Unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 available in Canada, has AT&T 3G+ bands

For those with an extra $689 CAD ($682 US) to spare, you can pick up the Nokia Lumia 800 unlocked from NCIX. The phone is normally $50 more but there's a special web-only deal till December 14th. For those curious on the bands:

GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; HSPA/WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz.

What makes that cool is even folks here on AT&T can pick up this bad boy and get HSPA+ due to the inclusion of their 1900MHz WCDMA frequency--just something to think about.

The only bad thing about this is the color: black. Sure, black is always awesome but we wouldn't mind picking up this guy in Cyan at all--stand out a little, you know? Still, we'll take what we can so head on over to NCIX to place your order.

Source: NCIX; Thanks, Baljinder, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • 16 is not enough GeeBees for that kind of monopoly money. hehheh
  • agreed. that price is only for people wanting to be one of the first to have it.
    funny thing is, i think i might be one of those people o.O im SO torn between a new ultrabook or this!
  • This baby is ready to come to the US, but the carriers are probably playing hardball and making it difficult for Nokia to re-enter the US market. Jackasses!
  • Get it now or wait until CES.... decisions, decisions.
  • Humm. . . . 
    So then it's probably certain it's going to AT&T?
    This definitely does not please me. It even angers me.
    What the heck is AT&T doing to get all the flagship phones?!?
  • Instantly purchased! Thanks for the link.
    I can't imagine Canadian carriers will be getting them in any time soon. I was just speaking with one of the Windows Phone developers from Microsoft Canada yesterday and he was saying that the word is mid-2012 for Canada.
    Either way under $700 is a great price for a new unlocked phone, and you don't need a shitty contract.
    Oh, and owning a small development company means phones are a developer tool, and developer tools are nice tax breaks!!! 
  • Very temting but i'm waiting till 2012. Hopefully Rogers will have something from Nokia with a 4 inch screen and a good amout of storage.
    I bought my Samsung Focus outright last year, It Cost me 700+ after taxes, This year i'm eligible for harware upgrade.
  • "This product cannot be exchanged. Final sale only. No returns or refunds" - this part scares me off. As much as I would love to have this phone in Canada, I don't want to drop that kind of money for a phone and risk not being able to return or exchange it.
  • Ordered :D, Thanks for the heads up. Ended up sending back my HTC Titan due to terrible signal issues using it in the city.
  • holy s***... i guess i still came out ahead pre-ordering it in taiwan, it came out at around 630 and comes with a free external battery charger
    689 + 12% tax for us bc guys =..= (772.79)
    original price would've been 739.99 (828.79), man these guys only sell computer parts cheap, mobile phones are getting to the "rip-off" point, but I guess at least they carry stuff we can't normally get else where so thats a good thing lol
  • I would recommend anyone that wants to order this phone for use in North America to confirm the product code with the seller. Many retailers advertise this phone with specs from Nokia's website, which are actually incorrect.
    This is the reply from Nokia customer care:
    Please be advised that the Nokia Lumia 800 has two variants:
    • European Variant - WCDMA HSPA 900/1900/2100 MHz (RM-801)
    • US Variant - WCDMA HSPA 850/1900/2100 MHz (RM-819)
    I bought my phone from Clove in the UK and it does only have 900/1900/2100. My phone works well enough for my use on 1900, but some people may be very disappointed by this...