Ubisoft delays Watch Dogs: Legion online mode to focus on bug fixes

Watch Dogs Legion Spray
Watch Dogs Legion Spray (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • Watch Dogs: Legion came out in October, but has been plagued with technical problems since launch.
  • Ubisoft announced that it will be delaying the online mode's release to focus on bug fixes and overall stability.
  • In the meantime, developers will be deploying a patch that will add a manual save button to PC, among other fixes.

Watch Dogs: Legion's co-op mode, which was set to launch in December, has been delayed so the team can focus on other bug fixes, Ubisoft announced Wednesday.

A post on Ubisoft's website notes that the multiplayer has been delayed to early 2021 so that the team can work on the issues with single-player and further text the online mode.

"The dev team is committed to fixing these issues and will not stop until everyone can experience the game as intended," it reads.

Players have reported technical issues with the game since its launch on Oct. 29, especially on PC. We at Windows Central overall liked the game, but noted that there were some technical problems in our review. For example, sometimes loading would stall out on PC and cause the game to crash, resulting in lost progress. Others reported corrupted save files, also on PC.

To help combat save issues, the developers are deploying patch 2.20 this week across platforms. On PC, this will add a manual save game button in the Pause Menu. The patch also says it's fixed issues globally that caused save files to become corrupted or for players to lose progress during Borough Uprising missions. The patch includes fixes and tweaks on every platform, including stability fixes, but includes the most fixes for PC. You check out the full patch notes over on the Ubisoft forums.

The post on the delay also announces that part of the plan is to help optimize visuals on PC so that it could potentially meet a consistent 60 FPS frame rate (if your computer can handle it, of course).



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