Today's forecast: Silverlighty, with a flash of the future

Microsoft's "cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device" Flash alternative Silverlight is still pretty young in its development, but another Silverlight Mobile app demo is making the rounds, courtesy of Weatherbug, by way of Wendong.

The, well, flashy (or should we say Silverlighty?) demo, originally released in March, offers up plenty of animated, clickable goodness, with "live" conditions, local radar, an extended forecast and hour-by-hour views. And while it's a pretty big leap to go from a seamless desktop demo to actual use on mobile device, the results we've seen thus far appear promising. (And we got a kick out of the 122-degree, snowy afternoon, with the 99-mph winds.)

You can take a gander at the Weatherbug Mobile Silverlight app here on your desktop, but you'll need the plug-in to do so. (Firefox 3 betas need not apply.)

WC Staff