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Windows 10 Gems: Univision Deportes offers all your sports en Español


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Watch the big game anytime, anywhere — keep up on the news, follow live matches, or even stream Live TV!

Univision Desportes

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When it comes to sports, there is nothing bigger in the world than soccer, ahem, football. While the US continues down its own path, the international game of football is greater than ever. That is why the arrival of Univision Deportes on Windows and Windows 10 Mobile is such a big deal especially for US-based, but Spanish language speaking, fans.

Univision Deportes is here, folks and you get Live TV, upcoming game calendar, live coverage, and all the latest news for football, NFL, NBA, Formula 1, MLB, boxing, and my favorite UFC (mixed martial arts).

One app to rule them all

Univision Deportes is a rather modest app at only 10MB, ensuring those with even little internal memory on mobile devices can take advantage of their live coverage of the latest in the wide world of sports.

The main feature of the app and the selling point here is live streaming of games including Liga MX, MLS, US and Mexican Men's National Teams, Copa América Centenario. There are two ways of using Univision Deportes for live streaming. One way is just to launch the app and see the play by play action, live score updating, and video clips, or, if you have a cable TV subscription you can log in with your subscriber info to connect and validate the app. Once you complete the verification, you can then tune-into a live video stream of the Univision Deportes Network just like watching cable TV on your phone or PC.

Like most video streaming apps on Windows 10 theses days, Univision Deportes looks fantastic if on a stable, but modest, internet connection.

Additional content includes coverage of NFL, NBA and MLS due to exclusive partnerships and even Twitter feeds of your favorite teams.

The app for Windows 10 looks quite large on PC — if we had to guess, the developers design for mobile first and then scaled it up to PC-sized. It is not a big deal, and articles and text look fantastic, but maybe Univision Deportes can improve the scaling with a future update.

Univision Deportes does not have any particularly unique features for Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile either, but it is that simplicity of use that makes it appealing. However, it would be great to see reminders added for upcoming games so that the app will send you an alert when a match is about to start. Likewise, the ability to share news articles would be welcomed.


Overall, Univision Deportes has done a fantastic job. Much like the recently released Fox Sports Go app, the availability of Univision Deportes lets you watch the big game anytime, anywhere on your Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile device. You can keep up on the news, enjoy the well-done HD photos of the latest events, follow live matches (even if not logged in) or stream Live TV, which is great when you are still at work and can't jump on the couch (but don't tell anyone I said that).

For fans of Liga MX, MLS, US and Mexican Men's National Teams, Copa América Centenario, this app is a must-have download today. Currently, Univision Deportes maintains a high 4.9 (out of 5) store ranking making this app's availability a huge success. See what those users love and give Univision Deportes a spin today and learn why Windows 10 and soccer go hand in hand.

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  • Edgar Adame- El Paso, Texas This app is wonderful for soccer fans especially with this year having Copa America Centenario. But for me I've been playing soccer my entire life, coming from a Mexican family who loves the sport they made me appreciate the sport more. Soccer is in my blood and I enjoy watching it and playing it. Soccer for me is the best place in the world. #Sweepstakes
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