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TuneWiki, a popular lyrics app on Windows Phone, is shutting down

Remember TuneWiki? It’s an app we talked about way back at the end of 2011. The popular service provided users with scrolling lyrics for their music in addition to meanings behind songs. And unlike most services, they had an app for Windows Phone relatively early in the lifecycle of the OS. Not bad for a startup. Unfortunately, the service is shutting down at the end of this month.

TuneWiki seemed to have quite a nice following in the Windows Phone crowd, so it might be a little sad for a handful of you. Even sadder is everyone that will find out about the service today and not get to enjoy it much longer. June 28th is day that TuneWiki will shut down.

We're sad to see you go TuneWiki. We're also glad you invested time and resources into a platform when it was still young.

Source: TuneWiki

Thanks for the tip WP8Expert

  • Never used it. But sorry to hear.
  • Looks like an opportunity for developers like Liquid daffodil to take advantage of.. Hint, hint,...
  • Check out musiXmatch. No need for another app as far as I can see.
  • musiXmatch & SoundHound are some heavy competition
  • Any word on why they're shutting down? I personally have never used the app, but it's a shame to lose one that's been with our OS since the beginning.
  • That's probably the reason why. Not very popular with the WP crowd.
  • Try PicoLyrics
  • I thought it was great when it worked (lyrics available, right song, right timing, etc)... Too bad the developer insisted on charging $5 for it. I would have purchased it a long time ago if it was $2-$3, I wonder how many others were scared off by the price :/. I guess I am glad musixmatch was just upgraded. I think it is much better now.
  • If you can't shell out 5 dollars then you need to get a job or find a better one.
  • Lol, I always find it amusing to see the kind of assumptions made by people online based off of a comment such as mine above. Does my unwillingness to spend $5 on an app that has proved itself to be only mildly useful in my use cases, somehow imply that I must therefore be cheap, or a poor citizen unable to earn a living? And not that it should matter, but I manage a global team of excellent developers for one of the largest companies in the world - if I want to support a developer/app - trust me, I can. I guess you'll just have to learn to deal with another human being's controlled discretionary spending... I know, tragic.
  • I agree with you. These kids dont understand the principles of economics, including the devs. There is individual demand (how much you as an individual are willing to pay for something), then there is market demand (all of the individual demands combined). Definitely not worth $5. If priced right, the dev might make a killing instead of forgoeing opportunities. There is also such a thing as elasticity of demand but that might be too much for these fools to understand. Anyway, I dont even know what this fucking app is. I use musicxmatch with Spotify on desktop and I know it was good on Zune wp7. Too bad WP sucks balls due to lack of interest from the big guns and also partially Microsoft is to blame. Spotify sucks monkey nuts on WP. Zune is great on WP, but they dont have the same use case for me on the desktop. Zune supports musicxmatch but Spotify, just good luck getting Spotify to even launch on wp7.
  • @chssoriano....Such an awesome, mature, and professional rebuttal.  I hope you don't mind if I plagerize it:)  I am bored of the childish comments "A Big Mac cost more than this app", or "If you can't afford $0.99 then why do you have a smartphone", etc.,  Not to mention the ridiculous comments by others who feels as though you should spend money to 'support' a developer for an because they made an app for WP, even if it is an app that you would NEVER use!
    At the end of the day, it's our money and our decision what we spend it on, no matter how miniscule or extravagant the price.
  • Yeah kind of stupid to say "I'd pay $3 but $5!? Get outta here"
  • In it's current form, with the issues I had with the app, and the hit and miss lyric library, I just couldn't justify spending over 2 or 3 bucks. The app didn't provide anything that other apps didn't provide just as good (or poorly). Truth is, I tried quite a few lyrics apps and none of them have really blown me away.
    That said - and like I alluded to in my first comment, the most recent musiXmatch update makes that app quite a bit better. And I would pay a few bucks to remove the ads in that app now if the dev gave us an option.
  • I agree with everything you said. It's about value for money and we shouldn't have to pay top dollar for average or poor apps just so we're not labelled as being "cheap". There are so many amazing apps for $1-2 that a $5 app has to either be phenomenally good or satisfy a unique/niche/complicated role like a remote desktop app. I can accept average for $1-2, otherwise the dev needs to lift their game.
    It's like walking down a street and all the basic hotdogs are $1 (sausage + mustard or tomato sauce) then you have a gourmet hotdog for $2 (good quality sausage, choice of 10 sauces, onions, cheese, chili-con-carne etc) and right next to it is an average hotdog for $5 slightly better than basic as it has cheese, but still far worse than the gourmet one. Most sane people would turn back for the $2 hotdog. They wouldn't expect to be heckled and labelled as cheap for choosing the better option and for not supporting the poor hotdog vendor who doesn't understand how basic competitive business works. The "value add" wasn't there to justify the price hike and so customers went elsewhere.
    Okay, now I'm hungry :P
  • Dang, i wish contestants on the apprentice understood that!
  • urseus...Be mature.
  • Musixmatch is very good now, upgrade fixed most problems.
  • Musixmatch says hi.
  • Was gonna download it just because they supported windows phone, but 5 bucks, no wonder they failed, that's crazy.
  • You said it...$5.00?!? Why would anyone pay that when they could get the same service for free elsewhere?
  • Fuuuuu...I have been searching for a shout cast client for months and I JUST NOW discover this was available for WP!
  • Download "Entrance" by AOL, as this has Shoutcast built in.
  • Shoutcast? Now that's nostalgic.
  • So I downloaded/installedt this app it worked great for songs playing in the background. I can't find another one like it, to search for the song playing from your music library. If anyone else knows of any, I'd take the suggestions.
  • Sphincter says what. . .
  • What?
  • I was made aware of this app only after reading this article. Would have bought this app. That sucks.! If WP devs can read this: You guys have to do a better job on advertising your apps, and a better pricing too, to get as much people as you can to use your apps. People are advertisers in their own way.
  • MusicXMatch does the job even better!!
  • You look at Apple and Droid, they have a million Apps each we have more than Blackberry at like 100K but look at the Apple and Droid apps 2/3rds are for the same thing and its overkill city and Droid just kicked out like 60K of apps because they were really malware. Heck to me anything you get from Google is Malware because theirs just going to look at a app not even buying it they send your email and all to the developer, but this is what I was afraid of and I pray Joe Belifore is there in Finland to buy Nokia for Microsoft. Because saying we want to sell, is like telling the developers, that all Microsoft is done, quit making apps for these people, Microsoft is dead in phones just as soon and we were going to get instagram. I'm being sarcastic, but its the truth. Why I hated the other day, because saying you want to sell the comapny is like quit making it for these people. :(
    Pray Microsoft gets this shit over with quick.
  • I had a really, really hard time understanding this post. I hope English is your second language because if it's not, damn dude. If it is, then I understand. Have a good day.
  • That's a good point, the uncertainty surrounding Nokia is bound to impact developers who are on the fence. I can easily imagine devs who are contemplating investing in Windows Phone being discouraged by the possibility, small as it may be, that Nokia could get purchased and its support for Windows Phone discontinued.
  • Where is iheartradio?
  • I had just been showing this to a few artists I know that were VERY interested in the user mapping feature of this app. To show where users are listening to them most for tour planning,etc.
    I Never used for lyrics aspect
  • I never heard of TuneWiki. What made it better than SoundHound? I knew about SoundHound before I even got a Windows Phone, since my friends with iPhones and Androids demonstrated SoundHound when we were out and songs were played on jukeboxes.
  • You can Just use musiXmatch lyrics for Windows Phone It is a Great app for lyrics.
  • Tunewiki isn't just a windows phone app, its a service also available as a plugin to Spotify, and perhaps others. Is it the service going away, ir just the windows phone app? My experiences with this were fairly negative.. Many copyright claims meant lots of lyrics were removed, and those that weren't appeared to have been written by illiterates.
  • The entire service is shutting down on all platforms
  • I visited the homepage at and found only a "Play store" and "Appstore" button to download this app... No wonder!
  • has all markets on their homepage.
  • Such a shame they're shutting down. Why is everyone comparing to SoundHound? As far as I know, Soundhound serves to identify songs whereas TuneWiki gives you the lyrics for songs.
  • I loved TuneWiki. I have had it for a very long time so I am not sure if I ever paid $5 for it or not. It did have very unobtrusive ads so I would think I had a free version. I never ran into copyright issues but I listen to some older indie music and was pleasantly surprised at how it almost always found lyrics. Sometimes even for unpublished tracks. It will be missed.