Tip: Help the Nokia MixRadio developers through User Voice

It wasn’t too long ago that Nokia rebranded their Nokia Music service to a more hip MixRadio on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The new emphasis on mixes and likes/dislikes has triggered many to reconsider the burgeoning service as an alternative to Pandora or Spotify. Plus, that new design is really eye catching.

Still, Nokia MixRadio is a work in progress and if there’s one thing Nokia likes it’s your user feedback. That’s why they have set up an official User Voice forum where you can share ideas, tell them about bugs and ask for new features. Microsoft has one of those for Windows Phone and it’s a super tool to gauge interest since people can vote for features that they want.

Of course, they would prefer if you don’t ask for things that are already patented or involve copyrighted material, so don’t be surprised if that Spotify feature you want can’t be added. But there’s plenty of little things that the Nokia MixRadio team can do, so let them know so that they can deliver the app and service you want.

Head to the site to get started: nokiamixradio.uservoice.com. What do you think of MixRadio so far and what would you change?

Don’t have MixRadio yet? Grab it for your Lumia Windows Phone 8 device here or pick up the Windows 8 version with this link (opens in new tab).

QR: Mix Radio

Daniel Rubino

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  • And yes, they should keep the icon smiley face/upside headphones because it's awesome...
  • Ugh. I really hope you are kidding. That makes the live tile look horrible. They can keep it on the app, but please remove it from the tile. ***Edit*** I can't be the only one who hates the smiley face on the tile. It is easily one the ugliest tiles I have on my screen. If the smiley face (upside down headphones) were removed, it would be one of the best.
  • i think the problem is the pink color not the icon. I personally like the fact that live tiles are of differents colors like on windows 8.
  • which pink ? 
    (My Phone)
  • I don't give a dog gone myself. The app is far better than Spotify.
  • I agree I like the icon.
  • +1..let it be,i lyk it..
  • I agree with you, Daniel! That icon is a simple yet brilliant idea. I love it. I don't mind the pink tile either.
  • The tile updates with album covers, and the app gives an awesome selection of tunes. I'm a fan.
  • Yup, i love the new icon.
  • They need to make it free on Windows 8 :(
  • It is free.
  • He's talking about the surface and the mix radio option
  • That pink color is what makes me eye catching
  • Makes "you" eye catching?!
  • LOLZ the most epic failed comment of the century xD
  • needs to be more of a companion to Xbox Music. Play protected songs and export radio to Xbox Playlist.
  • Desperately Want store option in nokia music
  • Absolutely, like before.
  • What do you mean by that?
  • Yeah,The liberty to browse is missing in mixradio!
    You gotta search and download!!
  • Pls make free subscription..
  • It is free for lumia
  • No it isnt
  • If you hear music for free and download 4 mixes for free I really think its a free music app.
  • It's free for Lumia.
  • Hi, the store for MP3s is still there. Use search for specific bands or from now playing tap the album art for direct purchase of track.
  • It's there but burried and not user friendly. In fact, it's just horrible to use as it now forces you to know specifically what you're looking for.
  • Not to happy with this mix radio doesn't work in Philippines where I live only short period even when you change location on your phone mixes are ok tough but the whole ap feels hard to get and difficult don't know not yet a fan keep spotify for a while.
  • Wider region support please :(
  • I want this available in Costa Rica!!! :'(
  • Before the update you could listen to all mixes. Now its locked out. I live in The Bahamas and many consider us the 51st state yet no support here.
  • Many consider me as a superhero, but when I go to sleep knowing it's not true, I cry a little.
  • Oh you don't like pink? C'mon guys who doesn't love pink im a real 48 year old man and I love pink all my life even when I eat just yesterday I was at mimis cafe and the server asked me how you like your cheese burger Sr. I said medium rare pink in da middle I love pink.
  • Mixradio is shit
  • Care to tell us why?
  • I think the Nokia MixRadio and every Windows Phone 8 app should have an option in the app settings to customize/change the font size and color or even design your own graffiti to make the tile stand out even more.
  • When will it be available in Belgium ????
  • I for one think it's better than ever & I prefer it over Pandora. The new design makes it more appealing to use that I've been contemplating on getting the subscription however what do I do with my $14.99 grandfathered Zune Pass?
  • Worst...nokia need to update this....'cause it lacks in downloading songs...showing error..previous was far better....:(
  • Thought it was better before, but I don't like other people picking my music for me. So I may not be the target demo for this app.
  • For someone like me that always has trouble find the kind of music I like with searching for artists find MixRadio a lifesaver. I add the artists I know I like and it will mix me songs based on the genre. It's great in my opinion. I discover more music that I like this way than ever before. Gives me the mix of a radio station but I can see what songs and artists that's playing/has been played.
    Easily 5 stars
  • I stil cant download the app. Why is that?
  • I've made a suggestion for MixRadio to add support for "mood" in music mixes. If you like the idea please vote for it at http://nokiamixradio.uservoice.com/forums/233745-nokia-mixradio-windows-phone-/suggestions/5198054-music-mood-for-nokia-mixradio
  • Love mix radio, hate that stupid bloody smiley face icon grinning at me every time I turn the phone on. I bet Nokia paid some "rebranding specialist" a small fortune to come up with that gem. Either that or it was designed by some muppet who was off his face.. Please remover it or at least, give us the option to change it for something else..
  • Love it..........plays the stuff I love, all for free