Third-party extension adds Windows 10 Timeline support to Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft's new Timeline feature allows users to see all the stuff they've been doing on their PC over the last 30 days, including an overview of all the webpages they've viewed in Edge. Unfortunately, being able to resume your browsing activity with Timeline doesn't work with any other browsers officially, but now with the help of a third-party extension, you can add that functionality with ease.

Developer Dominic Maas has build a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi web browsers, that adds Windows Timeline support. This means that you'll now be able to see all the webpages you view in those browsers within Timeline, just like you already can with Microsoft Edge. This is great news for those that find Timeline useful and want to resume activities across devices simply and securely.

You can also send open tabs from one device to another using the extension, using the Project Rome APIs that let you send activities across devices. Essentially, this extension adds further Windows 10 integration that should have been done by the official browser developers at this point. Thanks to the work by Dominic Maas, we now have that functionality.

Make sure you check out Dominic Maas on Twitter and download the extensions for Chrome/Vivaldi here, and Firefox here!

Download "Windows Timeline support" for Chrome/Vivaldi Download "Windows Timeline support" for Firefox {.cta .shop}

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • The timeline element aside, Firefox already natively allows you to send an open tab to another device. Simply right-click the tab and then click "Send Tab to Device."
  • And with Opera, tabs get synced across devices ^.^
  • Firefox does that too. But you then have to pull them up from the open tab menu on the other device. The function I describe above automatically loads it on the other device right away, or next time you open Firefox on that device. So you can actually send it to the other device and then close it on the first device, even if Firefox isn't running on the second device. On Android you can do the same thing via share from any app, without even having Firefox open on that device.
  • This is great. My experiences with Edge so far have been that it is good enough for personal browsing, but when I'm doing work I still want Chrome or Firefox, so being able to get Timeline think of those work-related pages between devices is very helpful.
  • Great, now we can share everything we do on our PCs with a third party developer.
  • Not really, you only share what you do in your browser. And you are already doing that every time you use any extension such as AdBlock or Ghostery.
  • Alternative, factual analysis is this plugin simply leverages the official API Microsoft wrote for apps/developers to access Timeline.
  • It also works with Opera (and any Blink browsers btw)
  • Timeline has a bug (or maybe it's by design, which would be bad), where it only shows 3 days' worth of activity and doesn't share across computers for any Active Directory connected computer that's not connected to an Azure domain. That is, if you're computer is connected to an on-premise-only Windows Server-based domain, you can't use Timeline. This is true, even though other Cortana shared features do work. This seems to be reasonably well known across the support forums, but I've not seen any indication that MS is acknowledging or doing anything to fix this. I'm not in the Fast Ring. Any chance they're fixing this in Redstone 5?