Top 3 reasons Rise of the Tomb Raider will be the best Tomb Raider yet

Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics came out in early 2013 and was a reboot of the critically acclaimed franchise. The game received high praise from almost every gaming outlet due to the game shining a new light onto who Lara Croft is and how her tomb raiding days came about. Most expected the game to feature a Lara Croft the badass, but it was more about woman vs. wild. Well, Lara is back in a new adventure, and she's learned a lot from her last.

Although the demo we were given for The Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't hands-on, we still got a good sense of the game and where it's headed. First off let me say this, Tomb Raider on next-gen hardware is gorgeous! The vistas and landscapes will take your breath away.

In the last Tomb Raider, Lara found herself trapped on a strange island with no way to escape besides taking down the supernatural force that were keeping them captive. In The Rise of the Tomb Raider, that incident has been covered up, and an organization that goes by the name of Trinity has accused Lara of being insane. To fend off these acquisitions, Lara is on a mission to prove that there are other supernatural places on earth.

Since we're super excited for the game, we decided to give you guys our top reasons that you should be excited for Rise of the Tomb Raider when released this fall on Xbox One.

Tombs, tombs everywhere

In 2013's Tomb Raider, the game focused more on getting off of the island and less about raiding tombs. There was maybe one mission that made you raid a tomb. Other than that, all tombs that were raided were secret areas that players had to look actively for the tomb and if it was successfully raided it would give you some extra salvage points.

In Rise of The Tomb Raider, tombs are no longer an after-thought and instead have taken the forefront. Most tombs that will be raided will require you to avoid traps while trying to solve an environmental puzzle at the same time. Just like tombs in past installments, they will become harder to solve the further you progress.

Lara's new abilities

To help her solve some of the harder puzzles, she's going to need some new abilities. For example, Lara can now hide in bushes, traverse and climb trees, and also can swim. That being said, that's only the beginning of Lara's new repertoire.

Perhaps what is her most important new ability, is the fact that she can now craft items on the go. Need more arrows? Chop down some wood and craft them yourself. Need to make camp? Hunt some deer and use the hide to give you some shelter. Lara's new crafting system is said to be pretty deep, but we weren't told exactly how many different items she will be able to craft.

The crafting system ranges from simple crafts to more complex crafts. Perhaps a simple arrow won't do the trick. What you can do is then gather some poisonous arrows and craft them with the arrow to create some poisonous arrows that can take down even the most fearful foe.

Speaking of arrows, Lara now can choose the bow of her liking. That means if you're a fan of a quick-draw bow that has a shorter range, you can keep that bow with you at all times. For those that like a bow with a longer range but takes more time to draw, you can stick with that one too. Again, it wasn't stated how many different types of bows there are in the game, but the fact that we can pick and choose is a plus.

Hardcore mode?

Many agree that 2013's Tomb Raider was good, but more people agreed that it had the possibility to be great. Most of us felt that the game didn't reach this level due to its fairly easy gameplay. I mean even if you played on the hardest mode you could breeze through the campaign. So had one big question for the guys at Crystal Dynamics. Will Rise of the Tomb Raider be harder? Will it have a specific mode for those who want a hardcore experience such as scarce ammunition or having Lara trying to survive the elements that she finds herself in?

My question was met with a simple, "We have nothing to announce today, but we have been listening to the feedback that players have given us in the first game." I mean that in itself says nothing. But I can't help but imagine playing a hardcore version of the new game. In some ways, it makes more sense this time around especially with the new crafting system.

Imagine Lara having to sift every nook and cranny to find ammo, and if there is none to be found, this will cause you to rely on stealth and environmental takedowns to immobilize enemy forces. Or this would force one to look for materials of use to craft certain items. But the crafting ability is also limited in one way or another. This would easily become the most rewarding Tomb Raider experience yet.


From the looks of it, Crystal Dynamics has taken everyone's feedback to heart and tried to implement the best of it all in one way or another. What sticks out most to me though is the fact that they want players to be able to play the game whichever way they want from using stealth or going guns blazing, to choosing your bow. This may also include the ability for players to experience a hardcore gameplay mode. But as of right now that's simply wishful thinking.

All in all, Rise of the Tomb Raider is sure to exceed the ranks of its predecessor. So if you were a fan of the last game make some space in your budget for the game when it drops this fall on November 10.

Jonathan Dollison
  • I hope they don't swing too far back towards the solve-this-tomb-puzzle-to-proceed gambit. I kind of like the focus on action in the 2013 version, with the tombs being optional. I thought the tombs really slowed down the game (and yes, I played all of the original Tomb Raiders back in the 1990s). That said, this is shaping up to be a must-buy game this holidy. Microsoft really should've went all in and just bought the entire IP, though.
  • I want the 2013 Tomb Raider with extra and harder puzzles. I don't think it slows the game down. You wouldn't assume that an adventurer would stumble across an ancient tomb and immediately know or figure the solution out. I like games that can challenge my knowledge and intelligence and I despise the fact that the majority of games today are extremely easy or fast paced.
  • I'm fine with a small shift towards more 'tomb raiding', for a bit more balance and variety to offset the action. But if they go back to the really puzzle-heavy gameplay like the original games of the 90s, I think that will be too far (and this is coming from a guy who absolutely loves puzzle and puzzle-platformer games).
  • This^
    I'm still traumatized by some of the extremely difficult puzzles from TR3, 4 and 5! At a point I almost threw out my PS1 in frustration lol! But seriously, those early tomb raider games were hopelessly difficult, I prefer the action oriented reboot..
  • Same here. I remember having ot read walkthroughs to past difficult jumps.  "you need to stand on the rock that juts up 1 pixel higher than the others, make sure only 2 pixels of your foot are on it when you jump, and you'll make the jump. " even with that detail and a picture with the rock circled and an arrow pointed to it, it took me several tries.         
  • Yeah they should have bought the IP, so they could screw everyone on PC and PlayStation even more then they are already doing by this stupid timed exclusive. I don't get people who take this stupid approach that is detrimental to the whole gaming community. How about Microsoft and Sony compete on the quality of their hardware and services instead of taking this stupid approach of platform exclusive games, especially for games that were historically cross platform.
  • Or atop whining and realize this is how you build a user base. Offering something that the others can't makes your platform all the more appealing.
  • I like the last one, but one thing I hope they do is get rid of all the motion blur and shaking the camera. Makes me really motion sick. Without that, it will be even better for me!
  • I am so pumped for this game! I've been replaying the 2013 reboot and I'd forgotten just how great it is. That said, I'm hoping that RotTR stays exclusive to Microsoft's ecosystem. It's an unpopular opinion, I know, but I like the idea of associating the Tomb Raider series to the Xbox brand. Having a popular (and well loved) woman protagonist featured quite prominently in their AAA line-up and in their marketing material ties in directly with Microsoft's push for more diverse and inclusive experiences. I think it was a fantastic business decision and I'm glad that this game is actually seeing the light of day! :)
  • An IP that is well established on multiple systems would gain nothing and lose much by choosing to go exclusive.
  • It's loosing only ps4.
  • Yeah which is bigger that Xbone. And also the old tomb raiders were on the original PlayStation so it's more probable that those fans are still on Sony's console. Would be stupid for the game developers to make it an MS exclusive Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • It actually came out on Sega Saturn first then PS1, but I know what you mean.
  • Actually it came out on the PC first, bit lets not niggle eh? Still a pain that the PC version has to wait. I'm not going to go and buy any console because of a game. I'm happy with my PC..... Arkham Knight though..... Idiots.
  • Well, they have already associated lara with xbox but I think it would be really unfair to leave Ps and pc users out completely. Tr has been a multi platform game for a long time now. Yeah ok Microsoft gave square money to make this game and it might not of happened without them, but from what I understand from reading recent interviews this is really not the case. Microsoft are helping them build a bigger franchise by just building on what they already had. They are so obviously more concerned with getting a "new audience" than keeping the fans who have been loyal to the franchise from day one. Which is a reall kick in the teeth let me tell you.
  • You are a disgrace to the whole gaming community. How can anyone be so ignorant as to think its a good thing to have less people enjoy a game that has historically been cross platform. Xbox, PS, and PC fanboys need to grow up are realize exclusives are not good for anyone, period; because while you are cheering one exclusive you will be screwed by the very next one that is exclusive to the other platform, so how is it good to support this disgusting business practice exactly?
  • A true gamer recognizes why they have exclusives and has their hands in all the different platforms. So you don't have to be without and can experience the pros and cons of all platforms. You sound like a spoiled child.
  • Good for you that you have the money to own all platforms, some of us are not that fortunate; and even if I owned all the platforms I would still fight against platform exclusives as they are one of the worst anti consumer practices used by Microsoft and Sony.
  • Its only a timed exclusive for the "holiday season" (Americans smh) it will be on ps4 and other platforms next year.
  • God I hope so!
  • It's the same thing as the Final Fantasy VII remake it's a timed exclusive on PS4 then XBox One later. Both sides do timed exclusives.
  • It sounds like assassins creed now.
  • Please elaborate.
  • Assassins Creed obviously invented crawling through bushes and climbing trees /s
  • I'm not entirely sure why you think I was saying this is a bad thing, I like the AC franchise.
  • No, I'm pretty sure that people invented that thousands of years ago. They may have learned it from wild animals. 
  • I think it's only natural for her to be able to hide in bushes and climb trees. The main point of this franchise now is survival and, when surviving, one must do what's necessary.
  • To survive, one must hide in bushes and climb trees. Kinda like Bear Grylls.
  • In ready for Resident Evil 5 port! Now that is if they do port it. Anyway I think gears 4 looks amazing! Reminds of RE5.
  • I read this Q&A a few days ago and they say the game will have a 4th level of difficulty.  
  • Ummmmmmm the Build review❓
  • My review: Super smooth and fast and awesome
  • This^
    I have it on a 920 and 520. I can't believe how responsive the 520 is!! There must be some dark magic behind the scenes, the 920 is expected but the 520 is waaaay better than I could have hoped for!!
  • I'll be very excited for this :) I really loved the 2013 one!
  • I refuse to give square money when they decided to give PS exclusives and divide game series up into 1-5 different consoles/handhelds.
  • Alas bought but never played the 2013 one. Just no time. Traded in my 360 at best buy though and got a second XB1 for the play room. I hope to free some time and hide from the wife to catch up on a few titles: 2013 tomb raider, Titanfall, world of tanks XB1version, halo master chief collection. Gonna look hard at star wars battlefront too.
  • Why hide from her, get her to play with you, its more fun that way. ;)    
  • Yep... I bought it 2 years ago (15/07/13) with all the DLC. I booted it up, tweaked the graphic settings, promised myself I'd play it later that week... and never found the time again! :\
  • I'm actually pretty excited for this. I quite enjoyed the last one, but I felt that work the exception of the first the bonus tombs were much too short. Glad to hear that's changed.
  • I think I will pass on this. I don't like when third-party devs sell out like this. It promotes a stupid platform war that feeds why SF 5 isn't coming to the Bone, and I don't like that kind of exclusive crap.
  • Ok. So what's your solution to this?
  • I try to minimize my support of third-party devs/publishers who sign up for exclusive game deals. Titanfall is the one I've gotten so far, and it was free with my console. It's a different story when Microsoft or Sony is the actual publisher of the same (a la Sunset Overdrive), but when Square just sells out and screws fans based on platform, that's obnoxious. It's not about having a solution, or making some societal change. It's giving a personal opinion and making a conscious decision, on a personal level, to not support this garbage behavior. I mean, even with Titanfall or Ryse or Gears, at least Microsoft was helping to launch a new IP. Here, Square's just trying to lock down some guaranteed revenue for a short time, and showing less faith in the devs and franchise than is deserved after a good Tomb Raider release. Plus, this game's the double-whammy sequel of a game that epitomizes the laziness of developers this generation, shoving out a visual upgrade/port of the first Tomb Raider to the new consoles, just a year after the game initially launched. This game/dev-publisher combo reeks of laziness.
  • Shows you just how little you know about the game industry you proport to love.  Despite selling millions of copies (over 4 million during it's first fiscal year), Tomb Raider 2013 was damned near a fiscal flop.  At 4 million units sold, the game was still losing Square money - and was being fact-tracked to no sequel at all based upon that performance.  Don't take my word for it, Google that ish.  There were tons of news coverage back in 2013/2014 about games that were selling millions of copies, and yet not making a dime in profit.  And Tomb Raider (2013) was the poster child for the bunch. The game has gone on to sell over 7 million copies (and that number also includes the sales boost from the Definitive Edition which you hate so much).  But with the reduced price of the original edition to make up the bulk of those sales, the game still has barely turned a profit.   Think about that for a moment, while you sit on your high horse and attempt to pass judgement on others - 7 million copies sold; barely turned a profit.     Fact of the matter is, THERE WOULD BE NO TOMB RAIDER (2013) SEQUEL, IF SOMEONE WITH DEEPER POCKETS AND A GREATER WILLINGNESS TO TAKE ON THE RISK OF IT FISCALLY BOMBING AGAIN, HAD NOT TAKEN AN INTEREST IN IT. Considering how much it cost to make AAA games these days (a cost that is only increasing) Square Enix cannot be faulted for having no interest in making a sequel - as they also cannot be faulted for trying to make the game turn a profit, by releasing the Definitive Edition, either. And as for Microsoft's part in matters.  They are the white knights who have come along to take all the risk to grant gamers a sequel to one of the best games in a decade - after all, they are officially the publisher on this game, just like they were for Gears, Ryse, and Sunset Overdrive.  And as publisher, that means all the risks if the game fails, comes out of their pockets. So this fall while you are hating on others for buying Rise of the Tomb Raider, make sure you thank Crystal Dynamics for not giving up on the IP.  Make sure you thank Microsoft for taking all the risk to save the IP.  And make sure you thank Square for allowing Microsoft to do so . . . that is of course, unless you are one of those haters who owns a PlayStation, and just pretending you own Xbox for the sake of making your ill-informed, half educated post.
  • So SE and CD are bad with money. That gets no sympathy from me. You poop out this "poor publisher" manifesto like I care about why they're doing it. I care that it's happening, nothing else. Becuase of this deal, I won't get the game, so even though a sequel might not have happened without this deal, I don't care. The game's dead to me anyway. I care nothing for the Tomb Raider IP. I'll thank CD for nothing. Enjoy your Haterade and vitriol breakfast, as you offered nothing to sway my opinion while doing a fantastic job to come of as an assumption Internet tough guy and a complete tool.
  • They sold over 8 million copies, one million in the first 48 hours; if that makes the game a flop or near flop then they seriously need to look at how the hell they are spending money and financing their games. The only reason a game with these sort of sales does not make money is if the publisher is grossly incompetant, and mismanages their resources.  
  • Garbage? I see it as good business. Build a user base and give devs some comfort in an extremely competitive and expensive field. Until you walk in the devs shoes I'd hold judgement on what you think they should do. XB has to be more aggressive since PS is selling more consoles and as an XB1 owner I applaud them for stepping up supporting devs and their user base. I never was ever interested in Tomb Raider, but I bought the 2013 title when it was on sale and loved it! I'm looking into their next release. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but please respect opinions of others, as well.
  • I don't want to support a Microsoft incapable of making its own software. If it can only beat PlayStation by buying up third-party exclusives, I'd rather just switch to full-on PC gaming. Supporting this supports not getting Street Fighter V on the Xbox One (which I admittedly don't care about). Supporting this supports not having Kingdom Hearts on the Xbox consoles for years. I support good development and publishing practices, not throwing money at exclusivity deals that only hurt the customers.
  • So how do you bring difference between the consoles?
  • 1. Hardware 2. UI/UX 3. First-party/console manfucaturer-published exclusives, not these third-party published exclusives.
  • The story is different from "devs selling out". Crystal Dynamics have a really good relationship with Microsoft Studios beforehand. Square Enix was not pleased with TR2013 sales, so CD themselves reached MS with an offer. This partnership saved the game: they got funding, extensive technical support, huge PR campaign and a publisher. Off course, all this goes with the exclusivity. Naughty Dog was saved by Sony back in the days, and guys are now one the most platform loyal and talented studios in the industry.
    It's your choice to say "screw you" to devs that go with platform exclusivity, but at very least you could hear their reasons that not always are "selling out".
  • Square Enix are idiots, the TR2013 sales were great, they just had unrealistic expectations, its no GTA V. And they ARE selling out, and screwing everyone who supported them with TR2013 on PC and PS. I got the collectors edition of TR2013 on PC and loved it, but I sure as hell are not going to give Squere Enix anything when this eventually comes to PC. I won't be supporting a game publisher who thinks its acceptable to make a cross platform game time exclusive to the XB1.    
  • It's only a timed exclusive, which is also why I'm sure the game would have been made whether MS paid for it or not.
  • But is she hot? I play Tomb Raider for one reason only: Because Lara Croft is hot. I fell in love ❤ with her when I saw her in Legend.
  • Agreed
  • Btw.. This Lara is very different from earlier ones.. Even the voice actress is different...
  • OoO 3¢ difference...
  • I hope they bring back the classic Lara Croft mansion level with the maze, the aquarium, the dungeons, the ATV track, and of course...the creepy butler. That was one of the best parts of the original Tomb Raiders.
  • Yes! I agree!
  • Wow lara
  • It's always satisfying to combine poison arrows with arrows to make poison arrows. But fending off acquisitions sounds like a really interesting new game mechanic. I'm glad they're trying to keep it fresh.
  • Glad I wasn't the only one! ;)
  • Awesome
  • Those newer Tomb Raiders are boring compared to the hardcore 1996 version.
  • I liked tr1-3, after that it was shit.
  • God damn, this game looks so good! 2013's Tomb Raider was incredible!
  • Off topic: Will Facebook Connect ever work again?
  • To fend off these acquisitions? You mean accusations?
  • "What you can do is then gather some poisonous arrows and craft them with the arrow to create some poisonous arrows that can take down even the most fearful foe."   Yo Lara, I heard you like poisonous arrows so I put poisonous arrows in your poisonous arrows.
  • Ahem... "breeze through"? Well, excuse us less hardcore players for spending many many months on the game and still not finishing it.
  • No judgement from me lovely! it's just that the new games are no where near as hard as the old tomb raiders. I swear Tr:Lr took me ages with all that going back and forth between levels. Xx
  • I can say for sure it will be the worst Tomb Raider ever, and that is all because of Microsoft paying off the publisher to have it time exclusive to their stupid Xbox when all previous Tomb Raider games were released simultaneously for PC, Xbox and PS. This is a detriment to all gamers and we should not tolerate this from game publishers and rich bastards at Sony and Microsoft, who think its somehow a win when they pay off people to have exclusives for their stupid platform. Anyone who supports exclusives, timed or otherwise, is doing a disservice to the whole gaming industry.    
  • Wow you are a whiner lmfao
  • I think everyone knows what you are from your useless comments.
  • Why do you think exclusives are bad. They are only thing which differentiates a product from another product. Mario, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Halo, Metal Gear Solid(for a while), Sonic were all exclusives. Heck in fact the first iPhone was an at&t exclusive. You are saying like Microsoft or Sony are doing this for the first time.
  • This sums it up pretty well if you are truly interested.
  • Hold on a sec. Sony have moneyhatted loads in the past. And also your wrong abour previous tomb raiders to. They didn't release on all platforms in the ps1 days. And ps2 days. Microsoft and Sony need to give you a reason to choose their console. It is what it is. So far xbox one has all better exclusives than Sony. So buying one should be a no brainer.
  • I don't care about 15+ year ago, but all recent Tomb Raider games were cross platform. Both Sony and Microsoft are doing it yes, and I would say Sony is even worse at it, but that still does not make it right. The reason to choose one over the other should be extra services provided, hardware/controller design preference, in-house developed exclusive games, eco system tie ins, with mobile or in MS case PC, etc... it should not be poaching cross platform games for timed exclusives, or special DLC exclusives. Xbox may have bettter exclusives but it does not seem to be doing them any good in terms of sales, but thats irrelevant to this discussion.
  • Well whether its right or wrong for the consumer. It has happened as far back as he's and master system. Its not new in the last 15 years. To be honest I think ms reacted to Sony claiming they had 20 exclusives in the first 2 years for ps4. Even though that has turned out to be hugely false. Most people bought ps4s on promises that are unfulfilled and getting worse on the games from for ps owners. Sony aren't even turning up at gamescom as they have nothing else to show. Their ceo actually admitted this. Ms still have quantum break, crackdown 3 and scalebound confirmed for gamescom. Also the big rumour silent hill is also now an xbox exclusive. My bet is as the year goes on xbox one outsells ps4 regularly. And especially next year. Sony have absolutely nothing in the next 18 months apart from uncharted 4 and horizon. Ff7 remake is coming to xbox one and shenmue is only a kickstarter. The last guardian doesn't even have a release schedule. Sony are in trouble from here on out.
  • Is that you Keith Wallace?
  • Imo, tomb raider 2013 was all more fun and had better gameplay than uncharted. It just felt more involved. So im stoked for this.
  • I love it when a dev takes it back to the drawing board and is successful. The last tomb raider was amazing. Im sure this wont be any less!
  • Really looking forward to this game. The last TR game was great. I got it for both the 360 and One and have no regrets. Hopefully Rise of the Tomb Raider lives up to the last one's quality.