Twitter modifies OAuth breaking new account authorization for Windows Phone apps

If you're just picking up a new Windows Phone, re-installing your favorite Twitter app or trying out a new one today (and for the next few days), you may have some problems logging in.

As happens from time to time, Twitter has changed their OAuth decompression method sometime last night and numerous 3rd party Twitter clients are affected. We're told by Scott Peterson, developer of the Twitter app glƏƏk! that it affects "...any Silverlight Mobile Windows Phone client that uses the non-PIN authentication, and doesn’t not expect a GZip response"

As a result, those devs will need to quickly make a slight change in their apps and re-submit to the Marketplace. That means for at least the next 3-5 days there will be issues creating initial accounts (if you already have Twitter setup, the apps will continue to work just fine).

Peterson also believes that Twitter could change the OAuth for PIN-based/Silverlight mobile clients as well in the next few days, which makes sense. glƏƏk! has been updated and submitted but it won't be available until early next week in the Marketplace.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Does this affect the integrated Twitter support?
  • Shouldn't as that is handled through Windows Live, technically.
  • It shouldn't - it didn't last time. This is the second attempt they have made at GZIP'd responses. The first time was in January and it broke just about every 3rd party WP7 Twitter app (integrated client was not broken). They backed the change out, but warned devs to get their apps updated to handle the response. Seems some didn't.
  • Yes, if we had a Twitter client in the Marketplace in January we would have been ready for it! :) Thankfully Chris Field at Mehdoh started that thread in January and pointed us in the right direction this morning! :) Thank you Chris!
  • Sorry, didn't mean to imply you did anything wrong :-)
  • You'rƏ wƏlcomƏ :)
  • I don't remember seeing such a warning, and I wrote the post we did on this back in January!
  • This was the Twitter thread that got started at the time, incl responses from Twitter support.
  • Yes this really about the only "documentation" of this specific issue available, and of course never mentions "on or before of April 12, 2012"...but it could be hidden in the Twitter updates somewhere. :)
  • Heh - I learned my lesson the last time this happened back in early January and made sure #Hashtastic could handle GZIP responses.
  • Rowi uses pin OAuth, but will it later stop working if they change it for PIN-based applications?
  • Let's be clear: the app, if already setup for an account will continue to work. This issue, as noted numerous times, is for creating new accounts in the app. So either create all your accounts now and/or don't delete the app from your phone.
  • And to be even more clear...Rowi has never been affected and still isn't. We're still working fine.
  • And to further clarify the issue, it's not the brand new creation of Twitter accounts that is affected, but "authenticating" existing accounts when a user adds (creates) an account to an app for the first time. This is commonly seen as a "web page" dialog that asks you to enter your Twitter credentials, and allows you to tap "Allow/Deny". The information that comes back from Twitter at that point is now in a "GZip" compressed format (which is good) but will not be able to be "understood" by apps that don't expect a GZip compressed response.
  • Why is the official twitter app so crappy on WP ,it always say rate limit reached when I try to look at people's tweets but works fine when I look at mentions .
  • I don't know, but it has always been that way. Sadly, the "official" Twitter app is so slow that I'd just recommend using Rowi or moTweets instead. Both are excellent options. Rowi is worth the few $, and if you really want something else moTweets is available ad-supported or for-pay.
  • If you need full multi-account support, go for CarbonWP. Mehdoh is free and is by far the best client if you do a lot of searching.
  • This is a slightly different change to the one they made back - as I had deployed my work around for that one in Mehdoh 1.9. I've had to totally redo all the GZIP stuff of late for 2.0 as I've noticed them chucking this gzip response out "from time to time" recently, and not just on oauth requests, but it seems to be more prevalent today. 
  • Glad you're seeing inconsistency too. Thought I was going crazy.
  • I haven't been able to log into the official twitter app, third-party twitter apps and the twitter side of apps like IN+ Networking etc sine 25th March this year. Can this be the cause? Thought it was from my phone and did several hard resets and troubleshoots and nothing. I f this is not the cause, what might it be then? please HELP.
  • Twitter being as wonderful as Twitter is, doesn't like your time/date/timezone being wrong. So check that first.
  • Checked all those things.....everything is right but still having the problem.
  • Whoops, Tweet This Song is effected - fixed and publishing soon.
  • Rowi is just $1 at the moment. 100% worth it.
  • :D