Tweeten releases an extension for Microsoft Edge

Tweeten in Microsoft Edge
Tweeten in Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

Third-party Twitter app Tweeten has released an extensions for Microsoft's Edge. This allows you to use the app inside Microsoft's new browser, and is one of the first extensions on the platform.

Tweeten announced the extension on Twitter:

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Note that this is an unofficial extension, so install it at your own risk. Companies like AdBlock and Amazon also plan to release Edge extensions later in 2016.

You can grab the extension over at Tweeten's website.

Joseph Keller
  • Microsoft seems to upgrade it's services very fast all of a sudden.
  • Not all if the sudden. Extensions have been in the roadmap since before RTM. Actualy, what's happened is a normal release cycle, but instead of secretive beta testing and months of leaks, we've been the beta testers and stuff seemed to take a while longer to take shape. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • So if they dont tell us the dev cycle is much shorter....  ;) This is good for the platform but annoying for the impatient ones who should not beta test or be told.
  • Keep them coming !
  • If this is already an app, what is the benefit of using the extension version over it?
  • Don't have to open the app if you're already on Edge, just check the feed and go back to what you were doing
  • This would be interesting.
  • Wait what, extension are available for Edge ?
  • That's great. I love this twitter client!
  • What if there is a store inside edge for extensions...