Easily the biggest advantage of owning a Windows Mobile device is the ability to, well, tweak the hell out of it. While you can do so with a registry editor, that can be tedious, time-consuming and sometimes a little fraught with danger.

But if you own a WinMo Professional (touchscreen) device, there's a very simple alternative. Enter Advanced Configuration Tool, a free app recently updated to Version 3.0 that now offers more than 200 settings for your OS and its applications.

If you're already a fan, here are some of the Version 3.0 changes:

  • Better device compatibility.
  • Import/export settings using provisioning XML.
  • Customize HTC's TouchFLO 3D, and map soft keys.
  • Full VGA support.
  • Custom values in the configuration files.
  • Restore previous settings.

And so on and so forth ...

This really is a simple way to squeeze out every last drop of power from your phone. It breathed life back into my old Treo 750, and you don't need any programming or super-secret registry skills to make it work for you.

You can download it in cab form or as a desktop installation. To learn more about the app, visit the page at XDA, or the Advanced Configuration Tool Wiki.

Reminder: This is for WinMo Professional (read touchscreen or Pocket PC) ONLY.

And as much as we love this program, please use it wisely, and be sure to back up your device before doing any major surgery. Happy hacking!

Via MoDaCo