Science fans and solar buffs can now watch the Sun Live on Windows Phone 8

You're following the Solar Cycle and would like to do so in style on your Windows Phone, right? If the answer to that is yes then you're going to want to check out The Sun Live. So what does the app do? It essentially enables you to track the activity on the surface of the sun on your Windows Phone. Displaying updated images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, you'll be able to hunt for prominences, flares and sun spots.

The Sun Live

When you find an image you just can't ignore or wish to share it with others, be sure to hit up social media, email, MMS and other means of getting the sun activity on the web. If that wasn't enough, lockscreen support is included where The Sun Live will publish the latest images for you to glance at. Even if you're not really into the sun gazing business, it's worth checking out just to learn a thing or two about our local star.

The results are quite spectacular. You can download The Sun Live from the Windows Phone store for free.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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