TeaShark: Another Browser Lurking in the Waters

If there was ever a time for browser wars, the time would be now especially with yet another new browser TeaShark on the scene. TeaShark brings the desktop web view to you mobile devices. That

WC Staff
  • The link you provided for mobile device isn't working. Im assuming this will work on the Q9c? The Teashark website doesnt even tell you what it supports.
  • It looks like TeaShark doesnt support touch screen functionality. Anyone else experience this?
  • At first I was sold! But there are some issues, maybe you know of a way around them? I'm also using a BlackJack II. Any way to stop the Java prompt for http access to pop up everytime you click something? This is a deal breaker for me, I'm currently using Opera mobile 8.5. Also I can type fine in the input boxes on their "start" page, but if I use the "goto" function and try to type in an address the only way to do it is with the numpad...no way I can figure out what letters are which numbers.
    However, the actual browsing experience minus these setbacks (at least from my first use) is really good. (It also doesn't seem to pick up WAP sites automatically if available, too bad there's not a setting to change if it broadcasts a desktop or mobile device)
  • I tried it on a blackjack II and had a weird problem. When I typed in anything I got random letters, numbers or characters entered. I could not enter a proper address and could not log in to anything.
  • Pedalboy - it seems you only have use of the numberpad keys when typing, so hitting 2 once gives you "A", hitting it again switches to "B" and so on (whatever that typing method is called). Seems the only way the qwerty keyboard is properly used is when that input text dialog comes up when you search in the start screen. Is this a limitation of Java?
    I've played with it some more, and the program launches really quick after the 1st launch and the page navigation is very slick and responsive. But the actual page loading is extremely slow compared to Opera and prompts you to allow internet access everytime you click something. Soooo whyyy are they writing this in java? Could have been great...not to mention some pages I couldn't get to load at all. Too bad all these shortcomings, pulling up espn.com even popped up a little notification that the espn RSS feed has been found and was selectable then in the RSS reader, pretty cool.
  • This has nothing over Opera Mini except tabbed browsing. I prefer Mini's speed, smart-fit technology, and better images. I also like the idea that my information is going through the proxy servers of a company like Opera, not those of (supposedly) some Dubai Hotel chain.
  • This is a bummer. From the teashark website:
    Note: TeaShark is not supporting the following devices yet: Blackberry, PalmOS/Windows Mobile based phones.
  • sir, i am using nokia E63 hand set ,with teashark browser how to on pop up blocker.........
  • It doesnt support touchscreen. Big Mistake.