Tweeten 3.0 for Windows allows you to save GIF files, copy URLs and more

The popular third-party Twitter desktop client Tweeten has received a major update to version 3.0 for Windows. Among other things, the update allows users to save images, including GIFs, copy URLs and much more.

In a blog post, the creator of Tweeten goes over the major new features of version 3.0:

With Tweeten 3.0, we are adding the ability to save GIFs….as .gif. This is a feature which you can't get on TweetDeck, or any other major third-party Twitter clients. Tweeten will allow you to save GIFs while retaining its quality, which is very handy as it's quite hard to download GIFs on Twitter. GIF saving is a feature which requires a lot of things as Twitter stores GIFs as .mp4 on their servers. Therefore, when you save a GIF using Tweeten, it may take a little while for it to download — based on the GIF's size and quality. When you download a GIF using Tweeten, you will get a dialog saying that the download has started and you can continue browsing your timeline while the GIF gets processed in the background. Quite handy, right?Alongside GIFs, you can also save static images with Tweeten 3.0. Unlike GIFs, saving static images is instant just like you'd expect it to be.

Here's the full change log for Tweeten 3.0:

  • You can now save GIFs within Tweeten (as .gif)
  • You can now Drag and Drop static images and .gif files
  • You can now save static images
  • You can now copy URLs for tweets, user profiles, mentions, and more.
  • You can now copy image URLs
  • We've a new font on macOS which looks a lot better
  • We've added support for TweetDeck's native polls
  • The Settings window now closes by itself when you click "Save Settings"
  • We've fixed the overlay issue for videos and GIFs
  • We've fixed a bunch of other UI issues and optimized some parts of the app

Download Tweeten 3.0 for Windows

John Callaham