TuneWiki, a popular lyrics app on Windows Phone, is shutting down

Remember TuneWiki? It’s an app we talked about way back at the end of 2011. The popular service provided users with scrolling lyrics for their music in addition to meanings behind songs. And unlike most services, they had an app for Windows Phone relatively early in the lifecycle of the OS. Not bad for a startup. Unfortunately, the service is shutting down at the end of this month.

TuneWiki seemed to have quite a nice following in the Windows Phone crowd, so it might be a little sad for a handful of you. Even sadder is everyone that will find out about the service today and not get to enjoy it much longer. June 28th is day that TuneWiki will shut down.

We're sad to see you go TuneWiki. We're also glad you invested time and resources into a platform when it was still young.

Source: TuneWiki

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Sam Sabri