Treo 750 WM6 ROM Leaked

The circle of leaked ROMs for AT&T's Windows Mobile devices is now complete. We had the early one - for the Blackjack, Then a little later came WM6 for the 8525, and now we have the last of the promised updates: Windows Mobile 6 for the Treo 750, as leaked on XDA. Details are rolling in, partially from PalmInfoCenter:

AT&T Mail, AT&T Music, Games, MS Office Mobile, Active Sync, Calculator, Camera, Cellular Video, File Explorer, Get Telenav, GetGood, Get MobiTV, Internet Sharing, Notes, PDF Viewer (Picsel), Proxy Manager (ATA&T Proxy), Quick Tour, Remote Desktop Mobile, Search, SIM Manager, Sounds, Tasks, Windows Media. Voice Command 1.6 is included.

...In other words, nothing shocking. Still unknown is whether or not it includes the mysterious Video Share Settings found on the Blackjack's leaked ROM. You could go a-huntin' for the leaked Treo 750 ROM, but all these leaks make it pretty clear that Windows Mobile 6 is finally ready to makes its big splash on AT&T - just a little patience.

WC Staff