United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys (opens in new tab)) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered WPCentral.com member, which you can do here (opens in new tab).
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Lloydstsb app
  • HSBC Mobile banking app.
  • Nationwide app, Lloydstsb app, data monitor app.
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • Barclays banking app.
  • Barclays app had been confirmed to be released by the end of the year
  • Barclays bank app, iplayer and sky plus
  • Tesco Clubcard app.
  • I'd love to see a DataSense-type app or a variation thereof.  Keeping track of your data usage, especailly if you're on a restrictive plan, would be massively useful, plus to see at what time of the day you use the most data will help to cut down what you use.
  • :( No U.S love :( .. Good luck mates!! And great additions will be Barclays app, and an Eurosport app.. (Anyone knows how to watch a match via flash player on the 620.. Thanks).. Cheers everyone..
  • Fish & chips, tea and crumpets, pip pip, cheerio... Flash doesn't support any mobile device anymore. Sorry. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/11/adobe-kills-mobile-flash/
  • Download the app FlashVideo + TubeMusic (it costs £3.99 in the UK, but it's worth it).
  • Lloyds TSB banking app would be nice or possibly a working app with bus times for my local area.
  • Mint
  • TSB Banking app
  • Sure the HSBC app.
    Would be great to see. and in general an app similar to DataSense on V. Mobile .. i posted something about this few months ago.
  • Datasense for sure :)
  • A British version of the Santander app and a Play.com app. I reckon I'd be sorted then.
  • Rbs England app
  • Lloyd's TSB mobile banking app 
  • Vlc player app
  • Official O2 app, as I really need something to keep track of my data usage. Or Onavo.
  • Halifax Banking app
  • Visa Contactless Payment App.
  • There are two UK apps i'd absolutely love to be released over here, first one is more for everyday use and that's the Lloyds tsb banking app, I have the natwest app for my first account and its so useful, however my house account is with Lloyds who dont have an app on Windows Phone, I get very jealous of my girlfriend who has the app on her iPhone!
    Second one is the Download festival app, they only release the app on android and iPhone and it makes me jealous every year, its so much better than the rip off ten quid programs. I'm heading there again next month, and id love nothing more than them to have released the app for windows phone!
  • Barclays banking app
  • Halifax banking app
  • An HSBC banking app for sure.  Only app I'd really want now.  Everything else pretty much covered for me. 
  • iPlayer or 4od
  • Sky Go
  • For me it would have to be a HSBC mobile banking or apps about the local theme parks (Lightwater Valley/Flamingo Land)
  • halifax and rightmove
  • An orange app for data usage.
  • LloydsTSB banking app, Now TV to watch sport and movies on the go. 4oD and itv player would also be good to see.
  • EasyJet app. Fully equipped. Managing bookings, check in, booking flights, accessing history of bookings etc
  • Official BBC app with iPlayer!
  • Lloyds Tsb Bank App :)
  • Lloyds Tsb app and BBC iPlayer app
  • 4od
  • Well done, WPC, you finally turned me from being a long-time lurker to a registered member. Also, it's nice to see a lot of love for a Lloyds TSB app, as that is the first thing that came to my mind too. Unfortunately, given how much focus they're putting on the mobile version of their website, I really don't think they're even considering an app at the moment.
  • Asda online shopping app.
  • Co-operative Bank/Smile.co.uk
  • HSBC Banking app please!
  • Haifax bank app & BBC iPlayer app
  • I want to see a Lloyds TSB mobile banking app.
  • I'd have to say Halifax banking the most, but then maybe a better Nectar app that I can scan would help too
  • I would like to see a Santander app come to WP.
  • Barclays and EE mobile  :)
  • BBC iPlayer App
  • Sky go
  • First Direct banking app would be nice, or a decent UK share dealing app
  • Official BBC News
  • I'd love to see an official BBC News app. We need more BBC love.
  • Mine would be nationwide too like other people, would be so much easier than using their website on my phone (i mean not even a mobile site for the banking page only a landing page, welcome to the future nationwide)
  • bbc official iplayer app
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • HSBC app so i can log in and find my balance anywhere.
  • HSBC app would be great. I won't have to keep logging on to my lapto to check my balances!
  • Tsb banking app needed badly :)
  • Definitely an HSBC Banking app.
  • I would love to see an UK app which gives shows, times and ticket purchase information for theatres, gigs and Festivals in London and around the country. Similar like what Flixster does for cinema. London is know for its theatres, this will be good for locals as well as people travelling to London/UK and want to see some great theatre shows.
  • Lloydstsb app and also a data sense app because in getting shafted on my data.
  • Windows Phone UK needs Forex, Options & Stock Market trading applications. SaxoBank, MetaTrader, eToro, Hargreaves and Lansdown, FXCM, TD Waterhouse. Would help attract more wp users from the bussiness sector.
  • Has to be Lloyds banking app
  • BBC iPlayer would be a great addition to the windows phone store :)
  • A BBC NEWS App, preferably designed and built by Lawrence Gripper.
  • Lloyds Tsb Bank app
  • Official BBC NEWS app please!
  • It has to be sky go it's available on andriod and apple devices for the i sheep and with windows looking to grow it;s needed for the platform WP8 does have sky news and sky sports news but I would like to acess sky atlantic or my film channels from it I love my lumia but this would make it almost perfect to get this app !
  • I would love to see a Virgin Media on the Go app
  • Lovefilm or Santander app
  • Santander app would be nice or a Glastonbury app.
  • Or a HSBC Secure key APP those peices of crap last 7 weeks at the most!!!
  • I'd love to see the BBC Sport app come to WP. It's been released on Android and iOS, and it'd be a great addition to the Store. BBC Sport is the most frequent non-social networking website I visit...so it needs to hurry up :)
  • London Midlands Timetable app
  • lloyds tsb and iplayer
  • I know everyone says BBC News or BBC iPlayer, but I would rather have BBC iPlayer Radio, I am an addict to BBC Radio 1! Sad they don't have FM Radio on the Windows Phone, but iPlayer Radio is the next best thing
  • I would love to see more banking apps, in particular Barclays Bank and Pingit.
    And would like some more TV player apps, like BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Sky GO etc
    Also would be great to have an official Expansys app
  • Please, i just want one app. DATASENSE................. Come on EE.
  • Barclays Pingit. I need that mobile banking app.
  • Halifax banking app please...I'm this close to switching to Natwest!!!!
  • Sky Go, iPlayer and Barclays Banking.
  • Halifax banking app
  • Nationwide banking app
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • Iplayer
  • HSBC and Lloyds tsb Mobile banking apps
  • HSBC app would be cool with support for their two factors authentication
  • Lloyds Tsb app.
  • An app for nutmeg.com
  • Fast balance from hsbc!!!
  • Seems to be a lot of banking apps... and that's exactly what I want too! - specifically Nationwide.
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • BBC News App!!!!! Lawrence Gripper had a fantastic app but as you know was forced to remove it, if they do that, they should definetly step up and make their own. Also Ulster Bank / Santander banking apps.
    Thanks, when can I expect my new phone? :)
  • Barclays Bank
  • A virgin media TiVo app would be nice, Lloyds tsb app, tho the mobile site and webapps pretty much does that job. Oh and bto birdtrack for my dad so i can get him off using my old android. (i have asked and being a charity they have to follow the crowd) and finally an official sonos app, tho i appreciate the work done on phonos, i have the paid version.
  • Barclay Card
  • Lloyds TSB app
  • Yup Lloydstsb app and an official hukd app would do me a treat
  • love film
  • Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland), or maybe Vodafone UK, JustEat.co.uk or SkyGo.
  • Flash
  • I'd really like to see a Nationwide banking app come to our platform. They recently made one for ios and android, but no love just yet for Windows Phone.
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • DataSense is a must for Windows Phone's as there is no alternative.
    HSBC backing app would be nice too though
  • Bank of Scotland would give me suitably warm fuzzies, thank you kindly.
  • HSBC for sure!
  • Give me an Oyster card app so I can just tap my phone to use transport in London!
  • That's a good one!
  • I thought it would be a part of Wallet, alongside NFC payments, when WP8 was first released, but not yet. Maybe one day...
  • It would be limited to some WP8 phones since not all of them have tap+send.
  • Of course, and how many WP users live in London and would be in a position to take advantage of the app? You can extend that perspective all the way to why develop for WP at all? iOS and Android have far more users. But it would be awesome if it happened :)
  • Apparently TFL tested NFC and it was slower than their current solution. I.e. Letting people through the turnstiles.
  • I think there's likely to be a regular Barclays banking app on its way sometime, but how about a WP version of the Barclays Pingit app? Used to find the Android version very useful to ping a few quid to/from my partner.
  • Halifax Share Dealing/Banking App and BBC iPlayer app
  • HSBC app would be awesome and maybe a justeat.com app
  • Defiantly Barclays banking app!
  • I'd really love to have Halifax bank, BBC iPlayer and 4od!
  • Definitely like to see an app for my current bank, co-operative!
  • A subway subcard app for windows phone 8! I always forget my subcard when i have enough points to get a free sub ;)
  • Subway app is already there, but I think currently only for London.
  • Either Co Op banking app which is on Android or Argos. Would love an 820 as my 620 broke :-(
  • i would like to see an app that lets you know you have notifications. All the current notifications are all well and good if you are using your phone, but if you have missed the notification it would be nice for an app to remind you every few mins (or time frame to suite the user) this would save everyone constantly checking their phone - specially if you have to work in a quiet environment.
    So, yes an audible notifications reminder pretty please  :) 
  • A proper BBC news app...thats all guv!
  • Lloydstsb banking app
  • Has to be the Iplayer app.
  • HSBC banking app
  • I'd love to see 2 apps hit the store. A Lloyds TSB banking app, on android it's pretty useful and that's one of the reasons I'm trying to take Captain 2 Phones title away from him.
    App 2 is an official Three UK app so I can check my minutes, again the android version is perfect for what I need and I'd love that experience to be brought over to WP8.
  • Lloyds TSB app for me
  • Nationwide Banking app!!!! It would be great!!!!
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • Sky go or ping it would be great for me
  • DataSense on O2, that's about all.
  • A video editing app of some sort. That supports all major video file extensions
  • Also tapatalk please please please
  • Sky Go
  • +MedScape
  • A 'Pay by Phone' app to live alongside their ones for iOS, Android and BB and enable fast payment for car parking at their locations.
  • It would be either a Lloyds TSB or BBC iPlayer app.
  • Sky go.
  • Barclays App would be ideal
  • Definitely LLOYDS TSB
  • iPlayer would be nice, but mainly a Barclays app. Since NatWest introduced theirs, I've found it so convenient.
  • I would love to see a Barclays Banking app, but if I could choose anything to make my life a little easier, it would have to be a Nike+ Fuelband app.
  • I'd love to see an app for Lloyds tsb
  • HSBC app. SKY GO, BBC iplayer, cheapest petrol price app,walking app - could probably name another 10 but will quit now
  • Barclays banking app
  • Lloyds TSB, Just Eat, iPlayer (although that's supposed to be in the pipeline)
  • LloydsTSB app, National Rail Enquiries app and BBC iPlayer.
  • A B&Q App please.
  • Barclays Bank, LloydsTSB, British Gas, British Telecom, Cooperative Bank, BBC iPlay, Sky Go. Thats all on my list :-)
  • To be honest what we really need is some more banking apps on wp8, Lloyds, barclaycard etc its a pain having to use the mobile sites
  • Lloyds tab and data sense please
  • Sky go is a great shout too
  • Barclays, of course!
  • Lloyds tsb banking app
  • Some sort of HSBC app
  • Lloyds TSB or BBC iPlayer app.
  • Nationwide, I'd really like this app before I have to change banks! :(
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • Not actually an app but I'd like the perfonalised search results added to WP in the UK so the search app links in with Facebook etc offer local cinema listings, restaurant deals etc. etc. The feature to personalize and link in Facebook to improve deals and results all seems missing in UK
  • Yup... But its more down to Microsoft on that mate... We should start spamming their forms :P
  • I'd love to see a Lloyds TSB banking app for my WP8 phone!
  • Has to be HSBC Banking app
  • Have been waiting for 3 years for Sky+ app. The app that lets you manage your recordings and remote control your sky+ box. I don't have an iPad or android and there is now windows version of this app. So i would love BSkyB to make it for Windows8 & WindowsPhone.
    please show love for WindowsPhone it is very much deserved!
  • Barclays Bank and Sky Tv apps as Windows Phone 8 is way better than iPhone
  • Barclays Banking app and an official BBC iPlayer app.
  • Official 3pay app, Lloyds tsb app,a good taxi finding app,just eat app would all be welcome additions
  • A sky go app would be nice...not fair that we have to pay for a service unavailable to us simply because we chose windows phone... :(
  • Yourkshire bank app with nfc support so i can pay for things with my phone and everyone be like how u do tht :)
  • The only thing lacking for me is a BBC iPlayer app, so I'd love to have that.
    (Gosh this is exciting, I've wanted an 820 since Stephen Elop announced it last year! But I have never been able to afford one..)
  • Proper:
    My o2
    BBC iPlayer
    BBC News/Sport
    Sky GO (actually the full load of Sky apps!)
  • Has to be HSBC Banking app.
  • BT WiFi
  • Bbc iplayer
  • LloydsTSB app definitely
  • Nationwide building society app or Channel 4OD
  • I would like to see Channel 4OD
    Channel 5 Demand
    ITV player
    Temple Run 2
    NFS Most Wanted
    Real Racing 2
    Real Racing
    World of Goo
    Angry Birds Friends
    Draw Something 2
    The Room
    GTA Vice City
    Minecraft Pocket Edition
    Worms game
    Sketchbook Mobile
    Photoshop & Adobe suite apps
    FL studio mobile
    World Lens
    Zen Bound 2
    Loyds TSB
  • Yes to all of these!!
  • Steam and TeamSpeak 3 app ;)
  • Steam is for pcs xD
  • An app that is a central database for where to see comedians. Would update you about tours and other material that they are producing and allows you to book tickets etc. 
  • Now they're out of administration, an HMV app. So I can buy all my goodies from my bed - or on my way home. 4od wouldn't be bad either though...
  • I'd have to go with a TiVo (Virgin Media) app to make it easier to set remote recordings and to manage recordings. 
  • Barclays and HSBC banking apps
  • Instagram would be nice.
    Loyds TSB app for sure though. 
  • Hsbc banking app or iPlayer with offline downloading ability
  • HSBC app would be excellent news if it came out!
  • +1 for visa contactless payments, +1 million for Barclays and HSBC. Would make life much more convenient!
  • I would like to see HSBC banking app or First Direct banking app.
  • Like to see a Halifax app or BBC Sport app
  • Tesco clubcard, quidco, gumtree.
  • I really want to get a Santander app. But in general, all the banks along with the ability to connect into the wallet....in fact, I'll even change banks if someone brings that out
  • No real need, if you go to http://m.santander.co.uk it is exactly the same thing used in the ios/android apps. The only difference is your going direct to the webpage rather than loading the webpage in a dedicated app.
  • I wouldn't mind seeing battleheart, or zombieville (2) on there. or an actual vodafone app detailing my contract info
  • Capital One Credit Card App
  • Official support from the bbc would be good too :P
    Marks & Spencer
    First Bus app
    uk concil apps
    National Rail app for windows phone/ windows 8
    Currys PC world
    Macdonalds uk nfc app
    Kiss Cube FM UK
    the co-oprative bank
    national geographic uk
    bbc doctor who game
    BBC the voice game
    itv x factor app
    itv britians got talent app
    bbc bitesize app
  • Lloyds TSB app
  • Vodafone UK - And I don't mean "myweb360" or whatever it is!
  • Got to be BBC iPlayer and HSBC bank.
  • If we're talking about the land of make believe then I would LOVE to see an app for my local theatre, The Steven Joseph. To be able to see what's on and book tickets, as well as showing a virtual ticket would be great
  • There are quite a few. I'd like to say BBC iPlayer...but then web compatibility is on its way for that (with a stand alone app, I'm sure, not too far behind). On a similar vein, I'd love to see the other main TV channels follow suit with their catchup services. I'd also say an HBOS app, but looking through the comments, this would hardly be a unique one.
  • If proper native podcast support counts as an app that would be by far and away my top choice.  If not, has to be an official (or just decent) BBC news/iplayer app.
    Edit...although an official Youview app would be very welcome too!
  • Official HBOS Bank of Scotland would be great!
  • Three UK app
    Virgin Mobile
    Virgin apps
    Vodaphone app
    uk carrier apps
    Carphone warehouse app
    Phones4u app
    london oyster app
    london transport apps
    essex cares app
  • There is already a three app made by Ian Morland. If it's anything like the Ovivo app he made it will be brilliant!! He also did one for Giffgaff
  • I would love to see a BBC iPlayer app, an official BBC news app, and also an Asda online homeshop app :-)
  • oh i forgot
    Argos app
    Waitrose app
  • I would love to see apps for Barclays and Metro Bank, and maybe apps for more loyalty programmes but more than anything Id just like to see contactless payments properly supported....
  • VisitScotland App
  • Ulster Bank app, shouldn't be difficult as there is an RBS and Natwest app already!
  • I'd love BBC iPlayer or Sky Go, they'd make slow train journeys a lot more bearable!
  • Hsbc mobile banking app
  • Barclays  Mobile Banking app
  • HSBC APP or an uk voice update to the system! Its called motorway not highway please kind sir
  • An Iceland App 
  • Isle of Man Bank! ;) I'd settle for any TV apps like iPlayer or Sky though!
  • BBC iPlayer app
  • An official BBC News app.  (The BBC never even acknowledged my complaint about the manner in which they enforced the withdrawal of that third-party one, so there must be one coming...right?)
  • HSBC Banking
  • Rightmove
  • BBC App.
    I've missed Luarence Gripper's one
  • It would be great to see a Tate app for all the art lovers out there
  • Barclays banking app please!
  • Gotta be Barclays, they have the worst mobile banking site so an app would be perfect but something different and better than the iPhone/Android apps...maybe incorporate contactless payment though it/the phone.
  • smile, online banking app  + all the BBC apps would be nice. 
  • I would Love a Lovefilm app! ( And maybe the lumia 820 :p )
  • Lloyds TSB app would be good although I live in Scotland and we're being transferred to Lloyds TSB Scotland and then to a new bank or something (to do with terms of the bail out for the banks, I don't fully understand it all :s). Or Sky Go :)
  • A flash player app.
  • Barclays banking app.
    Official BBC news app
    paper (especially for windows 8 tablets)
  • +1 to iplayer and instagram (I don't use instagram it but it would attract a lot of people)
  • Lloyds TSB banking app would be sooo helpful, but im loving my windows phone after switching from iphone for the last 5 years, never ever thought that would happen :)
  • Lloyds mobile banking app & a Dream Team fantasy football app
  • Lloyds mobile banking app & a Dream Team fantasy football app
  • I would love a taste card app, (have emailed them to request it and they said they would consider it if they have enough request).
  • A Sky Go app is a must, I can't believe it's been so long and still isn't here!
  • An official network rail app that shows current delays etc not just schedule
  • The Economist. One of the best British newsweeklies and what i miss most after leaving Android.
  • Locally a Yorkshire Bank app would be awesome and a stagecoach and national express app. A data counter like i had on Lumia 800 is an essential can't believe there isn't one. And they keep saying it's coming but BBC iPlayer is a must must must!
  • I'd like to see the Sky go app or a Halifax banking app
  • Virgin Media Tivo app would be pretty useful.
  • Defo! +1
  • I would love a Santander banking app, as well as a SKY go app.
  • Barclays banking app first and foremost, but there really should be an EE usage app too
  • Cineworld app complete with the ability to buy tickets with the 10% off for prebooking
  • a combined transport app that links buses and train nationwide, ideally one that links to the sat nav / mapping directions
  • Nokia Transit?
  • Lloyds TSB app.
  • GREGGS the Bakery app so I can stare at all the pies, with a metro UI.
  • Zavvi app
  • hsbc mobile bankng app
  • ...and the BBC news app PLEASEEEEEEEE
  • Lloyds and Barclays banking apps
  • Barclays app. 
    And a BBC news app to boot would be nice.
  • HSBC Personal Mobile Banking. 
  • Rbs app for customers in England as current one only for Scottish customers
  • Without sounding too greedy and in no order :)
    HSBC banking app
    Sky Go (they currently should advertise as on Apple products, and not mobile)
    PaddyPower (i see no gambling apps, hoping they're not prohibited)
    PKR Poker
    BBC iPlayer
  • BBC iplayer
  • I really want to see Data Sense in the app store... ASAP!!!
  • Grindr please!!
  • Or Barclays!!
  • SkyGo would be amazing
  • There is a very long list!!! here are just a few of them:MyEE (seriously, expensive 4G but no app to monitor usage!!), BBC iplayer, 4oD.
  • BBC IPlayer and 4od would be awesome
  • Google Now.  Then we'd be on a level playing field with IOS and Android.
  • Official BBC iPlayer app please!!
  • A virginmedia anywhere app like the one on iphone
  • Play.com app
  • Lloyds TSB, I cant believe we've got this far without all major banks releasing an app in our store. Love to WPCentral team!
  • British Telecom Smart Talk application to make calls on your home tariff from any Wi Fi connection (same as iPhone and Android apps which are excellent)
  • First Direct would be very handy
  • Banking apps look to be a popular request on here so let me add to the pile. An official Lloyds TSB app would be fantastic and definitely needed!
  • Bank of Scotland app
  • similar one to SymDVR on Symbian, teamviewer. Thanks
  • Would deffo want Barclays Banking app.
  • I know iPlayer is on its way so I'm going to say a Lloyds TSB banking app would be very helpful.
  • I'd like to see the Tesco app get more feature-parity with it's iOS sister and a TFL Oyster app.
  • Definitely a Lloydstsb banking app. Its so much of a pain logging in to the full website everytime i want to keep track of my finances. I use online banking a lot and Lloyds is my bank of choice. I would also love to see an app which incorporates calendar contacts and navigation. As a driving instructor prevouosly i used navigation on my Lumia 800 all the time but when running late it was illegal to use my phone to text the pupil and let them know. The way i see it, the phone knows how long it will take to reach my destination and it knows who I'm going to see through the calendar appointment. It should be able to offer me the option to text my pupil, or in other situations the other members of the meeting, to let them know ill be late at one touch which is then not illegal =D. an idea i had in that job which can be applied across many situations but i have no knowledge to create it. If someone did or if Nokia/Microsoft merged the three apps Id be well chuffed.
  • I would love the Pure Connect internet radio service to be connected. Being a British company, they offer all the BBC content as well as less well known UK audio. Lots of over seas stuff as well. What's more, I could buy tracks directly through my bedside radio and listen to them on my Lumia 820 over the bus WiFi on the way to work. Solves the lack of podcasts available to UK WP8 users too, as Xbox Music has none available in the UK. Being British, Pure Connect has loads of Doctor Who podcast content (unlike most other services) which we can all agree would be an essential boon in this 50th anniversary year (well done Mr Moffet and Mr Davies). This app also gives us live radio which helps cover for the lack of FM. The Pure Connect app would be the ideal partner to the Lumia 820 for the UK. iPhone & Android only right now though.
  • HSBC Mobile Banking app.
    Strava would be nice too
  • LoveFilm Instant Streaming :)
  • Halifax banking app & Sky Go :)
  • First Direct app, O2 app and a BBC News app with live tile support like the one Gripper made!
  • I'd like to see a Barclays app. Or Lovefilm.
  • Argos and official HotUKdeals
  • Channel 4OD, Skygo, Channel 5 Demand, ITV player, BBC Player, DropBox, Google Street View, Google Earth, Ironman, Simpsons Tapped out, Temple Run 2, NFS Most Wanted, Real Racing 2, GTA Vice City, Gangsta Rio, "Halo" mobile or pocket edition or something (ultimate first person shooter exclusive to WP devices) Photoshop, AutoCAD, Instagram, Barclays app, Virtual DJ, Tango, Zoosk, Musy, BeFunky................ errr an XBOX controller app (an app that gives you the XBOX controller buttons on your screen and then you sync your device to your PC  and control your games using your WP8 device. If Super sync sports is possible then why can't a an XBOX controller app be possible too), and if thats possible how about a Keyboard app; use your WP8 keyboard to type on your PC. Oyster app (digital travel card),
    and i know thess aren't apps but; a notifications hub, like maybe a "Swipe to the right from your start screen" showing your notifications in the app list format. how about a landscape mode for your start screen , could have a similar lay out as the W8 start screen.  a close all apps option from the multitask switching screen , could be found in the 3 dot option. 
    yeah thats all !!
  • 'Ello,
    I'd fancy an official First app for Scotland, the traveline one is downright terrible. 
  • I'd love to see a FirstDirect banking app. That would be awesome!
  • Would definitely benefit from a Nationwide banking app that supports NFC, perfect for payments on the go! Another reason to love Windows Phone :)
  • A cinema app that allows you to input your orange Wednesday code when pre booking.
    Halifax mobile banking
    Data sense. I'm with orange but the Your Orange app is useless.
  • BBC iPlayer or SkyGo
  • I would love to see nationwide and an F1 official app! Ohhhh and Sky Go!!!!
  • Add a Sun Dreamteam app rather than using the internet.
  • Beer/offlicence location finding app. For when in a strange town and in need of a beer.
  • A BBc iPlayer app and Barclays...
  • Official BBC News app would be great!
  • really need a decent podcast app. Something like downcast would be great. All of them currently seem to be limited in certain areas
  • LoveFilm Instant streaming would be a great addition to the store :)
  • I really like the eon app for iphone lets me check bills log meter reading check usage etc. Very useful indeed.
  • I would like the  Halifax banking app
  • Hsbc bank app
  • SKY+ is the thing I miss most from my iPhone. Infact I still keep the iPhone just for this purpose, it is much easier than the sky remote. BBC official apps, and all the banks. 
  • Some sort of app that allows me to order food from all the different take-aways.That includes all of the different types of places, from Indian to Chinese to pizzeria. I don't mind pick up but delivery would definitely be an added bonus. All this talk of food makes me want a takeaway... :(
  • I would like to see a fully functioning BBC iPlayer app with the ability to stream, download, series record and play back both SD and HD content. Ideally the app should have a W8 sister app whose settings can by synced via Skydrive.
  • HSBC or BBC News for me, both would make my mobile life a lot happier! :)
  • Nationwide app, first direct app and an app tells which data connection you are using, it would be great if this is showing in the top tool bar next to each icon
  • Definitely 4OD, and possibly NOW.tv -- that would complete the experience for me.
  • Loydstsb,
    Youtube official app,
    Temple run on 512mb ram,
    Gmail official app,
    Wikipedia official app,
    NFS MW,
    GSM Arena,
    Document Scanner
    More internet browser,
    Theme changer( Multi tile colours),
    Subway Surfers,
    Atleast one GTA ( Liberty City or Vice City)
    More keyboard options,
    More Google apps
    Banking apps
    Transportaion apps,
    BBC iPlayer,
    Sky go,
    Just Cloud,
    Games Cheats an Tricks,
    Online Shopping Like
    Mark & Spencer
  • HSBC online banking... pretty please...
  • Data usage app (Datasense?)
  • BBC, SkyGo, Halifax
  • As already stated by others, a BBC iPlayer app and also a HSBC banking app would make things a lot more simple for me. Now's a good time for them to do it since Windows Phone is on the rise here.
  • Brilliant chance to pick a brilliant handset!
    I'd love to see Candy Crush on WP, so I can feed my addiction whilst at work!!
  • HSBC mobile banking app definitely
  • The BBC news app and the iPlayer app oh and the Lloyds Bank app that is not an embedded webpage.
  • Support from BBC would be great, especially a iPlayer Radio app for catch up radio and an official BBC News app too, with a good sport section!
  • I fully intend to upgrade to Windows 8, but for those who like me are still using 7 for the time being, I'd quite like some proper phone sync software. The current version is a shoddy after-thought that doesn't even produce the same media library as Media Player.
    Surely there'll be a lot of people using pre-8 for a while yet.
  • BBC iPlayer!
  • RBS banking app for England. Some data sense love too. Also Plague.
  • Tesco clubcard app would be nice.
  • I would love to see Snapseed
  • First Direct app please
  • Utility Apps Ie Gas, Electric and Water, for business and domestic would be really good
  • It has to be BBC iplayer, here is hoping that the event in London coming soon is going to be where they announce it!
    Maybe that it is why it is going to be an all day event, they have that many apps coming to the WP catalogue that they need that time to talk about them all!
  • Heylo :)  Well I completely agree on the lack of banking apps, and the TV apps (Sky Go, iPlayer, 4OD).  And everyone knows about Instagram etc.  BUT the truth is... the one thing that would make all windows phone users happy... the most missed TV show.... *ehem* app.... is.... the official Crystal Maze app! Mumsy and Richard-O-B on my Windows Phone? Yes please! Stevie
  • sky go
  • An pub finder app
  • Lloyds TSB banking app!
  • First Direct Bank
  • First Direct Banking App or Nandos loyalty App Nom nom nom!
  • Vodafone, Halifax bank and music app thanks
  • GTA Vice City
  • Has to be Sky Go for me (although I would agree with iPlayer, 4od etc - surprised 4od isn't availabe already actually given how quickly they jumped on the windows 8 and xbox app bandwagons!)
  • 1) HSBC Online Banking App
    2) Swype App
  • Could do with a Halifax banking app...
  • A BBC iPlayer app would be immense, especially if it covered radio programmes that can be downloaded using wifi and listened to later.
  • Would like to see a BBC iPlayer app.
    Thanks for the great competition!
  • Subway app!
  • Google+, Pulse news
  • I would llike to see an official bbc iplayer app.
  • The Apps I would most like to see are 
    Sky Go & Sky + App
    and with the others as well a datasense app for data usage etc
  • HSBC banking app.
  • an economist app would be cool, and hsbc of course
  • BBC iPlayer as soon as possible
  • Barclays banking app. Definitely!
  • There are alot of applications that are needed. Some include
    1. LLoyds TSB
    2. Sky GO
    3. BBC iplayer
    4. 4oD
  • Halifax banking app & 4od
  • Barclays, BFI, Prospect, Granta, Tate Modern/Britain, BBC and the top 10 UK iOS/Android
  • Pokerstars / fulltilt poker and contactless payments
  • Santander, bbc iPlayer, itv player, 4OD, demand five...
    all of the above and a Nokia 820 please...
    is that too greedy????
  • I'd love an app for HSBC mobile banking, along with an official BBC iPlayer app. Oh, and a data counter would be fab too - I cant believe there isn't one as I'm sure there were loads on my old android phone. At the very least EE could enable Datasense...
  • Would really like to see a First Direct app, or access to First Direct accounts through a generic HSBC app. I'd also welcome an app from MilkAndMore, national dairy and grocery delivery service. Oh, and iplayer, of course.
  • Just-eat application for ordering local food.
  • Sure gotta be a Lloyds TSB app please!
  • Sky go app...
  • Barclays banking app for me please.
  • would really love the sky go app to come to WP
  • Sky Go and Sky Remote Record please!
  • TV guide plus is a good substitute for sky remote record. I use it all the time to set recordings when I'm not at home.
  • Pizza express, Ask, zizzi, salute... I like pizza!
  • Grindr - gay dating app. All the gay people I know buy iPhone or Android because neither Gaydar nor Grindr is available on Windows Phone. That effectively knocks out 10% of the population and the gay sector has a lot of disposable income...
  • Another vote for SkyGo.....also a Bank of Scotland app would be great.
  • I'm for a push to get DataSense over here and also a MyO2 app. Alternatively I would like O2 to update their priority moments app so that vouchers went into the Wallet app.
  • The natwest or barclays banking app :)
  • proximity (Geolocation) app for retailers offering discounts.
  • A Star Trek style teleportation app....failing that BBC iPlayer...with full download capabilities.
  • Well, hello and thank you to WPCentral and Expansys
    So, a short list.
    A proper BBC News reader app (and BBC Get Mr Gripner to do it for you!)
    BBC iPlayer with full download watch offline support
    4oD, 5 on Demand and ITV Player apps (Also with offline support)
    SkyGo (guess what, yes with offline support)
    London Midland Railway App (they have a damn good twitter team!)
    Co-Operative Bank App
    MyEE App
    That will do for now - may the best person here win.
  • official BBC app
  • BBC iPlayer App!
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Since you mentioned it, I'd really love a Nationwide bank app. I do all my banking online and it will be very convenient to do it on my phone. Additionally, a Sky Go app and a LoveFilm app would complete the package since I watch lots of videos on my phone and surface tablet.
    Thanks and good luck everyone.
  • Give your support for the Nationwide App on their website: http://your.nationwide.co.uk/your-voice/service-improvements/Pages/Windo...
  • IPlayer
  • Iplayer, sky Go
  • BBC iPlayer and Data Monitor
  • Iplayer or Barclays
  • Ringgo. The parking app.
  • A Halifax app.
  • More versions of Temple Run
  • Teamviewer app
  • Logmein app
  • Dropbox official
  • Love Film app, Data Monitor App and BBC/ITV/4oD catch-up Apps
  • An official BBC iPlayer or BBC News app! Long time coming :P 
    (That or an official HSBC app.)
  • HSBC banking app & data monitor app
  • IPlayer or tvcatchup
  • Hey, TV catchup is available already. I think it may be WP8 only though.
  • Halifax Banking app needed
  • Cisco Jabber OR Barclays banking app OR VPN client
  • Virgin Mobile app
  • Asda
  • Gumtree UK
  • iPlayer 
  • Argos, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 40D (Channel 4 on Demand).
    Also, maybe a Sky Sports App?
  • Has to be some of the TV apps:
    Sky Go
  • Santander  App
  • BBC iPlayer would be great
  • I'd like a "Demand 5" app so I can burn data gawping at shite all day
  • As a healthcare professional, i would love to see an official Resus Council UK app, qxCalc and a BNF app which is free to access via Athens login. On a more commercial note i would like to see BBC iPlayer, Barclays, Metro Bank and ITV/4OD apps.
  • I'd like to see a Vue Cinema app and something for HMV!
    Would come in handy for me since I go to them places a lot lol
  • First Direct banking app
  • My suggestions are:
    Odeon App
    Subway app to be finally supported outside of london.
    ITV Player
    Amazon Local Deals
    Those apps are not a necessity but would be welcome. To be honest most of my needs are covered with the Natwest app, netflix and spotify.
  • A Halifax Banking app
  • iCookbook and Lloyds/ Halifax/Bank of Scotland banking app! iPlayer and proper podcast support would be welcomed too. Oh and most importantly, an Oyster card/TFL app that utilises nfc and bills though your carrier.
  • How about an adult reward chart..so you can reward yourself for being good like resisting crisps etc
  • Has to be iplayer for WP.
  • Tu Go, Sky Go, LloysTSB Go, anything that ends with Go.
  • Barclays app or Virgin Media app
  • I'd really like to see the local bus company (Go North East) port their app over to Windows Phone. It's also worth mentioning that the Nokia Transit app has integrated with the national Traveline service to provide public transport info for majoy cities. I'd love to see deeper intergration allowing full access to the database for all towns and cities across the country! :D
  • Sky go
  • Would be absolutely FANTASTIC if lovefilm came out with an app, the Netflix app has been teasing me for months in the store, i use lovefilm becuase I use their game rental options and also not all of their shows are available online so disks give me access to an additional library.
    Then again, if they did come out with an app, My Lumia 800 wouldn't run it anyway :( wish i could upgrade to a WP8 ;)
  • Arriva E-Ticket App
  • I'd like a proper Location Tracking App. When I was rocking Android, I used one and it really came into it's own when I was traveliing a lot. I could track my full journey. A couple of times it actually changed my route's when I could see better ones. That would be good enough, but the Icing on the cake would be one where I could just shout Log Location whilst driving when I passed something worth re-visiting.
  • SkyGo app would be my choice.
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Vodafone App
  • Official Runkeeper App
  • World of Warcraft auction house app, or well any official app please. However if you meant by "local" it has to be an app for the uk or my area, then an official stoke city football club app with live tile and clock please
  • A app that pulls information from ofsted reports about schools in you local area.
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Santander UK app would be great. I actually work for them and I've been told that it's in the works along with a windows 8 app....fingers crossed!
  • HSBC Banking app
  • Barclays banking app. Be so much easier to use and quicker.
  • RingGo, please!
  • BBC services apps
    National Rail / improved (non-crashing) Virgin Trains app
  • I'd go with a HSBC banking app, a data counter for wp8 would vastly help me in my life. A T-mobile app that did something. A Google+ app then I could ditch my backup Android phone. 
  • nationwide app
  • Halifax Banking App :)
  • Firs would definitely be the BBC iPlayer / BBC News app.
    Secondly, VLC player.
    Third one would be some nice VOIP app (maybe Bria?)
  • I'd definitely want to get an official iPlayer app from BBC. I love watch videos on my Lumia, and given the whole mobile video market I think it's high time BBC released an official app!
  • Sky Go and BBC iPlayer are sadly lacking
  • Lloyds Banking Group App
  • EE Mobile!
  • iPlayer (with the ability to download) of course.  Ridiculous that it's not already available frankly.
    Also, ITV player, 4OD, Demand 5, Sky - but mostly iPlayer.
  • There are two apps I'd really like to see.
    The first being an offical Steam app - with chat funcionality working, the usually profile, and store (todays deal etc) with ability to purchase games from my phone.
    The second, a Rosetta Stone app. I'm currently trying to learn russian and having to use the PC for some basic point click learning tasks is quite annoying when I could be doing it on the phone when I'm waiting around places.
    Of course there are lots of other 'offical' apps I'd like to see too. I don't trust 3rd party developers with my login details. Not that I think they're going to hijack my account, its just another possiblity that they get hacked or they leak my details somehow.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!
  • Games count as some sort of app so I would like to see TY the Tasmanian Tiger, I would sell an unimportant organ just for that game.
  • Tomtom UK
  • HSBC banking app or Authenticator at least, Virgin Media Tivo, EE apps, iplayer or VPN access.
  • A decent subway card app which works in places other than London, I'm sure it is in the works. Other than that a Warwick University app would be nice.
  • I would love to have a vue app and a game would be ty the tasmanian tiger I would give an unimportant organ just for that game.
  • First of all... Nice one for the UK love <3
    The application I want is BBC iPlayer
    Cheers and toodle-pip
  • HSBC banking app or Just Eat!
  • I've got a couple: 4OD, HUFFINGTON POST!, Lloyds TSB online banking, and I would love an official app to read The Independent on. Lastly, I would love for the BBC to release an official iPlayer app, and a news app.
  • A Santander banking app definitely!
  • Would love to see nationwide app thinking of changing to rbs if they don't hurry up. Can't wait for the iplayer wrap to be available
  • official BBC Sport, 4OD and a swansea fc app :D
  • i can think of a few apps I like to see:
    A Santander (or Satander as I like to call them) app.
    A UK only QONQR stats app would be nice too.
    Cbeebies for my son
  • Barclays bank app would be really helpful.
  • I'd like to see BBC Weather app the most! The current weather apps in UK are just simply trash. Sorry guys but it's true. BBC Weather is the best.
  • Easy- BBC news! Id love a Lumia 820 to replace my 800!
  • Open Table Restaurant App - Used to be on WIndows Phone 7 it was really good no longer available in the UK :(
  • I would love a BBC iplayer app 
  • Rightmove app
    Vouchercode app but for WP 7.8
    BBC News app (but the mobile site works quite well so not sure if its necessary)
  • Sky Go and BBC iPlayer
  • Sky Go app would be nice
  • An application that shows your nearest grocery stores and their special offers :)
  • Vlc, data monitor, and live reamus tracking!
  • Instagr................co-operative bank app :P
  • An my Vodafone app would be nice so I keep track of my spending 
  • Personally Id like to see a Sainsbury app (especially with nectar card)
  • Travel For London
    HSBC mobile banking
  • I would say Barclays too, but mainly for the Barclays PingIt service aspect. Their mobile site does at least allow WP devices to use something though!
  • Halifax banking app for me
  • Lloyd tsb is the no.1 on my list.maybe public tranport timetable is another one on my list.
    Sky GO App
    Halifax / Bank Of Scotland / Lloyds Banking APP
    Equifax App
    BBC Iplayer
    Network Rail Timetable App
    Co Pilot Navigation
    Storage check app that can move more data to the SD card for low spec 620s
    USB Storage mode App for car radio interfaces
  • Give me back Lawrence Grippers BBC Mobile app. That would put the world to rights more than any missing app. Also great to see so many in support of banking apps :)
  • Santander Banking App & SkyGo
  • Nationwide banking and BBC Sport app.
  • A banking app for the Nationwide building society.
  • Sky Go would be my wish, would look great on my Lumia
  • Sky Go, Sky +
  • Hungry Shark Evolution
  • It seems to me that a lot of people above are asking for various banking apps. I would also like to see a Halifax Bank app for my Windows phone but it looks like we are mostly being being given the "cold shoulder" by our banks.
    This is something our banks should really be providing for us as a matter of priority. I am certainly not changing my phone to use an Android or an iPhone app, but I would seriously consider changing my bank account or opening a second account with one who offered a decent Windows mobile app. Additionally, If they want NFC payment to take off banks need to support this as well as shops. Banks generally need to get with the new technology a lot quicker than they have been.
    So yup...a Halifax Bank App for me, plus some forward thinking bank exec's.
  • My three would be... 1. Barclays Pingit
    2. Sonos controller
    3. SkyGo
  • I'd love a 4 On Demand App.
    Thay have a windows 8 one so why no Windows Phone 8 Love?
  • Lloyds tsb mobile banking app please.
  • +1 for Nationwide banking app and also BBC iPlayer.
    I'd also like a Marks & Spencer app. I'm not even sure if they do apps, if not, they should start with WP.
    Not really a local app, but wish steam app would also come to WP
  • Halifax banking app would be great
  • 1. Proper BBC iPlayer (+ radio) apps that support offline playing not the rumoured "web page in an app" that they are supposed to be delivering.
    2. Sky TV apps for remote record, EPG browsing and watching programmes on demand. There is a third-party app that did the first two but it looks like Sky have changed something because it doesn't display any data at the moment.
  • First Direct Banking App I've told them via phone and writing to them to sort out a Windows App and now they're website no longer suppoorts the nwindows browser it's essential! 
  • BBC iPlayer App - the BBC has an awesome track record with mobile apps and a metro style iplayer one makes me wet at the thought of it! Also give ma lumia 820 plz... My 800 is getting old. Xx
  • Barclays Bank App; the reason I still carry my android phone around with me.
  • First Direct banking app, please!
  • It has to be LoveFilm, the amount of times I have thought about buying a tablet just for this is numerous and my 920 is just hungry for this app!
  • As said tons of trime before, a good Lloyds TSB app! It would make it so much better than the classic site that doe not fit properly on your mobile screen.
  • Halifax Banking app and an official Facebook app that lets you do all the things you can do on iOS and Android that you cant with Windows phone, quite annoying to NOT be able to do all the things on facebook you used to easily be able to do on Android, purely because we dotn have an official facebook app and only a microsoft one which is limited in its functionality.
  • iPlayer
    BBC news app
    Better notification and repeat notification app. I always missing missed phone calls, as unlike last phone, doesn't beep/vibrate occasionally if I have missed a call.
  • TV catch-up apps for sure, though I'd like to see Sky Go the most.
  • I could really use an HSBC Fast Balance app like I have for my Android device.
  • DataSense, or an equivalent app, to monitor data usage.
  • Halifax banking
  • HSBC app
  • iPlayer, Santander banking app, Costa coffee shoo finder.
  • A London Midland train service app that lets you buy tickets would be very welcome :)
  • BBC iPlayer - particularly the iPlayer Radio app.  In fact, come on BBC, pull your finger out and give us WinPhone users the same love as Android and iOS 
  • Chiltern Railways E-ticket app
  • HSBC Mobile Banking App please
  • Official Arsenal FC app like they have for the iPhone and a Barclays banking App
  • Sky Go and the HSBC Fast Balance applications!
  • A HSBC app would be pretty useful 
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV player
  • Itv player
  • Oyster Top-Up App
  • Barclay's banking!
  • HSBC Mobile banking app
  • Looking Local - iphone app for reporting issues to local councils.
  • An Argos app would be good with the ability to 'reserve and collect'
  • HSBC would be great yeah
  • ViewRanger would be an excellent addition to the Windows Phone portfolio providing offline Ordnance Survey mapping on your windows phone with GPS overlay and route downloads from walkingworld and other sources. Used it and loved it on Symbian or a long time.
    Others would be Sky+ and BBC iPlayer official apps.
    Barclay's mobile & ping it please!
    they are working on it but still find it frustrating when they text me with mobile app adverts.
  • Barclays bank app
  • Another vote for the HSBC mobile banking app here!
  • Barclays banking app, I really wish we could have that!
  • An official bbc sport app would be great!
  • I would really appreciate a vue cimena app!
  • I would an official sainsburys app if I could!
  • I dont if multiple posts will increase the chances of winning but I would love a proper iplayer app!
  • I already have the marvellous Amazon, Ebay, Giffgaff, NatWest and Thetrainline apps. Next should be a Sainsbury's app. I'm tired of dealing with their terrible mobile site and spending an hour every time I shop because even the assistants don't know where anything is...
  • The app I'd most like to see on Windows Phone (and Windows 8 for that matter) is LoveFilm. Netflix has been great in supporting the platform thus far, but Lovefilm has been sorely lacking.
  • I would love to see a National Rail app they have one for Windows 8 but no love for WP. 
  • HSBC mobile banking app
  • Lloyds TSB banking app
    Vodafone app
    O2 App
    Glastonbury festival
  • bbc iplayer app please. Allow to stream or download to play later.
    But seriously Windows apps please be mainstream enough to appear on posters that say "download the app" along with Apple and Android marketplaces
  • Getting the rest of the banks on-board would be a major plus as well as some of the on-demand tv options. Those seem to be the main draw backs for people considering new handsets
  • I'd like a VirginMedia TV Anywhere App.  It already exists on iDevices, and I think Android is coming soon.
  • Barclays banking and pingit apps as well as Danske Bank (they already have them for the Scandinavian countries).
  • Fast food delivery apps! Pizza hut, get on it!
  • I'd like an Arriva Bus app for Windows Phone 8. 
  • I'd like an app that could keep an eye on road traffic on my route to work and then alter my alarm wake up time if there is more or less traffic!
  • Co-operative Bank App
  • Local bus times app would be fantastic
  • id love to see a cebeebies app for my kids so when we are on a long journey.
  • It'd be a Sky+ app for me. Was pretty handy to have whilst on Android and although I can get access to it on my tablet that's not ideal if you're on the go. Sky already have their News app on Windows Phone so hopefully they'll considering getting Sky+ onto it as the UK marketshare grows.
  • iPlayer would be great!
  • bbc news app and nectar app
  • It would have to be TomTom app. This app is a life saver on my iPhone, and its now avaliable for Android..so needs to come out for Windows Phone!! (With social elements included ofcourse..)
  • mine would have to be a voucher app so i can get all my discounts and special offers for all the shops in my area which i would love to do but with my 10 pound phone i am unable and do not know the names of apps available :/ maybe i could win and find out ;) :D
  • Lloyds TSB App PLEASE!!!
  • SkyGo would be good
  • Definately Flipboard, so helpful to have all your news come under one neat and tidy app :)
  • Amazon Cloud Player!!!!
  • I want Instagram Pleaseeeee! 
  • UK Play.com app.
  • Santander  app 
  • Sky go
  • Virgin Media so I can set my TiVo to record :-)
  • It's got to be official BBC apps - iPlayer, News, Sport, Radio.
    And Sky Go as well - Sky and Microsoft have a partnership to get Sky on the XBox so maybe work with that to get it onto WP8!
  • Network Rail Appp
  • Discogs.
    I would love an app to keep tabs and add to my record collection via my phone. 
  • I would like to see the Untappd app on the Windows phone. Love this app and love Windows phones. It would be a match made in heaven!
  • A local news and travel app would be really useful.
  • Just one? There's a few I'd like:
    Sainsbury's Bank App
    An app to control my Sony Freeview+ PVR over the internet
    BBC iPlayer
  • a First Direct app! WIth a live tile containing current balance.
  • I would love a tide times app, particularly with local Devon information. Great phone too!
  • Love to see ; Sky Go, Instagram, Metro Bank Mobile Banking, Nationwide Mobile Banking and Tesco Clubcard
  • A better grammer app.
  • Lloyds TSB UK & Instagram please
  • A world of Warcraft auction house app
  • BBC iplayer the gf is always on it on her iphone and gloating also channel 4 and 5 tv on demand plus an app that let's you know if you can take your dog on the beach rather than a sign when you get there and finally on my wishlist more Xbox integration and some exclusive games
  • An app to tell me where the nearest purveyor of Leeds Pale Ale is...
  • Three (MyThree account management) so i can see how many minutes and texts i've used out of my allowance.
  • HSBC app with tap to pay.
  • iPlayer app with local news
  • A decent VoIP client and a proper VPN client. That is all.
  • Love to see a Lloyds banking app, Official Sky+ / Sky Go app, a proper Rangers app, Scottish rugby app that covers all leagues, same can be said for Scottish football.
  • It would be great if we could a Barclays App, although data sense app is even more important...
  • Would love to see:
    Lloyds banking app
    Rangers app
    Scottish rugby / Scottish football app
    Sky + / Go apps
    Just eat although their mobile website is quite good
    Jewish Chronicle news app
    BBC / Telegraph news apps
    National rail app
  • Now TV (for Sky Disney!)
  • Barclays Bank App
  • Lloyds TSB, improved o2 app, SkyGo, iPlayer, itv player, 4oD.
  • I would actually really love an app for all of the GOV (formerly, DirectGov) services. An app which would help you sort your taxes, give you access to important information and to guide you through all Government services, and for the app itself to facilitate in these services. For example, if you need a specific form, you can request the app e-mail the app to you, or send a copy to you in the post. Or booking driving tests.
    I'd also love to see a similar app for local Government services, whereby each Borough had an app (or again, a centralised app, and you choose (in-app) your local borough) to access all the local services and information.
    And of course, these apps have the added benefit of helping those with hearing/speech impediments and further helps these services to be more user friendly and approachable.
  • THe App i would like to see is a app that tells you whats going on in the local area, shows, films, stand-ups, bands
  • Apps that cannot be replaced:
    Barclays Online Banking
    Barclays Pingit
    BBC iPlayer
    Apps that can be replaced but I'd rather not:
    Tube Deluxe
    Tube Exits
    Oyster Info+
  • Ooooooh, a haggis hunting app! XD
    Seriously an app to source local produce retailers
  • Firtdirect's app.
  • Local Holy Grail Finder - Well, you did ask what "would make life more 'COVENANT' in your neck of the woods" 
  • It's not local any more but it used to be. Gumtree would be a handy app to have.
  • Banking apps in general, all we need is 1 or 2 decent banks (RBS/natwest don't count given their fiasco last year) to get the ball rolling and the rest would hopefully take the hint...
  • Sky Sports News
  • It would have to be a Barclays app with local branch and ATM finder. Are you listening Barclays hmmm?
  • A Nationwide Banking app would be really helpful!
  • Lloyds TSB banking app as many suggested is my first wish!
  • Having the Lloyds TSB app would be great.
  • Lloyds App
  • Would love a sky go or bbc iplayer app please
    and a free 820 and pillow would be nice also
  • Skybet app would be nice make loosing money easier ;)
  • Lloyds TSB banking app
  • Halifax banking app would be nice, iPlayer and a little bit specific to my work needs, but a mobile MICROS app so I can keep a check on work whilst I'm out and about!
  • HSBC App with wallet integration of course
  • Dont forget data sense app
  • 4OD
  • And finally the support for NFC Payment in UK !
    Why can i use my hsbc debit card to do it but not that smartphone? How smart can it be!?
  • Nationwide banking app for WP8 please!
  • RBS app for English customers
  • BBC iPlayer and TescoCard
  • Lloydstsb and instagram just to shut up everyone complaining about it. Id personally rather lloydstsb since I use my phone to go on the site so often.
  • BBC iPlayer and TescoCard
  • LloydsTSB app
  • Demand 5
  • BBC News / iPlayer / HSBC App
  • First Direct banking app
  • Never thought i'd be adult enough to say this but I would definitely love to have the Lloyds TSB banking app on Windows Phone. Never knew how much I used it until I switched to a Nokia Lumia 800. Less adult choice would be the Virgin Media TVAnywhere app currently only available for iOS I think but would love love love that one!
  • Waitrose app or any other similar to the game app which is really good. Loyalty card apps which show live tile points and promotions
  • Skybet app
  • HSBC app would be nice
  • Sky Bet app
  • Instagram
  • HSBC Banking App Please
  • Definitely need a betting app of some sort SkyBet, Paddy Power, Bet365. Pleassseeee! ;)
  • BBC News App Please
  • Nationwide Banking App
    (Already shown my support on the nationwide website).. even if they won't introduce one at least make a mobile website like santander did.
  • HSBC Banking app. Or a good hyper-local weather app.
  • Official BBC app!!
  • Really want an Ebuyer.com app. The site sucks in touch IE, so an app would be nice.
  • I would love a nationwide banking app and skygo. Life on windows phone would then be complete.
  • Barclays Bank pease!
  • Sky Go
  • Sky Go, Lloyds TSB, BBC iPlayer and NHS Choices would be most useful
  • BBC News :)
  • An official sky+ app so can control tv from my phone same as android, hsbc, iplayer, 4od and other tv on demand apps
  • believe it or not i think everyone is forgetting the fact that windows phone is not compatible with adobe flash player for mobile browsing, i believe adobe flash player would make the experience of mobile browsing more interesting. 
  • BBC iPlayer and Lloyds TSB banking app. I can't count how many times we've been promised the iPlayer now, such a shame.
  • I would love to see London24 release a series of Apps, these are the guys who run news papers such as Romford Recorder or Dagenham Post.
    It would be great to get some local news apps on Windows Phone.
  • Tomtom app
  • Asda and bbc app
  • I would find a Nationwide app very very useful.
  • A weight watchers points app so i can check to see if my missus is telling the truth when she sat there munching on a KFC :P
  • Nationwide app please.
  • Also, a magazine app for reading subscriptions like Empire on the go.
  • It is seems everybody wants their bank's app, so I will go with Lloyds TSB
  • I would like to see the Sky Go app come to WP8
  • BBC iPlayer and Santander banking app please
  • Official Three app, to keep track of data usage (apparently the Tumblr app is a black hole for mobile data!) - or enable DataSense for Three
  • An Asda online shopping app would be most welcome, followed by iPlayer and 4OD apps that allow downloading of episodes
  • BBC iPlayer, datasense and Lloyds TSB in that order :)
  • Virgin Media Tivo app and an Official HotUKDeals app
  • Halifax banking app, with links to the Wallet.
  • Sky Go
    BBC iPlayer
    HSBC Banking app
    Official Football League club apps (e.g. Sheffield Wednesday)
    Official National Lottery app
  • Yes! Sheffield Wednesday app please, I'd even be on board with an unofficial one! haha
  • HSBC mobile banking is the number one app choice for me!
    But I would also like to see "Tesco Clubcard" and "BBC iPlayer" apps.
  • A proper o2 account app, first direct banking app,
  • Do I get to choose just one? We need a BBC News app, SkyGo, LloydsTSB, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, RingGo and a few others. Personally I'd like to see SkyGo coming to WP8 since most of the others can be accessed through i.e.
  • I like the idea of a metro style Barclays banking app but then I have already pinned their mobile banking app and get to see balances, do any transfers, make payments, etc. I can log in with a 5 digit code and don't think it could easily be improved upon.
    However a NFC app like an extension of Wallet would get my vote. I think it is really cool when I go to Aldi for example and just press my NFC enabled bank card on the reader and go. Don't know why more people don't pay this way. Yes that or any other app using NFC functionality.
  • BBC app, featuring news and iPlayer.  We have one of the top news sites in the world in public ownership, and the code already exists, but it's been banned from the Store.
  • Sky+ app to remote record / control Sky box like the iOS version can
    BBC iPlayer
    MyEE so I can check what data I have left through an app
  • Id love to see a Native Instrument app for there Traktor DJ software.
    Some DJing on the move!!
  • Lloyds Tsb & a BBC news app
  • I'd like to see a Tastecard app (it's available for iOS and Android but not WP)
  • Sky
  • Sky go
  • I'd like oyster card integration in the Wallet app... does that count?
    Paying for the tube with my Phone would be really convenient.
  • Need a B&Q app make my job alot more pleasant.
  • Just eat app would be cool. Operating the website is a pain in the ass on the go. 
  • HSBC app would be nice.
  • Halifax banking app.
  • BT SmartTalk (so i can make free 0800/0845/0870 free from my mobile) !!!
  • Yet another shout out for banking apps, i'd love to see a First Direct app.
    And DS Cloud, from Synology.
  • Nationwide, Barclays, Pingit apps, plus the return of Counters for WP8.
  • Quidco App
  • Quidco app would be awesome.
  • Lloyds tsb banking app would be great!! And a decent tv guide!!
  • An oyster card app that allows me to use my phone using NFC on the tube to pay for rides
  • Lloyds TSB app.
  • World of Warcraft auction house app please
  • VPN intergration
  • Would like to see a Lloyds Tsb banking app, Argos, Very and Halifax
  • Barclays Bank or Debenhams
  • iPlayer would be great! Also NatWest (and the other banks).
  • iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD for me.
  • First Direct bank app
  • I would love to have an official BBC News & Sport app.
  • A Major Nelson app
  • Iplayer is a must, or Skybet (or any betting app really, there are so many on every other platform!) 
  • Capital One app would be handy!
  • Id like ab instagram app. Just to shut the critics of the WP platform up...
  • Id also like a BBC news app.
  • I'd like to see FlipBoard come to wp8
  • I would like to see A LloydsTSB banking App An "official" BBC News App with a LiveTile A British Gas App linked to your energy account (incl. alert when meter reading due and input readings) Mark
  • Tesco clubcard app for me
  • Virgin Media Anywhere
  • A LloydsTSB banking app would be useful, but a data monitor would be my choice.
    PS 'Gotten'? Seriously?
  • Sky Go
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Keelham farm shop at Queensbury. Best food ever. Would live to know what specials the butchers and deli counter had each day and be able to order online.
  • Also...a Withings wireless scales app, so i can check my weight, % fat, BMI etc.
  • Please give me an RBS app that works in England
  • Been a long time wp user and reader of wp central so thought I'd use this as an perfect excuse to sign up and show my support for WP!...
    Anyways my choice for a local app I'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store, like many others have said, would be a sky app.
  • snapchat!
  • RBS app please, current one only works in Scotland
  • First Direct.
  • Instagram
  • Would love to see a fully functional O2 app like ios and android also would be great to see a Lloyds tsb app :)
  • First Direct banking app.
  • I would like the Barclays ap with ping it support!
  • Barclays Banking App
  • HSBC mobile banking
  • Id like to see a Tesco Clubcard app. Something that can display my barcode on screen (i lose the keychain thing too much). Would also be nice to be able to manage vouchers with it - more useful when they do the clubcard exchange thing around christmas. 
  • Marcos ice cream app
  • Lloyds TSB and iPlayer.
  • Steam (Valve) App for Windows Phone
  • ASOS app
  • a nice Betting app, preferably PaddyPower!
  • or an On Demand tv service, BBC iPlayer or SkyGo
  • BBC should get up off their ass and give us a BBC iPlayer app!!! We need our shows on the go Just as much as iphoners and androids!!
  • HSBC banking
  • 4OD (4 On Demand.)
  • There are three I can think of: HSBC, BBC and a good coffee app!
  • Would love these:
    Lloyds TSB
    Skype (Fully integrated into phone and work the same as iMessage & Facetime)
    Sky Go + Sky+ Remote Record
    Sky Sports Score Centre
    BBC iPlayer
    Lotus Notes Traveller (Yes my company still use Lotus Notes and refuse to switch to outlook)
    Odeon Cinema
    Datausage (Calls,txts and data)
    Microsoft Built in RDP App
    Betfair (dont think there is any betting apps at moment?)
    Games (Halo, Forza, Subway Surfers, Seige Hero)
  • Eurosports app would be great for windows phone
  • HSBC :) please!
  • A barclays app would be useful!
  • Santander banking app and a http://journeylog.co.uk/ app for WP8.
  • I'm going to be boring I'm afraid and agree with the others wanting a LloydsTSB app. Would make my life a whole lot easier
  • There's a few local apps I'd like to see: An Orange Cash app. Orange Cash is a reloadable credit card and they have an app for Android so that you can load your card from your mobile; Boots Advantage Card and a First Direct banking app.
    Also, I wish they'd introduce NFC payments already.
  • Another vote for Barclays Bank app. iPlayer and 4OD would be rather nice too!
  • Official BBC news app thanks!
  • RBS app would be great, as would a Met office weather app.
  • HSBC mobile banking :)
  • The Sky Sports Score Centre (Jeff Stelling) App
  • Out of Milk app
  • 4oD app
  • Full metro iPlayer app with ability to download and watch offline.
  • A hand warming app! 
  • I would love a Nationwide banking app. NatWest/RBS have one for WP, and the Nationwide app for iOS was pretty good, so I would love them to bring one to WP (I have alread asked them!).
    I would also love a BBC Radio app. I like the TuneIn radio app, but I seem to miss a lot of radio shows I like to listen to.
    I also think BT should launch a rival app to Sky Go. I would love to be able to watch BT Vision content on my Windows Phone.
  • Lovefilm app that plays the videos. A Barclays pin sentry for windows 7 phones.
  • I would like to see DataSense or similar come to WP in the UK. I signed up with Orange in January and they have awful signal where I live. It confuses me how my data usage (which is supposed to be 750mb) is double that for two months running now, when I'm always connected to wifi and do only my downloading there. I pay £31 a month for my contract yet, I've been charged £43 and now this month £58! The closest Windows Phone has to this sort of application is Nokia Express, exclusive to Lumia phones but unfortunately for owners, it only acts as a compressed browser. Useful for most, but not entirely like DataSense so I understand.
  • iplayer and bbc radio app
  • Data counter.
    A merged app of buses due and tubemap would be great or something similar!
  • HSBC banking app for me please - although they have phoned me and told me in writing that they have no intention of making one.
    Trello would also be very high on my list - they have a Windows 8 app already
  • An HSBC banking app. Sorely missed!
  • Asda specials and discounts app :D
  • Lloyds TSB & A propper National Rail Enquiries App
  • Definitely Barclays banking app, Sky Go and a proper Facebook Messenger (the stock chat doesn't sync with the messages on the site)
  • Sky Go would be cool. But personally I would appreciate a couple of banking apps, Santander and HSBC
  • A poundland app
  • KERRANG! App would be awesome I think - Life Is Loud after all!
  • HSBC Banking app
  • A app to play music to my xbox from my phone so i can choose song pause skip and all that by using my phone instead of the xbox guide. It would be even better with voice enabled to understand pause skip and so on. I would die less lol
  • Lloyds Banking Group app, without a doubt
  • Vlc player app
  • A mood app, cause im always in a bad one!
  • I really wanted to see whether I could find an app for independant coffee shops and cafés in London and the rest of the UK - it's really annoying to go and buy a coffee for, say, £2.80 to then see a shop further down the road with cheaper coffee and a nicer atmosphere! 
    So maybe the app could list customer reviews ans recommendations too which would make it easier and less daunting to walk into a new coffee shop - I know this is something I often feel as I never know where to go and tend to stick to the places I know. 
    It'd also be great to list other aspects such as whether they accept cards, cash, have food, snacks, whether the food is home made etc. 
    It probably wouldn't be that hard to do but I have no idea how as I don't develop applications!
  • Virgin tv anywhere.
  • A mood app, cause im always in a bad one!!
  • Id like to see Sky+ app to be able to remote record my Sky TV programmes like I could on IOS. Only thing I miss. Thanks.
  • Bank of Scotland app and a Vodafone account management app.
  • LloydsTSB Secure Banking App
  • A dedicated BBC app would be a good one. It was a real shame when Laurence Gripper's app disappeared, and the content is worth someone putting a good metro/modern UI interface on it.
  • HSBC App!
  • BBC iPlayer and Sky Go.
  • I'd love to see a Google Now app, and a Santander Banking app!!
  • Halifax Bank App! Or Datasense equivalent for UK users!
  • BBC iplayer for me! 
  • Definitely a Barclays Mobile banking app. 
    Having to remember my membership number or carry my PINsentry everywhere is not desireable.
  • BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD & Sky
    Barclays bank, TFL oyster support app, Royal mail/parcel tracking, unified app for UK national newspapers.
  • Love to see a decent Non-league football (the real kind) app.  Fixtures, directions, live scores, news etc.  Ability to add fixtures to your calendar.  Maybe with some forum integration.  Would be amazeballs on Windows Phone.
  • Clydesdale bank app because right now u cant even log in using ie10 on the phone. This would solve alot of problems for me :)
  • Sky Go, Barclays, PingIt, iPlayer, EE Mobile & HSBC Fast Balance
  • Cooperative Bank app but better than the one on iOS
  • Love to see Halifax banking app. Use online banking a lot and web access is clunky
  • Ice cream app
  • iPlayer and VLC!
  • Greggs (bakery shop) app so I can salivate over the Chicken Bakes. Also, because they are revamping all Greggs stores in the forthcoming months - a new Windows Phone application would be perfect to compliment the revamp of Greggs' strategy. 
  • The Simpsons Tapped Out App!
  • Nationwide Building Society app
  • 4oD. They have a Windows 8 app too - so frustrating.
  • HSBC banking app (so I can check exactly how poor I am )
  • Also go for Lloyds TSB
  • In order of preference: a) Lloyds TSB app; b) BBC iPlayer; c) Just-Eat.couk
  • Halifax banking app! The mobile site isn't great.
  • halifax share dealing/banking app
  • Bank of Scotland App
  • Going with a Lloyds TSB app as well - would make life easier.  Am sure it would look awesome on an 820 as well  ;)
  • My app would be The MSA British Rally championship app onto windows please
  • Barclays banking application please. Also need a new phone so that I can give my wife my Nokia Lumia 800 as she has a BlackBerry Curve. I need to bring her into the touchscreen era.
  • Rightmove
  • Simples, I'd like the BBC iPlayer app to actually turn up! I mean, I know they've said they're working on it but still!
    Either that or a live location based app for public transport, showing you how to get to somewhere and using your location to pull where the nearest and quickest options are! Don't know if thats what Nokia Transit is like, I've got an 8X :)
  • Barclays banking App
  • Certainly a tsb app. What about a petrol price app...
  • Lloyds tsb would be my number one. Also, a virgin media/tivo one.
  • First Direct banking app would be great
  • Nationwide app would be great!
  • Lloyds TSB App
  • Sky go please
  • Sky on demand app,Santander bank app,O2 app
  • LloydsTSB banking app
  • Could do with a Santander app asap.
  • Santander banking app, Northern Bank (Northern Ireland) app
  • App to monitor data usage per application/service.
  • LoveFilm app
  • Lloyd TSB, iPlayer - 4OD etc. (TV services), Argos & Asda would be handy and Rightmove!
  • Virgin media streaming app
  • A Paddy Power App would be really nice. Fuel my gambling on the go :)
  • Barclays, pulse, candy crush 
  • bbc iplayer
  • instagram!!!!!! please
    and a halifax bank app
  • BBC iPlayer
  • llyods tsb app
  • First Direct banking, myo2, virgin media, Tesco club card, skyGo
  • RingGo parking app, thanks
  • BBC iPlayer
    First Direct
    (for WP7.x as well as WP8 - I know it's a long shot but I suppose that's a good enough reason to be entering this comp to win a Lumia 820!)
  • RingGo parking app thanks.
  • Snapchat. I'm hopelessly addicted to it, to the point where I actually carry around two phones. Being able to finally ditch my aging Desire and go full-time with the Lumia 920 would be a dream.
  • AutoCAD WS
    HSBC Banking
    Tesco Clubcard
  • Santander app for English-speakers. :) The mobile site is woefully basic, and if Natwest can pump out a good quality app then others must keep up!
  • <p>now tv app</p>
  • Lloyds tsb app would be nice
  • Flipboard
  • Cant wait for Sky Go..... one day......
  • Even though its been Confermed Barclays Mobile Banking App as im sick of getting emails about Mobile Banking and them only having Android and IOS
  • Snapchat
  • HSBC and First Direct banking / Tesco clubcard app
  • Personally I would like to see a Barclays app, will give me quite a lot of convenience.
  • Ebay please with better search facilities.
  • Lloyds tsb
  • Beer app. Where to find beer when in a strange town or village. Be it a pub or off licence, but able to show me where to go so I don't have to wander around or try to use outdated search tools that say there is an offie where there isn't.
  • Barclays Banking and Bluestar Buses App
  • Virgin media app as well so I can change channel etc when my other half has 'lost' the remote down the side of the sofa and tries to make me watch only way is Chelsea or some such tripe.
  • An HSBC banking app, failing that, more movement on the promised iPlayer app
  • Finally I would like an app to help me quantify my comic and graphic novel collection.
  • One more. A mind reading app to help understand what im being told. or just one that can instantly summarise for me what the other half has just said to me when I wasn't listening.
  • BBC News
    BBC iPlayer/Radio
    Virgin Media Tivo control
    FirstDirect banking
  • National Trust app
  • BBC iPlayer
  • I love PicsArt app for editing and having some fun with my photos in android, that would be a great windows app, wouldn't be? already has a modern ui style!
  • BBC iPlayer. It's the only app I miss from my iPhone.
  • It would be great if there was an app for the Metro subway service in Newcastle. It's a great city and would be a complete life-saver for busy-bodies such as students, including me! =)
    (Or have this added to Nokia Transit, but it would be great to buy tickets through a separate app.)
  • Has anyone said BBC iPlayer ?
  • Got to be BBC iPlayer!
  • .
    There are two apps which will put the icing on the cake:
    Barclays/Barclaycard App
    BBC iPlayer App
  • MMU Moodle app
  • Bank of Scotland app or an app for Strathclyde Uni services would be lovely.
  • Sky Go!
  • EE app to manage minutes and megabytes!
  • BBC iPlayer app would be great!
  • I would like to see a BBC iplayer app, lloyds TSB, Barclays and santander banking apps.
  • the Paybyphone parking app
    BBC iPlayer
    Remote control and near vision testing app for UK made optometry test chart i use! (quite specific that one!)
  • Congrats on convincing me to sign up.
    I'd love to see an app similar to Google Now. 
    Seamless collection of information that's relevant to you without you having to do anything other than use your phone for some things. It'd be great if it could be expanded to show times for local transport (train times/bus times) and such as well, based on your location.
  • Autosport app
  • Autosport app
  • Alien CCTV viewer app, is available for windows 5/6 mobile use on my N8 symbian version
  • Superleague Rugby app, Use daily on Symbian.
  • I'd like to see a Barclays app for Windows Phone
  • Sky go would be great to watch the football.....also Santander/first direct banking apps would be useful. Generally though I can get by with the apps I have and they are good quality apps.
  • Would like to see a BBC iPlayer and Sky Go app. A return of the BBC News app and a Co-Op Bank app would also be nice.
  • I live in bristol uk and would love to see first group busses implement NFC and a bus fare app, so you could swipe your phone and get on board.
  • Flash Browser (Skyfire), Barclays Bank, Santander Uk, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go Player, Vodafone UK
  • Flash Browser (Skyfire)
    Barclays Bank
    Santander UK
    Sky Go
    BBC iPlayer
    BT SmartTalk
  • BBC News
  • A Tesco clubcard app, BBC apps from the BBC, like iPlayer and sport apps
  • Sky go app would also be nice :-)
  • A task management app that asks me whether I've completed a task after a set period of time, which I can then set to ask me again in another set amount of time without having to go into the app and manually reset the alarm.
  • BBC iPlayer or BBC Sport apps
  • BBC i-Player
    SKY Go
    HSBC ebanking
    Tesco ClubCard
    Starbucks card
  • A Vodafone app would be good. Can't login to their support site from my Lumia!
  • I think NatWest have very good app, but I really miss a proper football live score application not limited to 5 or 6 leagues only.
  • BBC iPlayer would be on my list
  • A betting app SkyBet, Paddy Power or Bet365 anything :) so I can win some money on the football/soccer ;)
  • Halifax / Bank of Scotland app
  • A Barclays specific app that makes good use of the NFC capabilities of the phones, that can also be tied into Barclays "ping it" service
  • A better o2 app
  • Lloyds Tsb mobile banking app.
  • Lloyds TSB mobile banking app
  • Lloyds TSB app would be excellent
  • Would love an app that showed the safest bike routes in my city (Plymouth) as I rode around. The council has a map on their website showing all of the available routes/conditions, but its a 40mb PDF. Would be great to have an app that would suggest a different and safe route, maybe even giving voice navigation cutting in over music, as i peddled. Would make the 8 mile ride to work everyday a little more interesting as there are hundreds of routes i could take! Plus would absolutely love to see the obligatory iplayer app!
  • A rat tracker app, so I know which cheap restaurants to avoid.
  • HSBC FastBalance
  • Lloyds TSB!! It's pretty much the one app I'm missing from my previous Adnroid phone! :(
  • Hsbc online banking
  • Bbc iPlayer app
  • Festival/gig app where you can put in your preferences on music to show what fesitivals or gigs that you may like and how close they are to you!
  • Also a Barclays banking app (in addition to my other comment)
  • Arsenal FC app!
  • Need a Barclays banking app would help me so much.
  • Barclays banking app please!
  • Barclays bank mobile banking app (not just the mobile authenticator!) and as a bonus Football Manager 2013!
  • Switch user app just like windows when having multiple accounts.
  • Totally another vote for LloydsTSB app!!
  • BBC Iplayer app, HSBC app
  • I know its been said plenty of times already but an Iplayer radio app. also a decent data monitor app.
  • HSBC Mobile Banking App
  • An app that pulls events together based on either GPS location or an entered location. You choose the types of events (sport, music, festival, fayres etc) that you want, it then produces location based results. Or you just go random and let it provide any results!
    So often you happen to have time free and it can take forever trying to find localised sites with a "whats on" section.
  • Hi wpCentral! For me the most frustratingly lacking app is definitely an HSBC Mobile Banking app...Natwest do it so well! Also an official BBC iPlayer radio app the same as Android and iOS is much needed! Ciao for now!
  • Custom Live Tile app, something you can have cycle between various feeds from social networks and even rss feeds if required. One tile to rule them all!!!
  • Would love to see O2 money wallet app for windows phone
  • Pageonce.... and a form NFC PAYMENTS APP, hopefully through our banks!
  • Barclays banking app.  
  • would love a Halifax Banking App, perhaps an app to locate your car?
  • Barclays, Tomtom, Google now! equivalent.
    All-in-one free communicator (iMessage, BBM) - just kidding ;-)
  • HSBC Mobile banking app.
    VIBER with voice streaming
  • Fifa 13 
  • LloydsTSB needs to come to Windows Phone, like now
  • RBS banking app for England users...
  • The Economist magazine would be pretty sweet.
  • A proper Grooveshark client app!
  • I think Nokia's phones are one of the best one a market, and this one would be a nice change, to push my daily driver ( Nexus 4 ) to a secondary place ( at the moment HTC HD7 with WP7.8 hack )
  • Local file explorer/manager with ability to open pictures/pdf/multimedia etc. files.
  • LlydsTSB banking app + iPlayer app
  • UK GPS Ordnance Survey hiking app. I use Viewranger on Android but would love it or something similar for WP8.
  • Sky Go App would be sick
  • An Odeon Cinema app which can be used as a virtual loyality card with their current points scheme and ofcourse for bookings and listings!
  • Nationwide  banking app   or (HSBC) 
  • Sky+ Sky+ Sky+
  • A sky go app, a reliable notification center, data sense, halo with multiplayer would be awesome, Barclays app and last but not least an app that locks your phone when you clap twice xD