Tweet cloud generator Cumulotweetus now in the Windows Phone Store, temporarily free

Behold, Cumulotweetus

The latest update to the super popular glƏƏk! Twitter client gave users the ability to create ‘Tweet clouds’ within the app. A Tweet cloud is basically a collection of words and phrases associated with a specific person on Twitter.

The addition proved to be so popular that favorite Windows Phone dev Liquid Daffodil decided to make a whole app dedicated to just that feature, but with even more control and options.

And thus Cumulotweetus was born and is now ready for download.

Cumulotweetus for Windows Phone

From the app description:

"Get the coolest way to see and share what your Twitter friends and followers are saying by creating "Tweet Clouds" from your timeline, mentions, any other user's timeline, and ever from random users from around the world with Cumulotweetus!"

  • Create, save, and share tweet clouds!
  • Post to Social and let users around the worlds see your clouds!
  • Change background colors, word colors, and even font styles!
  • Customize selected words, mentions or hashtags that you want removed from your cloud!
  • Select the language of your "stop words" to more accurately reflect what really matters in your clouds!

As to be expected from any Liquid Daffodil app, the design of Cumulotweetus is sharp and eye catching. The light blue and orange work well together as do the bold pictures and Tile format for the app. It’s also smooth and fast and yes, the created clouds also just pop. The app is simply fun and well thought out.

Generated Tweet Cloud

Cumulotweetus will normally fetch for a modest $0.99 with a free trial but through the end of the day Tuesday, you can grab the app for absolutely nothing. Of course once you lock in that freebie, it’s free forever including updates with new features, meaning there is little reason to not give this a shot if social-networks are your thing.

Pick up Cumulotweetus here in the Windows Phone Store for $0.00 until Tuesday night.

Daniel Rubino

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