The Tiny Bang Story, a steampunk inspired Windows Phone game is this week's myAppFree Deal

The Tiny Bang Story is a Windows Phone game that takes you on a steampunk inspired puzzle adventure on Tiny Planet. Tiny Planet was recently devastated by a recent asteroid strike and it is your mission to help rebuild things to their former glory. The game spans five chapter of game play, which includes over thirty challenging brain teasers, and is filled with creative hand-drawn locations. The game lacks text to guide you through the game so your intuition and imagination will be tested.

The game normally is listed in the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 but through the myAppFree promotion, you can pick The Tiny Bang Story up for free.

The Tiny Bang Story Menu

As mentioned, The Tiny Bang Story lacks any text guidance. It does give the game an odd feel at first but there is a brief tutorial on game play when you start the game. In many respects, this is a hidden object game at its core.

The game presents you with a scene and you have to find the hidden objects that are pinned as thumbnail images on the side of the screen. You do have hints that become available to guide you in the right direction and plenty of doors, paths, brain teasers and windows to search deeper into the scene.

The Tiny Bang Story

In briefly playing The Tiny Bang Story, it comes across as a challenging and entertaining gaming title for our Windows Phone. The graphics are nicely drawn up and the game will test your skills as scavenging, intuition and imagination.

The Tiny Bang Story normally runs $1.99 but for the next twenty-four hours you can pick the game up for free through the myAppFree Deal. The game currently has a 4.5 Star rating after only a handful of reviews and we see the rating as being not far from where it should be.

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    If you'll search carefully, you could even find and download the game (not for WP though, AFAIK).
  • Anyone knows why does it need location services (GPS)?
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  • It means the application will know your location when you play it. Developers should be respectful of privacy. If you don't need it, don't request it. If you do need it, explain why you need it. Data can be misused easily. For example, an app can request your contacts and get access to everybody's email in your contact list. Here is a real example: the facebook app on Android have access to your SMS messages (,2817,2400758,00.asp). Another example to be careful about: if an app wants access to onedrive or dropbox for integration. If you don't trust the app, don't do it. Finally, third party email clients have access to your emails. It would be easy to copy your information from there to their server if they want to. Even if the developer just did it by mistake or just doesn't care about it, it could be bad. Apps are generally less secure than the OS, so somebody might target the app and gets your information through it (e.g. snapchat third party app incident). I contacted developers who requested access that they didn't need in the past and they fixed their apps. One of the reasons I like WP over Android is with this issue. It is more secure from this regard. Of course, you lose some customization but I think making it work in a secure fashion is more important.
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