Trouble in Paradise: Toshiba G900 Issues

Engadget Mobile is reporting that the super-sweet, high-powered, high-resolution Toshiba G900 isn't all that sweet, powered, or, er, resolute. Mainly because it's freezing the moment the devices goes into standby. The forum thread over at My G900 is enough to make you gnash your teeth. Maybe it's that Toshiba is so new to the Windows Mobile game and they're still getting their sea legs.

A fix is coming from Toshiba. ...Sometime.

It appears that the G900 (just out the factory) has been plagued with coming out of standby issues. I've never had it lock up on me while using it. It's just after you've let it turn the screen off or you've shut it off (not complete power off) that it sometimes just plain wont come out of standby.

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Update: Clark rightly points out that Toshiba isn't new to the game, just new to smartphones. And they've sorta been out of the loop generally for awhile. Anyhow, I just hope they get it fixed soon before it sullies the nice little splash they're making with this (otherwise) sweet device.

WC Staff