TrulyMadly, the popular dating app in India, arrives on Windows Phone

TrulyMadly is a popular dating app in India. Quite similar to Tinder, the biggest USP of TrulyMadly is profile verification via Trust Score and matchmaking. The app focuses on introducing two right single people and ensures that it does not spam any users profile and only suggests verified and relevant matches for a user, based on his/her preferences.

The app has recently landed on the Windows Phone Store. The first release had some issues, and a quick update has taken care of those while bumping up to version 1.1.


Trust Score ensures robust verification of all user profiles through their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. The feature also encourages the users to authenticate their profiles by providing their passport, ID proof, employment details, and mobile phone number on optional basis, to gain a higher trust score. The higher the score, more are the chances of a user finding a suitable match.

Then there's the Values and Adaptability Test that encourages users to answer multiple choice questionnaires, that depict their views not only their lifestyle preferences, but also of the partners they wish to seek.

TrulyMadly is a great app to meet interesting and like-minded verified singles in your city. The service aims to couple science and psychology with a stringent verification process and strict privacy controls to provide a credible and safe interaction platform to connect compatible singles. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

Download TrulyMadly for Windows Phone (Free)

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  • So u guys need a dating app? :/
  • Never. Since the evolution of smartphones there have been many crazy apps which ppl cant imagine
  • There is so much news about Indian women being gang raped. Women rights are weak there/no respect for women.
  • Screw it... That's just media's over action... In fact US ranks first in women abusing...
  • Really?  I think you will find it very difficult to back that claim up with anything that resembles a fact.  I'm pretty sure "first place for women abusing" would go to some part of the Middle East or Africa.  There are countries in those regions were it is actually legal for a man to beat, rape, or even kill his wife. Also, your response of "Screw it.  Over reaction" about women being gang raped in public in your country says a lot about how much your culture values women's rights. Anyway, back to the topic at hand.
  • Mrale yr tu mraale.. Sala America mein beitha Jo mrzi bhonk! Tum ghuso ganduo ko fark toh pdta nhi.. Bs bhonkte rehte ho kutto ki taranh
  • Yes, us has highest rape case. Just bing it
  • I just Binged it and the US was not first.  It was seventh, not that seventh is something to be proud of either.  Two things come to mind though... 1) You must be basing your "first" statistic on raw numbers without accounting for the size of the population.  That is a total misuse of statistics and quite frankly very ignorant.  2) These statistics can only be based on *reported* cases.  In many countries (including India) rape is much more rarely reported compared to other nations because of the increased stigma or laws that blame women for being raped.  For example, Wikipedia says, "[In India] Sexual violence within marriage is common, with 25% of men admitting to forcing their wives or partners to have sex."  25% of almost a billion people is a lot of rape, but in India this is actually legal while in the US it isn't.  Here are some other things that Wiki has to say about the topic... "In many parts of the world, rape is very rarely reported, due to the extreme social stigma cast on women who have been raped, or the fear of being disowned by their families, or subjected to violence, including honor killings.[5] Furthermore, in countries where adultery and/or premarital sex are illegal, victims of rape can face prosecution under these laws, if there is not sufficient evidence to prove a rape in the court. Even if they can prove their rape case, evidence during investigation may surface showing that they were not virgins at the time of the rape, which, if they are unmarried, opens the door for prosecution.[6] Countries may or may not criminalize marital rape, and, in many countries which do criminalize it, prosecutions for it are exceptionally rare. Sexual activity in marriage is, in many parts of the world, considered an absolute right of the husband that can be taken with or without the consent of his wife; the very act of a woman refusing to have sex with her husband may be considered unthinkable: in one survey, 74% of women in Mali said that a husband is justified to beat his wife if she refuses to have sex with him.[7] Though de jure, a rape law may be applicable to any victim; de facto the enforcement of the law often excludes certain victims, such as prostitutes, women who were not virgins at the time of the rape, or other women with a 'bad reputation'.[8]" Anyway, I don't think you can directly compare statistics on this issue considering the vast differences in various cultures view of women's rights.  Do you honestly believe that Pakistan or Afganistan have better women's rights records than the US?  They stone women to death in those countries for not being virgins after their husbands leave them for another woman.   
  • Everyone and everyone has sex and urges around the world.
    The difference is that in The US of A, the sluts AGREE TO get fucked by 50 men even after their marriages. Don't go on numbers, a ratio between total population and raped should be drawn out. There are more folks in India having IQ of 135 or more, than the whole population of The US of A.
  • Listen.
    Stop, alright? Be a bit civilized. The way you are talking, not accepting that yes, women do get raped in our country frequently and we are trying our best ro prevent them, is quite a image of India you are showcasing here. Are you seriously comparing two countries on the basis of how many "sluts" are there and how many boys they have sex with? This is one thing that I don't like about us. We have no patriotism but when someone insults our country on correct grounds, our patriotism overflows to prove that insult wrong even if it is very much correct.
    Yes, women DO get raped in our country and they are NOT very safe.
    Now, shut up.
  • You saying that to me..?
    1)-Can ye show me where did I say that India is rape free..?
    2)-Am comparing women of the two countries.
    3)-Where can we show patriotism according to you..?
    4)-You have exposed more leakages in our country more than me or anyone else on this post.
    5)-Who the hell are ye to ask me to shut up..? Shoo away loser, don't cry on me.
    6)-That man is insulting the whole country for what only a few did. And am not gonna take that.
  • Malay, you are entitled to your opinion. But please don't potray them as facts. How can you dismiss the patriotism of a whole nation? Aman's comparison might be flawed but his point isn't. No one 'insults' on correct grounds. There's one aspect of women's safety that are you are trying to potray which is fine but there's the other aspect of playing down somebody else's argument without understanding the context which is bad. Never take the opinion of an individual as the opinion of a community or nation. Sadly, you seem to think just like how our media thinks which doesn't bode well for a progressive society.
  • Thanks Naren.
  • meet the great copy paster
  • What you said bout Pakistan is false. Oh and don't make it like you know everything :)
  • You are sure? Pray tell, in which African country is it legal to beat your wife. Or rape her. Or kill her. We have over 50 countries I'm waiting for you to name one.
    Your fucked up superiority complex is sickening. Go open a few books please and actually do research instead of talking out your ass.
  • You sir are an ignorant fuck
  • Gang Raped in public..? That's too much. Think before writing please.
  • Keep in mind I'm responding to this statement about the rape problem in India: "Screw it... That's just media's over action... In fact US ranks first in women abusing..." @spazzmeister, I was mostly talking about the Middle East with that specific comment about law.  However, there are a few African nations that have pretty horrible human rights and women's rights problems.  For example... "In Sudan, if a case of rape cannot be proven, the person filing the complaint of rape risks being prosecuted for other sexual offenses, because consensual adultery and consensual sodomy are illegal, and may incur the death penalty.  Rape and other forms of sexual violence have been reported as being used on a large scale as a weapon of war in Darfur." I realize this isn't a normal situation and not representative of African nations at all, but keep in mind I'm responding to someone that made a completely inaccurate claim that the US is the "worst abuser of women" in the world.  Women in the US have it worse than Sudan?  Of course not. @Aman2901, You are aware that that happened right?  It was in the news all over the world.  I'm not making it up.  While it is certainly not a common event it did happen and the person that I was responding to brushed it off as no big deal.  Read the posts above mine and my reply might make more sense.  The fact that the other poster thinks that India's well known rape problem is not an issue is the only reason I responded.
  • But then this bodes down to religious indoctrination, that's why there are some pretty fucked up laws especially those relating to women & homosexuals
  • @kabo, Totally agree.  Religion should be a way for an individual to choose to live their life.  Not something that should be used as law and forced on to people.  And yes, unfortunately those laws are rarely good for women, gays, or anyone else that is different.
  • Well it's really not an issue because--
    1)-India doesn't have hard laws in case of rape like cutting off body parts, public executions, etc.
    2)-To curb this, public awareness via media and campaigns were used by the gov and concerned folks.
    3)-This resulted in worldwide insults rather than spreading awareness.
    4)-To one or two incidents which are common in many other countries, well even I would say screw it, and certainly that's over-reaction of the media.
  • True, Aman. It's our baazaru media's false propaganda that is causing even dimwits (in general) to speak without factual knowledge.
  • @Aman2901
    I agree with most posts on this site. However, you sound like you do not care about women rights at all. You come across as one of the rapists.
    You're denying the gang rapes and claiming that they're a small problem.
  • Why do you think so..? Quote me mister.
    I come across as a rapist..? Well you are directly blaming me. And if I have to stoop to your level, I will start using bad words.
    Rapes are not a small problem but surely overrated. Lack of cleanliness, food, water, and conservation of environment are major issues too. Why aren't they highlighted..?
  • 'Everyone and everyone has sex and urges...'
    That doesn't allow you to gang rape a woman. That isn't justification.
    The other issues you listed are major problems in third world countries. But this article was about an Indian dating app, so women being gang raped is more relevant.
    And no, women being raped is not an overrated issue. Rape was used during wars such as in the DRC in order to spread STDs.
    If you are not a rapist, then why do you support/justify their actions and claim it is worse in other countries?
  • I suppose men and women both come under 'everyone'. Either you have a reading problem or an understanding problem. And if you say that rape isn't an issue then why in the first place did ye highlight it..? You were the one asshole who started it. You check your taps now racist. We have all gone OT just because of you. Calling me a racist, but in the first place you are one.
  • I never called you a racist you idiot. You cannot read. Instead of commenting on articles, learn how to read first.
  • Oh sorry, I read rapist as racist. Now what..?
  • So I'm right, you're wrong. :/
    On his face..!!
  • hell yeah! :P ;)
  • @Sandeep, Surely you are smarter than this.  Do some real research.  At least Wikipedia cites credible sources.  Wonderlist is just a bunch of click bait articles to generate ad revenue. Sort this table by the 2009 or 2010 column under "rate per 100,000".  The US is ranked ~#12 based on that data.  Total count (which your article seems to be using) isn't a meaningful statistic since some nations have larger populations than others... Also, really think about this for a moment.  Don't you find it odd that a country like Sweden is near the top of the list for rape while at the same time being ranked among the best countries in the world for women's rights?  This isn't a coincidence.  It's because women in countries with good women's rights records are far more likely to report a rape.  They feel that society will be more likely to help them compared to a country with bad women's rights.  Also, the countries with better women's rights are more likely to have more strict definitions of rape compared to other countries.  For example, in some countries there is no minimum limit to the marriage age and no such thing as "rape" within marriage.  Therefore, it's legal for a man to marry and have sex with an 11 year old.  That would be very illegal in other countries. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to make a competition about which country is "best" at not raping women.  I also have nothing against India.  I like the culture in general and would like to visit some day.  The US has it's fair share of problems too.  I'm just pointing out that you might need to seriously reconsider your thoughts about women if you truly think that this isn't an issue that India needs to work on. 
  • i am jsut stating that india is not only the country which has women abusing cases.. when compared to other countries india is far better in providing women rights and what i am saying all these are jsut rumours which are wandering among the world that our country is very dangerious place.. the bad name for our country about this women abusing is only because of damn news media in our country who elivate the issues and create new ones to just increase their damn TRP. so please dont listen to these rumours...
  • Agreed.  Unfortunately, there are many places in this world were women are still treated very badly.  I'm sure India is relatively good compared to much of the rest of the world. I have a lot of respect for India and it's people and I have no doubt that there are places in this world that are a thousand times worse for women to live (the US really isn't one of them though).  I find it a bit hard to believe that it's all just rumors, but I can certainly believe that the media exagerates certain issues and makes them seem worse.  The US has its fair share of exagerated media and we have our fair share of issues that we need to work on too.
  • Guys! Please! Enough of this. I am an Indian, and I know there's a lot of gender selective abuse here, but we haven't given up on ourselves. We're kicking this evil gard in the groin. People are changing. Rapes are being reported more than they were previously.
    We are civilised humans with some rotten apples. But we make the rotten apples change.
  • The problem is, women rights are not just the problem. The Indian caste system persecutes groups of people known as Dalits - the untouchables.
    This is a cultural problem, and much larger than just a few rotten apples.
    Aman2901, are you going to deny this too?
  • Dalits..? Well we don't call those here. It's a crime to say that here. Get a better topic to ague on.
  • So you deny it? I know of the millions who are being persecuted in India because of an outdated caste system.
  • Listen, if you don't know about it then don't talk. This was a thing before the 1940s. So quit it.
  • I said it was outdated. But it is still a cultural problem.
    @Sandeep, okay I'll stop about the caste system. But teach your pal Aman how to read. He doesn't know what racist or rapist means - look above.
  • Reply to him racist.
    I'll stop ye say, why in the first place did ye start it.
  • I started it because it's true. Ask Sandeep Sunny to teach you how to read. His english is very good - and he can read, unlike you. Why don't 'ye' f*** off now. 'Ye' can't read.
  • cooldown man! i just suggest u dont mess with nations. its very sesitive issue. every one loves his own country. and yes facts should be accepted, but think twice before commenting any country.. i thought u were an american so i just gave u a counter to shut ur mouth... i am sorry if i hurt anyone.. woman abusing is a biggest problem facing in every part of the world. india and US is not alone.
  • Well you are a complete idiot then. This is a tech site, and if you want to raise those issues, go somewhere else. You were wrong to start all this.
  • Okay I'm calm.
    Just tell Aman2901 to calm down too. He's calling me a racist for no reason. I don't need his crap.
  • Calling a racist because of your first comment on this post. Neither do we need your crap as well. This started all because of you.
  • How is it racist? It is fact. It's been on the news. You don't even know what racist means.
  • So why the hell do you have to post it on a tech site..? Did someone poke a stick up your ass and asked you to do it..? Cause someone with a healthy mind won't do it..! And you come out as racist by posting crap, this is Windows Central, related to Microsoft and it's associates. No need to point out some county's weaknesses here. I could do to yours very easily.
  • This was about an Indian dating app. I was talking about the safety of women using these apps. I don't talk about Indian women getting gang raped on every article do I?
    This was relevant. You're just making a fuss because you are wrong.
    Btw I'm Indian - so insult me.
  • See, either you have a memory loss problem or you are a complete idiot. You clearly said that there is no respect for women and they are being gang-raped. And that wasn't relevant on a tech site, I say again. And you are not an Indian, cause you said it 'there'. Plus, Indians don't insult their own selves. And Indians won't rub in an issue without any reason.
  • No respect for women/gang rape means that an Indian dating app is not safe in India. That IS relevant. We must work together to fight gang rape - for our country.
  • Consider this, would you marry a person without even giving a thought about her cast if otherwise she is a perfect match. Another, have you ever given a thought if a person who was not born Hindu can be converted to Hinduism. I will tell you, YOU CAN NOT. Why, because you can't decide about his Cast. More, ask some Hindu expert if any Muslim can be made Hindu & Brahmin.
  • Yeah, I agree. Aman2901 is claiming that the caste system is gone, when it is still prevalent. Is he even Indian???
  • i dont say its gone. but it reduced a lot through these years. now most parts of the world has only one discrimination its poor or rich. trust me i am damn confident..
  • Aman2901 says it's gone. He doesn't know what he's on about. I'll have what he's smokin'
  • Don't quote me wrongly stupid. It's you who needs to learn English again.
  • You don't know the difference between racist and rapist. I think you need to learn the English.
  • I read it racist. I know the difference well. And I don't need to learn 'the' English, as you say.
  • I thought you would like the joke - I'm speaking like you ^ :)
    "Ye want me to get angry. I can speak the English. Now...wen in India." On a serious note, we should chat more often to improve your English. I'll do it for free.
  • Says a guy, who edit's his comments twice or thrice. Rolf.
  • Edits - not edit's. There, there. You're improving.
  • Agree with you, now people care about who is rich, poor? Caste doesn't matter.
  • I said about the Dalit thing. You read again asshole.
  • Dalit is in the caste system you idiot. Are you even Indian? Do you not know the caste system? Or can you not read???
  • damn! what kind of a person u are man... no one here caring about casts now a days... y u are ditching cast in this convo
  • Yeah. The earlier generations use to think they own women. Times are changing. Rapes are getting reported. It's not all bad as reported sometimes by newspapers and news channels.
  • Popular app in India?? I'm from India and hearing this name for first time now
  • True
  • Super true :)
  • Agree
  • Exactly
  • All my android and ios using buddies have been using this for quite a while now. They also use tinder and one more app I cant remember the name of.
  • Yes other app is Vee