Titanfall 2's first multiplayer tech test gave Respawn's servers a workout

Respawn Entertainment has posted up some notes on how last weekend's multiplayer tech test for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Titanfall 2 held up on the server and backend side.

In a blog post, Respawn talked about how they ran the thousands of dedicated servers during the tech test:

We made sure to have a lot of datacenters for Titanfall 2, to give us the ability to scale very rapidly as well as to move games to another datacenter if we hit issues. We actually tested datacenters going offline completely and we learned how quickly we could move 100% of users from one datacenter into another datacenter. We weathered network attacks as well using this same system. After having done it a few times, it gives us a process to follow so that we can move players around even faster in the future. And for launch, we'll have even more datacenters available!

The blog also talked about how the tech test was used to try out the other backend services for the game, such as the new matchmaking system and the Networks player group feature:

We had some times where we were fixing issues with the brand new Invite Network functionality, and we could actually see the impact of those in the player counts in real-time! We saw a huge amount of players who ONLY joined games using the Invite Network popup in lobbies. With the Network Invites, Happy Hour, clan tags, and Inbox functionality, it seems like people really embraced our new Networks system. This was a huge success for us, and they were something that was hardest to verify before this weekend. Networks were created for real humans to use, and no simulation can prove that it would be successful like real people can.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to check out a portion of Titanfall 2 once again this weekend with the second of Respawn's two tech tests, from August 26-28. The full version of the game is due for release on October 28.

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  • I played and steamed a few rounds. Good game so far.
  • I literally have still been playing Titanfall up until this Tech Test and will continue until 2 is released. I experienced the invite network test. Once in the game, and after a few rounds I was getting great and even matches. Similar with nice improvements. It was awesome!
  • Loved the first game and im really loving the second one so far, they really improved on it and even though it was an Alpha test the game felt pretty solid.
  • They have changed perfect aspects of the first game and made them worse in the second. The game has become more CoD. The Titanfall community is not too happy about it at the moment but Respawn said they will be listening to feedback and taking action.
  • How is it like COD? Please explain. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Besides being a copy of advanced warfare, I only hope they fix it completely. Titans don't feel powerful like the 1st game, maps are dull. The original titanfall was nearly perfect for the 2nd one they only needed more titans, weapons, maps, customization and also add some map destruction. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think he may be referring to the equipment customization system vs. the "deck of cards" model use in the first game.
  • Titan availability based of performance only (killsrreaks). Similar to CoD perk system. Too easy to die/kill, like CoD. Maps tailored for campers not free running pilots. Slower movement like CoD, not fast like OG Titanfall. Besides those things, it just doesn't feel like Titanfall
  • I hope they do make changes. It just didn't feel like Titanfall to me. I loved the first one.
  • The issues I have with it are too large to be fixed. They changed the entire design philosophy and, in my opinion, watered down the experience. Some people may prefer it - who knows. I just know that I came away disappointed with their choices. The grappeling hook and the slide are the 2 best additions to it though.
  • Enjoyed the first tech test look forward to stressing the system more on the second one.
    Promising for pre Alfa.
  • I played for a few hours i think i don't like cod like games. i'm more fan of fps games like battlefield and insurgency.
  • The game is pretty good. Still not giving my money to ea
  • Great
  • I wasn't thrilled with the first game but this one I really enjoyed playing Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Great news on the servers but your decision to completely F*(# up so many of the original game's core mechanics and features was a deal breaker for so many of us.
  • "We saw a huge amount of players who ONLY joined games using the Invite Network popup in lobbies....it seems like people really embraced our new Networks system" This is because that wasw the only way to play with anyone on your friends list cause invite friends was completely broke  
  • I thought it played pretty well. I wish they would add a variety of vehicles like in Halo.
  • PlayStation players loved it and xbox users thought it was a step down. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android