. The video app is the shittest thing ever but its still better than the music app. Twitter doesn't have transparent tile any more. Store layout fucking sucks. Battery life lasts shorter than fuck. There's nothing good about 8.1. It is a botched mistake. A fail of an update.
  • You idiot - 8.1 Developer is a BETA, not a final release. By updating you accept it's not finished. What a plumb you are...
  • Its not finished? Thank fuck for that. Biweekly music app updates? Oh hail Mary. This flawed mockery of a system doesn't work out there in the real world, princess. Get a sense of sense before you step up to colonels and commanders.
  • Hello you might be better off installing an application called System App Pusher. Each update on 8.1 is getting better and better. Plus this WPC is a great help for problem's
  • You don't need system app pusher in WP 8.1 since you can open marketplace, settings and then check for updates.
  • "Commander"? Yeah, nice try, little boy. 8.1 is a developer version which is of course being updated as it gets closer to a full release. Perhaps you'd rather there were no updates? Perhaps you didn't understand me? No it's not finished, and no this isn't the final release. As for it not working in the "real world" please do not suggest that's where you are because quite clearly you are deluded and confused. "Get a sense of sense"? If I ever feel I do actually need to I certainly won't be calling on you. Oh, and bad luck; 8.1 DEVELOPER VERSION works perfectly well for me even thought it's still basically a BETA RELEASE. You need to try to understand this and perhaps then your mindless ranting won't seem so puerile and trust me, chief, you're coming off like a 13 year old struggling with the onset of puberty. Now sit down and shut up, Colonel.
  • What about 630 users?? do they have final version of xbox music app??
  • Reads "developer preview", expects final release performance. Such fail.
  • Yes. I am aware that this a developers preview. But what sort of ninny chokes down their own creation just to make empty promises of building it up again? Perhaps the kind of ninny that can hoodwink simpletons like yourself.
  • Strange, because I'm not experiencing the issues you detailed above, aside from the terrible Music app performance when scrolling through playlists. Battery life is solid on my ATIV S, 1020, 1520 and 925 all with 8.1 installed. Twitter is its own app, nothing to do with the OS. Cortana works, but is an early deployment. Store layout is MUCH better than previously. There's no way anyone could suggest otherwise (even folk who dislike WP have stated how much of an improvement the Store is).
  • Yeah I'm not experiencing any of those issues either except of course the music app but I just Nokia' instead. Have u tried hard resetting after u updated??
  • No one is forcing you to use WP. If you think getting an iPhone or a Galaxy that would give you the performance you expect for the price you paid then boy are you in for a surprise. Go ahead, see if they'll give you the fluidity and consistency that can match a Lumia 520 let alone the 820 that you have.
  • I agree with you Rich, but aren't phones being sold with 8.1 right now?
  • The Music app is better than before but I honestly don't know why they didn't just rebrand the old Zune music app, even on Windows Phone 7.5 it was better than now. The battery performance issue I believe was resolved in an update a while back. I'd there's any issues just change the aps that have permission to run in the background. In the first version of 8.1 it was ALL APPS until changed manually - battery life in that setting was a joke, now is possibly better than 8.0, even with Cortana. 820 seems like a great phone. I guess it depends what you're expecting our what experiences have been had on other platforms. I was put of android by lag, even the dialer, Sony Ericsson SMS app and menu force closed, or froze often. I know it's better now but I prefer how Windows Phone looks and the logic of the Modern UI.
  • Didn't Daniel posted a way to get back the old music hub? (I'm on the go otherwise would have given you the links, app name is "Music hub tile"). Also, I'm pretty sure there are many third party music apps that works way better. video app? Tried Moliplayer Pro? I think that's the best video player yet.
    Just download "Transparency Tiles" and you'll get transparent twitter tile. Store is better.
    Disable tons of running background services and you'll get more battery. There are more tips, check them out in forum.
  • You would really hate Android then. :D
  • You actually made an account with that name only to carry out a personal smear campaign?
    You can move on to other platforms you know. Maybe exchange or sell your phone.
    No one compelled you to come over or stay. It's your conscious decision.
    No need to be so morbid.
  • "Come over and stay?" You act like this is a house or something. I made a conscious choice and expect to get my money's worth out of it. Your puerile thinking of me "wanting to stay just for the sake of criticizing it" doesn't work.
  • You can't quote something I never meant or said.
    It's ironic to subject claims of puerility on me while you're obviously a perfect example of the practice.
    I wasn't bothered at all by your disappointment in the platform or the outcry for the same; Rather, it was the effort involved in creating a specific profile for the very purpose.
    Anyhow, I'm curious to see how you manage to get your "money's worth" by fouling the comments section on this site.
  • Ur paid stupid here for doing this. Dont remember ios 7 when ot came out officially it killed smoothness of iPhone 4 and 4s and it took a year to them to stabilize for them. Its very difficult to run the whole new operating system when you upgrade your old handsets.
  • I think you'd be better off on Android or ios buddy. Dying forget to dismiss the period app now. Ps. Cortana is for the U.S.
  • Stop butchering the English language. You're using the words all wrong.
  • #SadRich :-(
  • Obvious troll is obvious.
  • Her use of words is hilarious. I'm going to say"windoestestsmypatients" is 9 years old, maybe 11 but no more than that. She's so adorable. Like she's stomping her little feet when she pouts.
  • +NIST
  • I own an 820 but not complaining here. I loved it even more with 8.1.
  • Wish I looked for attention by trolling on a Windows Phone community. Pathetic
  • Off topic. Trolling. Nonsensical. Uninformed. Flame baiting. Congrats on the perfect example of what's wrong with comment sections.
  • Rip
  • Compared to their effort on other platforms this is shite!
  • Finally! Was waiting for Dark Theme.
  • New update fixed some things and broke others. It now clears its own data on exit and I have to start
  • Hi. can you send us more info about your error at so we can help on solve it?
  • I came 3rd
  • You all are deluded. While Microsoft pussyfoots around making minor adjustments to inconsequential apps, the big boys out there push sales and relentlessly better their OSs. Take it from me: Windows Phone will never, ever, EVER overtake Android or iOS. Never.
  • never, ever,EVER? Are you sure?
  • It already did in some european countries (italy)
  • And Netherlands I think as well. Pretty much everyone is using WP there I think.
  • No, you are not right. I live there and everyone I see is carrying an Android phone. I had one, now I have a Windows Phone (Ativ S). Never regret the choice, I have an Android tablet for other things that I can't do on my WP. Best duo ever. But WP is the most efficient and best for a mobile.
  • You care to preach that to Mexico where Windows Phone overtook iOS? Oh wait. The oracle said this would never happen.
  • Eeeh, there are already countries where Windows Phone is in front of iphone,
  • No game of thrones tonight. Might as well have some entertainment here.
  • Too cute. Little angry one, what's your point?
  • Maybe not in some markets, but it's still the fastest growing.
  • Paid by google
  • They why are you wasting your time on a windows phone site. Simply trade in your phone for something you like and stop being a pathetic troll. Grow up
  • Microsoft doesn't make or "adjust" this app. If you are going to be an unreasonable bore, at least base it on a factual foundation.
  • "Tapatalk" good thing i was waiting for a dark theme to browse at night :)
  • You seems like a ios\android fan boy
  • Oh looks like they started taking us seriously now. Great but app could be a bit quicker. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Finally, Tapatalk was much inferior to the android app in my htc m8, however now with the new look and improvements it finally feels atleast on Par with its android app.
  • I'm glad the went away with metro interface. That's what I hate about WP. This interface is the same as the new apps on android. A much better use of space. I wish the wpcentral would do the same to match the android WPcentral app.
  • But the whole metro thing is what I love most! Every app is so much easier to navigate because they follow the same fundamentals. Just my opinion.
  • Whitespace is not wasted space
  • I installed Tapatalk when it refreshed its UI during last update. For some reason, I cannot tap on the app bar (ie. the blue bar at the bottom.) The menu doesn't open as if I didn't hit the button. Therefore, I cannot change any settings or even add more forums. I can only see the ones that I set up during first launch :( Any solutions to this?
  • Tap the ellipses. The bar at the bottom is actually my biggest gripe, as it does not behave like every other app. You can tell that it's not coded the same way. It doesn't support swiping and the only way you can activate it is by "TAPPING" the ellipses.
  • Thanks! It works. I tried doing the same thing... but don't know why it didn't work. It works now.
  • Fantastic! I was actually looking for this feature the other day!
  • Good the dark theme is good :)  Happy to see apps on WP getting updates regularly and the store growing rapidly 
  • Is WPCentral avaialble via tapatalk? Edit: It seems it is.
  • Cool Posted via Windows Phone Central App