Unibeam, a nifty looking Windows Phone 8 flashlight app

If you are in the market for a flashlight app, you have plenty of choices in the Windows Phone Store.  Unibeam is one option to consider.

While it can be a challenge to make flashlight apps stand out, Unibeam does so graphically.  The app has a decent feature set but really makes its mark with the graphics and animations that kick in as you activate the light.  It is a very nice looking, eye-catching flashlight app.

Unibeam may just be another Windows Phone 8 flashlight app for some but it takes on the task of shedding a little light on the subject with style.

Unibeam Ironman Theme Off and On Views

Turning on the flashlight with Unibeam is simple, tap the screen.  Unibeam currently has two graphic themes to illustrate the light turning on or off.  You have an Ironman theme where Ironman’s eyes and arc reactor lights up as you power up the light.  The other theme has the Joker holding a playing card.  When you tap the screen, the joker card flips and reveals a picture of the Batman.

Unibeam Settings

At the bottom of Unibeam’s screen is an arrow that will send you to the app’s settings.  Settings allow you to:

  • Change the theme (currently only the Joker and Ironman)
  • Turn on/off sound effects
  • Turn on/off the automatic light feature which turn on your light when you launch the app (great for when you launch the app via voice commands)
  • Turn on/off shake feature that lets you turn on the light when you shake the phone
  • Turn on/off the ability to turn on/off the light with your Windows Phone camera button
  • Activate a reader’s light that turns the screen into a white light that is better suited for reading by (just tap the back button to turn it off when done).

It may be hard for some to get excited about a flashlight app for their Windows Phone but Unibeam has an odd sense of appeal.  I found myself just turning on and off the light to see the Ironman animations.  The sound effects are cool too.  Hopefully the developer will come up with more themes to the mix.  Maybe lightning striking the hammer of Thor when the flashlight is turned on?

Unibeam is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8.  You can find your copy of Unibeam here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Unibeam

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  • Woof unibeam :P
  • love the idea
  • Nice looking app. Will download. Off topic: is there a slightly tweaked 925? I say this because, your ear piece is much higher and looks completely different than mine.
  • http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/lumia1020/
    Find some differences ;)
  • That be a 1020, sir.
  • Just Downloaded...!! looks cool..."for a flashlight" ;)
  • A flashlight app that needs:  phone identity owner identity video and still capture media playback microphone data services Proximity movement and directional sensor speech camera   I don't think so...
  • ^This
    Why on earth does it need ANY of this???
  • For terrorists, drug dealers and to spy on your incredible lifestyle....... Paranoid much? Don't use a smartphone, I have a 3310 that would suit your tin foil hats perfectly
  • You're a genius. I'll use Flashlight XT.
  • I used to use flashlight7, recommended it to friends and so on, but once I found its storage is 100+ Mb on all devices I checked (327 on my 920, reviews report up to 2gb), depending on usage manner. I don't care about if it's trying to record my girl's tits but all these permissions may lead to bugs like that. The more an app is allowed the more it can harm the OS.
  • Just to gather the app's crash reports as there are no have beta testers onboard. Those requirements will be removed removed soon
  • A global program of lighting improvements is underway. This app identifies dark areas across the world.
  • rofl :D  
  • most flashlight apps have to use the camera to access the light.  that is why you see all the camera related items.  most of the others look like they are related to ads, speech recoginition and the shake feature.
  • I ask this about half of the apps people tell me to get.
  • So cool, especially the Iron Man version... And that sound :D
  • Be great if tile had battery level and app had shortcuts like other flashlight apps
  • I think there would be no use for shortcut tiles (especially for battery, as we will get the status near battery icon) in Windows Phone 8.1, may be that would be the reason for it !!
  • I like the settings wheel. Smooth.
  • Very nice app...wanted to get it on my HTC one as well and it's not available...nice job getting it first WP. Things may be starting to turn on the app front.
  • Hope this developer has all the rights to use those images...
  • Because that means what to you?
  • Make for 7.x also please :/
  • Coooool
  • I can't select other themes (joker), the option just isn't there
  • I guess the animated flash has been around from a long time, if you have checked an app called Jarvis.