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Ubuntu expert takes a look at Microsoft Edge for Linux

Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature
Edge Dev Hero 2020 Newfeature (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Linux experts at OMG! Ubuntu! took a look at Microsoft Edge for Linux.
  • Microsoft Edge for Linux was briefly shown off at Build 2020.
  • Microsoft Edge for Linux should arrive in preview this month.

Microsoft Edge continues its march to every platform. Microsoft briefly showed off Microsoft Edge for Linux at Build 2020, and a preview of the browser should be avaialble in the dev channel this month. Even though Microsoft Edge for Linux hasn't arrived in the Dev channel, the folks over at OMG! Ubuntu! managed to get their hands on a build.

OMG! Ubuntu!'s Joey Sneddon shares his initial thoughts on the browser. While it's not a review, it gives a perspective of Microsoft Edge for Linux from someone who uses Ubuntu regularly.

Sneddon runs Microsoft Edge for Linux through the paces a bit, testing out how it handled extensions and general browsing. He also compares some of Microsoft Edge's features to similar ones that are already available elsewhere, such as Collections.

Microsoft Edge For Linux Screenshot Omg Ubuntu

Source: OMG! Ubuntu! (Image credit: Source: OMG! Ubuntu!)

"For an early version of Edge for Linux the browser feels fairly robust. It didn't crash once during my test. Everything I asked of it, it did," said Sneddon. He also added that "The app is fast to open and responsive in use. If Microsoft can maintain the friction-free feel it could win some new fans."

We expect a preview version of Microsoft Edge for Linux to arrive soon. Microsoft Edge is already on Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS, so Linux is one of the last platforms left.

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