That's Windows Mobile 6.5.x on the TG01

OK, let's not all lose our stuff there, but that indeed is Windows Mobile 6.5.x (or 6.5.3, if you prefer) running on Toshiba TG01 at CES this year. You know, the same TG01 that's been out for some time now. You can spot the upgraded OS by the round buttons at the bottom, and that the Windows Flag start menu has shifted south as well.

And the TG01 still isn't a slouch when it comes to hardware. It was the first WinMo phone to sport the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, its 4.1-inch (nearly as big as the HD2) touchscreen, while capacitive, is very good. And so long as it's not running that weird neon UI we saw on top of it initially, it's very snappy.

So we know the following: An updated version of Windows Mobile 6.5 is on the way for the TG01. This isn't some hacked ROM. (And for those of you counting at  home, it's Build Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23091.5.3.0. By comparison, the cooked ROM I'm running (find it here) is Build 28001.5.5.0. That's a whole different branch, and don't read too much into it. But suffice to say this isn't likely isn't the bleeding edge of Windows Mobile that we're seeing here. We've been running this on cooked ROMs for some time now.

That said, we learn the following: Windows mobile 6.5.3 indeed is coming to devices, and the TG01 likely will be one of the first. As for the rest? Start your guessing.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Are you saying you are running a cooked ROM on the TG01? I wasn't aware that was possible, and I have been looking... not very well it would seem though. Any chance of letting us in on how you are doing this? Oh and just in case that was a typo, the TG01 has a resistive screen, not capacitive.
  • I think you mean "not capacitative" in your post, lol. But anyways, I really hope 6.5.3 isn't really a preview of the overall look of 7. I just can't stand that enlarged bar on the bottom with the plastic looking buttons. It's like they're trying to do Android and Windows 7 at once, they could have at least have stuck to the glass feel of their desktop counterparts.
  • Let me guess another verzion phone uggg sprint I dont wanan leave but ur pushing me.
  • Seeing these builds on phones at CES probably means that MS is close to RTM'ing the update. My guess is that they do it at the start of MWC as an opener.
  • If they are RTMing them then maybe get to see how quick they are released from the carriers. If this does happen i would like to see a speedy carrier release.
  • The only thing missing is a 3.5mm headphone jack! I guess it would be time to upgrade to a nice pair of bluetooth headphones for this amazing looking phone.