The Trust Gaming GXT 130 is a great wireless mouse at an astonishing price

Trust GXT 130

If a company makes something to do with PCs of late, there's a strong chance they'll also have a range of products targeted at gamers. The same is true of Trust, a European brand most well known perhaps for its budget PC accessories and, truthfully, some pretty bland and uninteresting products.

Trust Gaming, however, is anything but bland, putting out products that, well, look like products you'd expect to see targeted at gamers. That's to say some fairly aggressive designs and lashings of red.

I've been using one of its more recent products, the GXT 130 wireless mouse for a little while now and can happily report there's much to like. A combination of price, comfort, and features has elevated this mouse into daily use and one of my actual favorites.

Big but not too big

I don't have massive hands but I like a larger mouse, I just think they're more comfortable to use. Look at Logitech's MX Master as an example, and that's one of the best mice money can buy. The GXT 130 is well sized and contoured for a comfortable grip the first time you place your hand upon it. There's a nice big space for your thumb, and the left and right buttons have a terrific concave curve to nestle your fingers into.

On the right-hand edge, there's a ridge just the right size for the fourth finger to rest on, too. The GXT 130 is just absorbed by your hand and its covered with a soft touch finish which is very smooth but offers just the right amount of grip.

Make no mistake though, this is exclusively a right-handers mouse. I think the left-side could have been mimicked without compromising everything else great about the comfort of the mouse to make it ambidextrous, but Trust did not. So a right-handed mouse it remains.


Trust GXT 130

As a gaming mouse, there are additional buttons, the first of which will change the DPI. There are two buttons beneath the scroll wheel, one for up and one for down. You've got a limited choice of 800/1200/1600/2000/2400 DPI, and for serious gamers, these may not be enough. For me, they're ample, as I rarely go above 1200 DPI in everyday use anyway. I'm not a heavy keyboard and mouse gamer, either, but I'm not one for insanely high DPI settings regardless. If you are, you'll have to look elsewhere.

What is very handy is the red button on the left. This is a dedicated double-click button, with the intention of improving your fire rate in shooters, for example. It also opens anything you need a double-click to open. Convenient.

Down the side, you've also got forward, back and CTRL buttons if you so wish to use them. The GXT 130 isn't riddled with buttons galore, just a few choice, thoughtful additions for basic gaming and to make life easier on folks who are just using a PC as normal. Wireless mice aren't usually a draw for the hardest-core gamers, and this budget offering won't do anything to change that, but for lighter gamers and general everyday PC use, it's really very good.

If there's one thing I'm not so fond of, it's that the scroll wheel isn't exactly center. It could just be my unit, or it might not, but it's forever rubbing against the plastic when scrolling and changes the feel a little for the worse.

Beastly battery life

Trust GXT 130

The GXT 130 connects to the PC through the included 2.4GHz dongle and promises a strong connection up to 8 meters. If you're further away from your PC than that, you've probably got other problems to overcome. The connection is rock solid though, and I've not encountered a single glitch in my time using it. And when you're not using it at home, the dongle slots into the bottom of the mouse so you can travel without losing it.

What's remarkable about the GXT 130 is the claim of up to 300 hours use from a single pair of AA batteries. That's in part due to the "Eco" mode, which turns off the LED lighting and after a short time of not being used it will turn itself off. Put your hand on and move it again and you're back up and running. If you leave it always on and lights glowing, that battery life will soon come down, but that's a long time to get from a set of batteries.

For context, that's 12.5 days of continuous use.

The bottom line

Trust GXT 130

Wireless mice aren't the first choice for many gamers, and this one won't change that. But in targeting that market, Trust has produced a superior product to its regular range and actually, an excellent mouse. Not to mention it's absurdly low price compared to some others.

It's well built, supremely comfortable to use and has battery life to beat the best of them. If you just want a low-cost wireless mouse that doesn't suck, here it is.

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