Truecaller launches major app update with real-time spam detection and more

Truecaller, the service that allows smartphone owners to see who is calling them, has launched a major update for Windows Phone today that adds a ton of new features, including real-time spam detection, improved caller ID, Live Tile notifications and more.

Here's what's new and improved in the new 5.0 version of Truecaller:

  • Real-time Spam Detection: With the new update, spammer profiles can be searched across Truecaller's global network so you can immediately detect if a spammer is trying to reach you. This means that no matter if a spam caller is calling you from anywhere in the world you'll be able to utilize the global spam list to instantly see if it's spam call.
  • Improved Caller ID: Now you can identify incoming calls, even if you don't have the number in your phonebook. Truecaller's platform consists of more than 1.6 billion contact numbers on people and businesses, which means that you never have to leave the app to search for unknown numbers or identify an incoming call.
  • Real-time Profile Updates: Profile information is now updated every time you use the app, so you always have the most up to date contact profile information without switching apps.
  • New Live Tile Notifications: Truecaller notifications now show up on your Live Windows Tile, so an alert will pop up whenever you have a new contact request or any other notification.
  • Advanced Search and Discovery: The new Truecaller uses search algorithms to improve the way you search, so when you type a name, the app will prioritize the name displayed against your phone book and the broader Truecaller community.
  • Improved Language Support: With the new update users will be able to switch language within the app without having to reset the phone. Right-to-Left language support has also been added in the new version.

How many of you use Truecaller to weed out unwanted callers? Let us know your thoughts on the service in the comments.

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John Callaham