WM6 on a Samsung Blackjack

The leaked ROM was taken off of the forum where I found it, which is unsurprising. I imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult to find with a little Googling, but here's the thing, I think I'm going to recommend against doing that. Not just because you'll be in sketchy legal territory, but also because the update process didn't go very smoothly - my Blackjack froze on the screen you see pictured here. I was worried I was going to have a thin little brick. Luckily, though, it came out ok after I removed the battery. There's not a lot of surprises here - it's Windows Mobile 6 on a Blackjack. I don't think it's the final update, though, as the boot time was very long and there were a few little strange spots in the settings (Hardware Rev0.0 -- what!?).

So the verdict is: wait. I hope you won't have to wait long. In the meantime, you can stew by watching this quick little video of a Blackjack running Windows Mobile 6.

WC Staff
  • hey i was wondering if you could send me the program for windows mobile 6. thanks !
  • Where did you get the software and instructions for this?
  • Hey guys -
    You'll have to google around for it - it's definitely not an approved ROM and it's definitely not ready for primetime yet. My advice is to still just wait for the official release.http://wmexperts.com
  • I was watching this video and it really doesn't seem like it's any different than the windows mobile 5 with the messaging and security feature pack. The only differences that I see between my phone and this one is Office Mobile, and the telenav and mobitv icons, which aren't really too important since they just link to downloads from ATT. Even the H/W Rev shows 0.0. I suppose I can always just hope for enhancements to existing applications and more stability, which unfortunately, isn't Microsoft's strong suit.
  • H/W Ver. 0/0 is a BlackJack hardware version. Not relating to WM6 at all. WM5 users see this same H/W ver. information as well.
    The biggest deal with WM6 is its upgraded IE7. Speedier and more robust than the IE6 included with WM5.
    Video playback is improved and the sharing features are a huge plus.
    Install it. WTf have you got to lose? Just save your data.
  • Time to get my old trusty BlackJack from under my bed and try this out. Oh wait, you mentioned something about legal territory. Never mind...
  • Samsung phones have so many different features and of a robust design. I have been with Samsung for 4 years and cant see myself changing. How to build a shed