Temtem DojoSource: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central

If you've started playing Temtem, you might have noticed that fighting the Dojo leaders is a lot more challenging than taking on Pokemon's Gym leaders. This is because the Dojo leaders have a diverse team of Temtem instead of just relying on one or two types. You, in turn, need to have a variety of strong Temtem types in your party to defeat them. Since Temtem is still in early access, the game isn't completed yet. Crema, Temtem's developer, has stated that there will be eight Dojos total, but for now, we only know of four. We'll update when more Dojos are added to the game. Here are all the Dojo leaders, the Temtem they use, and the best strategy to use against them.

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How to defeat every Dojo leader

Sophia - Arissola Dojo

Sophia Dojo leaderSource: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central

This should go without saying, but you should always carry several Revives and Balms whenever going into a Dojo battle.

Sophia's Temtem Type Resistant to Weaknesses
Kalabyss (Lv 17) Water/Toxic Water/Fire/Earth Electric/Wind
Loali (Lv 17) Wind/Nature Earth/Nature/Water/Wind Fire/Toxic
Sparzy (Lv 18) Electric Electric/Wind Crystal/Earth
Pigepic (Lv 19) Wind Earth/Wind Electric
Tuwai (Lv 21) Wind Earth/Wind Electric
Oceara (Lv 22) Water Earth/Fire/Water Electric/Nature/Toxic

How to defeat Sophia Though Sophia's Dojo has a water theme, her party is made up of three Wind-types, two Water-types, and one Electric-type. While there are a few different ways to defeat the Arissola Dojo, we recommend your Temtem be level 19 or higher and that you have at least two Electric-types and two Nature-types. If you're going to use a Water-type, make sure it's Nessla. This Temtem regains health when hit by Electic attacks, but she's not effective against Nature Temtem, so be ready to pull her out if necessary. The Electric and Nature types can destroy Sophia's Water-types, but your Water-types will be susceptible to Sophia's Toxic, Nature, and Electric attacks.

Which starters to use If your starter is Crystle, you're going to want her in this battle. She's strong against Electric attacks. You're also good to use Smazee if it's your starter, he doesn't have any special perks with the types Sophia uses, but he also doesn't have any weaknesses to them. You'll need to be careful if Houchic is your starter since she is weak against Electric attacks.

Reward for defeating the Arissola Dojo: You'll receive 700 Pansuns from Sophia along with a Surfboard.

Rawiri - Mokupuni Dojo

Rawiri Dojo leaderSource: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central

This should go without saying, but you should always carry several Revives and Balms whenever going into a Dojo battle.

Rawiri's Temtem Type Resistant to Weaknesses
Deendre (Lv 24) Nature Earth/Electric/Nature/Water Fire/Toxic
LumaTateru (Lv 24) Neutral None Mental
Magmis (Lv 24) Fire Crystal/Fire/Nature Earth/Water
Banapi (Lv 18) Fire Crystal/Fire/Nature Earth/Water
Raize (Lv 28) Fire Crystal/Fire/Nature Earth/Water
Taifu (Lv 29) Nature Earth/Electric/Nature/Water Fire/Toxic

How to defeat Rawiri Rawiri uses three Fire-types, two Nature-types, and one Neutral-type Temtem. For this reason, you're going to want your Temtem to be level 26 or higher while having at least two Water-types, and two Fire-types in your party. Avoid using Nature-types as they will get destroyed. We recommend using Kallabasa as this Temtem knows Toxic and Water moves. Use its Water attacks against Fire Temtem and its Toxic attacks against the Nature Temtem.

Which starters to use This isn't the best fight for Crystle as she's weak against Fire-types, so if that's your starter, you might want to leave her out for this battle. Houchic is going to be useful against Rawiri's Tateru, and she can put Rawiri's other powerful Temtem to sleep to better protect your party. Smazee isn't particularly powerful against Rawiri's Temtem, but you can use this monkey's speed and hard hits to destroy Rawiri's most powerful Temtem.

Reward for defeating the Mokupuni Dojo: You'll receive 720 Pansuns from Rawiri along with the Elevator Key.

Tihani - Nanga Dojo

Tihani Dojo leaderSource: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central

This should go without saying, but you should always carry several Revives and Balms whenever going into a Dojo battle.

Tihani's Temtem Type Resistant to Weaknesses
Cerneaf (Lv 33) Nature Earth/Electric/Nature/Water Fire/Toxic
Mastione (Lv 33) Fire Crystal/Fire/Nature Earth/Water
Kinu (Lv 38) Nature/Toxic Earth/Melee/Nature/Nuetral/Water Crystal/Digital/Fire/Toxic
Ukama (Lv 33) Water Earth/Fire/Water Electric/Nature/Toxic
Wiplump (Lv 31) Water/Wind Earth/Fire/Water Electric
Granpah (Lv 33) Wind Earth/Wind Electric

How to defeat Rawiri Tihani has a very mixed bag with two Nature-types, two Water-types, one Fire-type, and one Wind-type Temtem. You're going to need an equally diverse group to beat her. I recommend having two Electric-types, and at least two Toxic-types, and a Fire-type in your party. Just pay attention to which of her Temtem are strong against yours and use them appropriately.

Which starters to use Any of the three starters could be a good fit for this match as none of them are weak to Tihani's Temtem. However, Crystle will be especially useful when Kinu comes out to battle.

Reward for defeating the Nanga Dojo: You'll receive 1987 Pansuns from Rawiri along with a new Temtem - Deendre.

Yareni - Quetzal Dojo

Yareni dojo leaderSource: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central

This should go without saying, but you should always carry several Revives and Balms whenever going into a Dojo battle.

Yareni's Temtem Type Resistant to Weaknesses
Volarend (Lv 34) Toxic/Wind Earth/Nature/Toxic/Water Electric
Myx (Lv 31) Crystal/Mental Mental/Nuetral/Toxic Crystal/Digital/Earth/Fire
Mudrid (Lv 39) Normal/Crystal Crystal/Electric/Mental/Toxic Earth/Melee/Nature/Water
Gazuma (Lv 34) Electric/Wind Wind Crystal
Noxolotl (Lv 35) Toxic Nature/Toxic/Water Wind
Shuine (Lv 43) Crystal/Water Mental/Water Melee/Nature

How to defeat Yareni Yareni is going to be a challenge as she has a very assorted party of Temtem. The trick here will be knowing when to use your own Temtem against hers and when to pull them back. She starts off with Volarend and Myx, so it's a good idea to have at least one Electric-type at the front of your party. Behind that, you'll want at least one Melee-type, one Nature-type, one Crystal-type, and one Water-type. Ideally, the members of your party should all be level 37 or higher.

Which starters to use Smazee is a good fit for this fight as he's strong against Crystal-types and will have regular attack power against Yareni's other Temtem. You might want to have Houchic/Tental sit this battle out since it's weak against Electric and Crystal attacks. Crystal isn't the best Temtem for this battle, but she's also not the worst. As such, she can be an excellent sixth member of your party.

Reward for defeating the Quetzal Dojo: You'll receive 2612 Pansuns from Yareni.

Become a Temtem master!

Now you know a little more about the dojo leaders and can strategize to defeat them with your Temtem. At this point, there are only four Dojo leaders available while Temtem is in early access. We'll be sure to update this guide when you can go against all eight Dojo leaders. Check back soon and happy Temtem hunting!