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Two more WP7 devices for AT&T: Samsung Focus and HTC Surround

Engadget just got another AT&T leak, this time showing off some new names for some Windows Phone 7 devices: Samsung Focus and HTC Surround (which sounds like this guy, the T8788).

Should we guess that the former is a camera-featured phone while the latter is...ummm...sound/media specialized? Yeah, we like literal names for our devices. Of course, actual specifications and images are missing at this time.

Combined with the Samsung Cetus, LG C900 and GW910 that brings the number to FIVE, and yet according to Engadget AT&T will have a total of SIX Windows Phone 7 devices. Yowza.

Dell Lightning seems plausible or, alternatively that Asus phone with the AT&T name in the marketplace for that mystery sixth device.

Either way, AT&T customers will certainly have the largest selection of devices for nearly any OS out there. Perhaps they're insulating themselves against that Verizon iPhone rumor?

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  • So no HTC Mozart/Mondrian/Schubert for AT&T? I thought that was going to be released in the States too. Pitty. I loved the HTC Schubert design.
  • I'm 90% sure Schubert/Mondrian is for T-Mobile...
  • I want a thin device without a slider kb although if its thin enough with it I could live with it but it needs to be way thinner than the tilt2.
  • Now if Samsung or HTC would release a 4in. non slider, I will be extatic. Still trying to decide between those two manufacturers (although the Dell looks amazing). Can't wait to see what devices actually look like.
  • me too gman!
  • The Samsung Cetus is a 4" non-slider according to rumors/leaks and the Samsung GT-i8700 is also a non-slider. I'm pretty sure they'll be thin enough, too. Of course, I actually like, prefer, and am used to holding something relatively thick in my hands... Yeah, I said it. >:P