Upcoming Terraria update will fix nasty crash bug on Windows Phone

The Windows Phone version of the popular crafting RPG Terraria will soon be getting an update that will fix some crashing issues reported by some gamers.

In a post on the game's official forums, publisher 505 games outlined the patch plans:

We have at long last resolved the universal crashing issue for Windows Phone – with a few exceptions noted below (please read)!


  • The Lumia 640 LTE still has a 100% crash bug that we have been trying to crack for literally months now, with no success. Until such point as that is resolved (if ever), we would advise anyone with a Lumia 640 LTE to not purchase the game.
  • The update is working well on devices that have at least 1GB of RAM. The team is working to lower that threshold to 512MB currently, but we are definitely seeing performance issues below 1GB, so we cannot guarantee as to whether or not this will be possible on every 512MB device. Rest assured that we will try our best here – but we did want to share that note of caution.

All of that said, our current plan – barring any last minute critical issues – is to put this into final QA the rest of this week and then submit to Microsoft for approval next week. We know this has been a long and painful road for our WP players – one that has hopefully close to its conclusion.

Thanks to "Windows User" for the tip!

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John Callaham