Thousands of Microsoft employees to help teach young enthusiasts with Hour of Code

The Hour of Code movement led by is kicking off and thousands of Microsoft employees are lending a hand when it comes to teaching young enthusiasts about the creativity of computer science. The partnership between and Microsoft also saw the creation of a Minecraft-inspired Hour of Code tutorial, which has reportedly been experienced by more than 2 million people.

This week, thousands of Microsoft employees will volunteer in a wide variety of ways to bring the Hour of Code to 250,000 at company hosted events in more than 50 countries. Even CEO Satya Nadella will be getting involved by teaching coding to fourth grade students in a Seattle elementary school.

The company will be working closely with various nonprofit organizations and schools to offer coding workshops through a number of after-school programs and events. Wish to get involved? Check out the website for more information.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Considering how buggy is Microsoft's software these says, those employees are not the best example to follow
  • Just shut up whiner. You had to complain in an article about a good cause too.
  • My apologies. I don't know how to control my rights to freely express my thoughts.
  • Considering you can't even spell/grammar check one sentence on a blog comment, lay off, it's a great cause!
  • My apologies. I was not aware that perfect English was required to post in this site.
  • Perfect English is certainly not required, but if you're going to make snarky comments then you should not be surprised when you get some coming back at you.
  • Oh, no worries, I'm not surprised at all, but thanks for your concerns.
  • Oh, and you should blame the buggy spell checking technology behind Windows Phone
  • I agree with you, I really doubt the credibility and abilities of Microsoft devs, there are so many bugs in the OS, so less optimised.. I bet they all write lazy codes. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @remmo U have a Buggy English grammar!
  • If only it could be to the level office/desktop windows is
  • I'm already getting stuck into the Hour of Code! I'm learning off Bob Tabor!
  • That guy is awesome man. His series on UWP apps is amazing.
  • His UWP series was horrible. It was good at the start but then he started skipping over important concepts
  • That's what I'm moving onto next. He skips some important concepts in the C# Fundamentals course too, but he goes back to them in later lessons. So I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  • I wish they would teach online for an hour or more
  • I was planning to conduct a session and then the floods came :( #chennaiRains
  • This is a fantastic program and our kids are loving it.
  • It is great for the kids to try this out. I teach Tynker classes to 2nd through 8th grade students and it is great to watch when they figure out a challenging piece of code. I've got a 4th grader in one class who is doing some really nice java work as well.
  • Kids will learn how to code forever-beta apps.. that's not good.