TV: Castle's Nathan Fillion digs Windows Phone 7 [Video]

Yup, another week another product placement for Windows Phone 7. It's almost getting ridiculous at this point probably since we're documenting every instance. But we imagine for public perception, this will go a long way...

Last night on the show 'Castle', Richard Castle (the super awesome Nathan Fillion) pulls out his LG device in what has to be one of the more obvious product demos on TV. Ever. But still, it was a cool demo of Bing voice search, something we haven't seen yet on these ubiquitous TV spots. We also went the extra mile this time, getting the video clip you see above (you're welcome!).

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Shameless as it was. I didn't mind it. He smart-arse way of doing make it seem somewhat more believable then doing in a mono-tone voice like most actors.
  • I love this show, and honestly they did plug the iPhone quite a bit last season from what I remember, even using the line "there's an app for that" in one episode. This was pretty good though, even used the voice features which is very cool and actually work very well.
  • WP7 needs all the publicity it can get to compete against the big boys so whatever they must do DO IT!
  • If I hadn't already got my WP7, seeing Nathan Fillion using one would've had me sold!
  • All the other shows are doing it. Last season Bones has what i initially mistook for a Prius commercial right in the middle of an episode
  • As GP07 mentioned above, the iPhone is heavily used on this show by the main character Rick Castle, so to see the WP7 on this show is exciting. In my opinion, this is the best demonstration of the WP7 platform. Nathan (or the shows producers) at least took the time to set up the phone to make it look as if the phone was being used on a regular basis: People Hub (with the Facebook feed pulling in) Pictures Hub (with pictures of Rick Castle and his family), the Microsoft Office logo, and of course the Bing voice search - I don't recall seeing this much 'richness' on the other shows for WP7. Would have had more 'shine' if they had used a Samsung Focus or Dell Venue Pro (if they could have gotten their hands on one), but still a really good demo nonetheless.
  • The funny part is that Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder in Disney right now, which owns ABC.