It wasn’t too long ago that Nokia rebranded their Nokia Music service to a more hip MixRadio on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The new emphasis on mixes and likes/dislikes has triggered many to reconsider the burgeoning service as an alternative to Pandora or Spotify. Plus, that new design is really eye catching.

Still, Nokia MixRadio is a work in progress and if there’s one thing Nokia likes it’s your user feedback. That’s why they have set up an official User Voice forum where you can share ideas, tell them about bugs and ask for new features. Microsoft has one of those for Windows Phone and it’s a super tool to gauge interest since people can vote for features that they want.

Of course, they would prefer if you don’t ask for things that are already patented or involve copyrighted material, so don’t be surprised if that Spotify feature you want can’t be added. But there’s plenty of little things that the Nokia MixRadio team can do, so let them know so that they can deliver the app and service you want.

Head to the site to get started: nokiamixradio.uservoice.com. What do you think of MixRadio so far and what would you change?

Don’t have MixRadio yet? Grab it for your Lumia Windows Phone 8 device here or pick up the Windows 8 version with this link.

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