TouchFLO 2D 2.0 sure is purty

We've only had an inkling of the HTC Mega, but that hasn't stopped the ROM from the device from leaking out. And lookie there, it's a fresh version of TouchFLO, al la the Sense UI that first appeared for Android phones.

If you're of the ROM flashing variety, head on over at XDA and give it a shot, and let us know in the comments what you think.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Wow so this is the same old touch flo with a blurry background applied to all tabs and some colorfull icons, have seen any theme threads lately? Can u show us some pictures of touchflo 2.5????
  • Yeah, I gotta ask: What exactly is the background supposed to be? is it supposed to be, um, "anything"?
  • Is this what HTC meant by "bringing the Sense UI to Windows Mobile"?! That's completely old and unoriginal. They took Touchflo 2D, trimmed off footprints and other useful parts to make it run fast, and used new image files to give it a facelift. That's not the "Sense Experience" I was picturing. So begins the days of HTC putting more and more energy into Andriod, and leaving Windows Mobile as more of a side project, like every other manufacturer out there.
  • That just looks like the original TF2D but with some skin applied to it?? I'd go so far to say that its definitely not the new TF3D 2.5...
  • I think it looks real nice as soon as sprint comes out with the touch pro 2 im gonna get it and see if i can find this theme! Also not sure what the background is but i think its pretty nice!
  • I own the original GSM Touch, Touch HD, and Touch Diamond2.
    My experience has been that while the 3D effect on screens, Mail and People for instance, might be cool the first time you see them, the effect gets old quick. 3D wastes a lot of screen space. It's clear in TouchFlo 3D's transition from the HD to the Diamond2 that HTC has decided to tone it down. The Mail screen shown above is better still (though we could use less or no envelope and more preview text.) As for the background being blurry and non-distinct, that's a standard imaging trick to imply depth-of-field and focus the mind's attention on the subject matter: the information being conveyed. It's amazing how fast HTC is evolving TouchFlo.
  • ZOMG wait, lookit those status icons! they look like lil iPhone widgets. awwww, how cute! good job, XDA-devs.