Top-down shooter 'Tesla vs Lovecraft' teleports onto Xbox One soon

Tesla vs Lovecraft is an intense top-down twin-stick shooter from the creators of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. According to developer 10tons, players must harness static electricity to power up the "Tesla-Mech" and give the lovecraftian nightmares a lesson in horror.

The story is just as quirky as the game's name. On the eve of Nikola Tesla's greatest invention, his laboratory is burned down by the grotesque minions of the horror author H. P. Lovecraft. Predictably, Tesla is furious and a showdown of epic proportions begins. You play as Tesla as he chases monsters, annihilates massive amounts of eldritch abominations, and overcome the madness of the old gods with science and newfangled weaponry.

The game features fast-paced arena gameplay where you have to teleport around, picking up various power-ups. While the majority of gameplay revolves around picking up shotguns and special abilities like a nova bomb, you can also work you way up towards a mech. The title features local co-op so you can blast countless hordes with a friend.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is coming to Xbox One on March 16, 2018 for $14.99. Those who preorder the title can get it for $11.99 for the next week or so. The game also features Xbox One X support. It's unclear what resolution the game runs at, but it features smooth 60 FPS gameplay on Microsoft's new console.

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