A fresh update is rolling out to Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone, bringing along a slight, more modern design refresh and other tweaks. Not exactly a radical overhaul, the app still features a main pivot menu split between Chats and Contacts. However, the look and feel is more akin to a Windows 10 Mobile app, with a cleaner feel and smaller UI elements. The settings page has received the same treatment, making the overall experience feel a bit more modern.

Aside from the design tweaks, the update also manages to pack in another major feature: interactive notifications. Now, when you receive a message you can respond to it right from the notification. There are also options muting and disabling in the notification windows as well.

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It's worth noting that Telegram Messenger is still very much a Windows Phone 8.1 app despite its new design flourishes. That said, Telegram CEO Paul Durov noted early last year that the company had plans for a universal Windows 10 app. Given the amount of time that has elapsed since that statement without any updates, however, it's unclear if something is still in the works on that front.

In any case, if you want to check out all of what's new with Telegram, you can grab version 2.0 of the app from the Windows Store now.

Thanks to Rahsna and Thamarai for the tips!

Download Telegram Messenger from the Windows Store

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