Unboxing and hands on with the CUBE WP10 Windows 10 Mobile tablet

Windows 10 Mobile isn't just for phones, although that's what many of us think. It can in theory run on tablets of up to 9 inches, and doesn't even require a cellular connection to be sold. Not many OEMs are interested in building Windows 10 Mobile tablet however, even though a few OEMs have announced 8" devices in the past, but are yet to put them on sale.

That's where the CUBE WP10 comes in, one of the first Windows 10 Mobile tablets available for sale. It's rocking a 6.98" 1280x720 IPS display, with a Snapdragon 220 and 2GB of RAM along with 16GB of internal storage expandable with MicroSD. So. not exactly a high-end tablet, but still an interesting first attempt at Windows 10 Mobile running on tablet-territory.

In fact, this tablet can technically be used as a phone, as it has both GSM and CDMA bands and 4G/LTE connectivity. I won't be using it as a phone however, with my review focusing entirely on it from a tablet perspective rather than a phone. Regardless, we've already unboxed it and given it a good old hands-on for those interested.

Device specifications:

  • Display - 6.98-inch IPS screen with 1280x720 resolution
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 220 running at 1.3GHz
  • RAM - 2GB
  • Onboard storage - 16GB with microSD slot for up to 128GB of additional storage
  • Rear camera - 5MP
  • Front camera - 5MP
  • Battery - 2850 mAh battery

Price ranges from $120-150 depending on the retailer.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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