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UK's PC World has a Windows 10 tablet with controllers to play streaming Xbox One games

A Windows 10 tablet is now on sale in the UK that includes two game controllers that are built-in on either side of the device. The LINX Vision 8 Gaming Tablet is designed so that owners can more easily play Xbox One games, via the streaming feature that's supported on Windows 10.

In terms of hardware, the LINX Vision 8 isn't much to write home about. The 8-inch tablet has an Intel Atom Z3735E quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.30 GHz, along with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. However, the controllers on the sides of the tablet are certainly different;

The Xbox controls on the side of the tablet match those on your consoles control, so you don't need to compromise your gaming experience just because you're away from your console. The buttons are backlit too, for gaming in any light conditions.

PC World is selling the LINX Vision 8 for £149 in its retail stores. While you can purchase the tablet online, you have to go to a physical PC World store to pick it up; delivery is apparently not an option.

Would you buy a Windows 10 tablet with built-in game controllers? Let us know in the comments.

£149 at PC World{.cta .shop}

  • Great idea, crappy execution. These handles won't be easy to use. Buttons are all over the place and in essence you can't reach any of them.
  • You'd have to use one first to properly judge.....
  • You don't have to eat shit to know it's going to taste disgusting. Sometimes just using your eyes & common sense is enough.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Heh, I just laughed a chunk of a hamburger sandwich out of my face.
  • Because you have tiny hands or no thumbs?
  • All I can picture now is Toy Story's Rex trying to play that buzz lightyear video game lol
  • hahah :)
  • First thing I thought is that this looks like a nice and convenient idea.
  • The tablet is only 8 inches. I'd be able to reach those bottoms easily
  • You're obviously commenting on a wrong post
  • Lol looks like 1 of those 360 big button controllers
  • Mommy can St. Nick get me this instead of a bag of rocks?
  • Rocks? Like... Coke? Sniff some coke man!
  • Isn't rocks a reference to meth ? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You mean krampus
  • Will anyone buy this? Cuzz I know I won't. Terrible design. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I will just to piss u off
  • Looks awesome! It would be good if you could just buy the controller bit and slide a Windows 10 tablet in...?
  • Would love this as a Surface / Surface Pro add-on accessory.  Someone Kickstarter one :)
  • It's great that W10 is allowing things like this.. Hopefully the same will begin to happen for mobile..
  • Did you get an insider email to give your design ideas for the next MS phone via the insider program???
  • Nope, you?.... IDK.. Something tells me they are choosing those who sent in a ton of feedback,which I did not.... I probably submitted 50 pieces, if that..
  • And you call that little?
  • It's not bad at all for the asking price. It's only intended for streaming so personally believe that it's good for the people it's meant for. What I need to see for a personal verdict are the shoulder and trigger buttons which I can't really see from the posted image. As long as the controller works it's fine really. What I don't understand is how does it work if the Xbox app needs an Xbox controller..? Is it certified to work for Xbox one or something? If anyone knows to explain that please do. Those kind of devices now seem interesting to me!
  • Any input devices certified to work with Xbox One will work with Windows 10 was the official line we had at Gamescom.
  • But, since many PC games centre around mouse & keyboard, this will be limiting. Better to use a Steam controller for tablet streaming purposes. Or get a laptop.
  • You can't attach a stream controller to your tablet or laptop
  • Nearly all new games are Xbox controller supported. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually there was an antecedent to this type of device, I don't remember which brand it was but it was a Windows 8 enabled powerful tablet which could have the controller as an add on.
  • Razer had one for their gaming tablets. Bought one with mine works well when you get used to it. Looks very similar to this but you could dock the tablet in it instead of it being part of the tablet.
  • It was the Razer Edge.
  • A year to late for me, I got an hp stream 7 for game streaming. Only use it occasionally
  • Why don't you just use your surface pro 3/4 with an official xbox one controller wired or wireless with the adapter???? Good idea tho if it was needed but if your streaming xbox one games you have an xbox one so you will have a controller and usb wire. Sorted.
  • Maybe it's for people who don't want to buy an Xbox one and then drop $800 on a surface pro just to stream games. Way I see this product is it's a nice Christmas present for kids that already have an Xbox.
  • Because not everyone has a Surface?
  • Because I don't have a surface???!!!?
  • Looks awesome..futuristic.
  • Everyone already has a surface pro 3/4 don't they???? You need an xbox one to stream the games too.
  • I have a self-built desktop and an Xbox One. I want about to spend $800+ to get a Surface I didn't need for stuff like this.
  • No!!!!!!
  • yes yes yes, to bad the specs are bad
  • The thing is essentially playing a movie. The console does the game processing, so this isn't bad to stream games at all.
  • This is not so easy to play game...
  • Razer had same designed controller for its tablet
  • Arms would get soooooo tired.  Easier just to use a wireless adapter and an xbox controller. (And cheaper)
  • No cheaper if you don't already have a portable PC in your possession. Me, I use a desktop in the same room as my Xbox.
  • That is a perfect Xbox streaming tablet. I have a vivotab, it works awesome. To everyone who says the specs are bad, you haven't used a Atom z3 tablet. I have played TF2 and CS:S (@480p low graphics) with a playable framerate and 2d indie games from steam with no problem. I just wish the xb1 controller was Bluetooth so connecting it wasn't a pain. I wish this would come to the USA.
  • Agreed I've used similar spec tablet for streaming and it works well.
  • "480p low graphics and 2d indie games" Yeah, that basically backs up the claims of weak hardware. How you think your example disputes the claims is confusing.
  • The article says the controls are built in but to me it looks like the tablet slides out of the frame.
  • I think the same
  • I did a Bing search and found another site that showed the tablet with and without the game controls attached.
  • Sweet
  • Wii U anyone?
  • Or Wont U?.... That is the question!
  • Will I Am
  • There is an OneDrive app on the start menu?
  • If you can remove the tablet it's a good idea.
  • This would be great because it seems like it would run steam as well! So I could play steam games too :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Looks like a Wii U gamepad. I hate the right joystick not being off-centered though. It drives me nuts on the Wii U.
  • Cool idea, but the controller looks highly impractical for any fast-paced game. Trying to play a FPS, or anything else that relies on going from the right stick to the face buttons and back quickly would probably be rather clumsy. Still, for $200-ish, this wouldn't be bad for steaming Forza or a sports title like FIFA. I'd love to see this improved to play those games natively on the go.
  • Download the remote desktop app for your phone.
    Connect remotely to your PC from your phone.
    Start the Xbox app and have fun.
  • Hmm... If I had an 8 inch tablet and have an Xbox One (which I do), I will totally get this. I won't need an extra controller.
  • They've done a good job of making it look good on youtube. For the price it seems a fantastic buy for the kids. Or quick game while on the couch.
  • Oh this is neat! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At first I thought that the picture was showing us a controller add on for the surface...sigh dreams smashed.
  • The control arrangement looks terrible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I need to know, would an 800p screen on an 8 inch tablet have sufficient sharpness? If so, I need this device!
  • I have a linx 7 which is same specs but different screen size. Streaming is a complete pain cos it keeps losing connection to my x1. Seems the WiFi isn't strong enough to cope, also drains battery very quick, so on that note how is the controller part connected cos it has 1 USB port which is also power port. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This article has some key info wrong. It states the tablet has the z3735E SoC which is the older Bay Trail. In fact, it has the new Cherry Trail T3 which is the X5/z8300 SoC. This is clearly laid out on the manufacturer's website -> Check out the comparison of the chip stated in this article vs. the one that is actually in the product -> Most notably is the change to 64-bit memory bus, and the increase in GPU EU's from 4 to 12. Intel's stated purpose for this new gen chipset was to increase graphical performance while keeping the CPU itself relatively the same. The performance of the GPU is pretty outstanding. It will likely not play full PC games developed in the last 5 years, but for tablet games, typical tablet usage and XBOne/Steam streaming it should excel -> The price point for this tablet is exceptional even without the removeable controller. I already ordered 3 of them from Argos for my kids, so I will know next week how it stacks up in reality. And, yes the 800p screen should do just fine on an 8" tablet. My iPad2 runs 1024x768 and I use it all the time for eBooks and Netflix, which I find quite readable.
  • Wonder where they got the idea. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android