Unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 devices start receiving update to OS build 10328

Reports are coming, with scarce details, that the Nokia Lumia 925 is receiving an OS update today over the air.

The update bumps the OS from build 10327 to build 10328—both of which are considered part of the GDR2 release frame. Devices that are reported to be receiving the update include only unlocked devices with no reports (yet) of branded or carrier supported ones, including T-Mobile US.

The specifics of the new changes include the following information:

Software/ Hardware Information

  • OS version: 8.0.10328.0
  • Firmware Version: 3047.0000.1326.2001
  • Radio Software Version: 3.2.04028.1

Seeing as the build number is bumping from 10327 to a minor xx328, our guess is that the update fixes some bugs or includes carrier specific enhancements. Microsoft does not distinguish between the two releases on their update page (opens in new tab), though we have reached out to them for clarification and will update this article if more information comes in.

Have you checked for an OS update on your unlocked Lumia 925? If you have received an update, let us know in comments.

Via Windows Phone Apps and reader of the site Richard B. (HPDeskjet)

Daniel Rubino

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  • See spazoids, its coming. Just wait your turn.
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    I did grow up in the 80's.
    I think "Jonnie Las Vegas" was an 80's movie.
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  • Hahaha
  • Huh? The 925 already had GDR2. It's just getting a tiny update. Still waiting for it on my ATT 920.
  • Its getting the full GDR2/Amber, clearly it wasn't shipped with the full update.
  • Fuck that, where's my 920 update
  • Agreed, don't know why it is taking so long. What's the hold up At&t?
  • And unbranded phones!
    Damn Nokia, you so slow!
  • +920
  • If unbranded phones are getting updates now, Nokia may not be the culprit.
  • nokia and microsoft are never the culprit...it is the dreadful partner
  • ATT is always to blame, I wish more people would go and complain to their forums, ATT will never read your complaints here.
  • mine is unbranded and I still haven't gotten the uodate yet. I'm from Vietnam, btw.
  • Looks like you will be happy even if they release an update and which will stop your phone from working properly?. Be patient. Let them test and release.
    Atleast you know that the update is coming..
    For Samsung and HTC, they can release it quickly. Even if it causes problems, it is only for a few pple (like how HTC 8X go dead after update) and there iwill be no noise. If Nokia screw up, it will be very bad.
    Slow and steady wins the race or else you dont caree about the race since you will not be in it.
  • No.. GDR2 is already ready. Amber update for Nokia phones is taking time
  • I pay way more for my contract than if i were with TMO or shitty Sprint. I expect to get what I pay for. This is why I have the right to bitch.
  • Yes you do but whinging won't help - its like screaming at your modem / router(adsl 2+ have it built-in) threatening it to download faster with death by sledge hammer lol, when its at the maximum speed your line can handle.
  • Yes, but it made me feel better lol
  • haha fair enough
  • Not our fault you are overpaying.
  • Paul Thurrot stated that GDR 2 was ready and shipped to OEMs at the end of April; I would say tthat hree months are enough to test its compatibilities with Nokia firmware....
    Not to mention that Windows Update push updates to tens of thousands of different configured computers.
  • Especially on Verizon since they carry only one Nokia Phone!
  • Verizon carries 2 Nokias, an HTC and a Samsung.
  • Yes, but Nokia just got the Bluetooth 4.0 LE certified in mid July... then it has to go to the carriers to test and add their own tweeks to each device.
  • +920
  • Yeah where it is ...
  • I asked Nokia support chat about that. They said it will available in Q3...
  • Cool :) Support only found in HTC and Nokia.
  • What do you mean?
  • Amber pls Nokia
  • Indeed! I am really getting tired of Nokia holding the update for the 920 users.
  • I heard they were only holding it back to piss you off.
  • not only him.... a few more pple. but it is ok.. these guys will be pissed off nevertheless.
  • Takes a little bit more to piss me off.... Taking my money somewhere else... quite possible indeed.
  • I'm sure they don't care.
  • As well as I am sure you do not run a company or if you do it will not last long considering your understanding of how to run a business.....
  • Oh yeah, I forgot that everyone here was a CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
    The update is in the pipeline, I'm sure that they are real concerned with the angst of someone who can't wait a few weeks and threatens (on a third party website) to leave their product.
  • I bet we're going to get it 2020 on the 920's
  • They're probably just testing it so your phone won't brick. Heard that's been an issue for some other brands.
  • Oh yeah true, 
    Then it's better to wait a bit instead of having a brick.
  • Agreed, but Nokia and Microsoft should keep the information flowing regarding the progress of their update testing.
    People are a lot more understanding when they hear progress updates rather than complete silence.
  • They are much more transparent about updates than any other OS. IT appears that, for the most part, it is in the hands the carriers now.
  • @vinxent10 don't we already have bricks by owning Nokias?
  • "...in the year 2525..."
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA, now that song is stuck in my head....... But that is still one of my favorite episodes
  • And you know Nokia is the hold-up how? Source, please.
  • Ill be damned if Sprint rolls out GDR2 before Verizon
  • The HTC 8xt and Samsung neo already have gdr2 haha
  • Well thats a given it would be moronic to release them with GDR1 lol.
  • Let me just save you guys some time and a page full of replies....
    I'm sick of this crap!
    Hurry up!
    What's taking so long?
    I want it now!
  • Lol truth. Gdr2 isnt even special. Its like the nodo update from wp7 days ppl were threatening Microsoft's life over. Now if this were 8.1 then I'd understand
  • It's kinda special if you have a Nokia... that on screen stuff is kinda cool.
  • Trueness but since I know it IS coming, I see no reason to go nuts over it
  • Not really. I got a 920 & 925. GDR2 isn't nothing special.
  • Golden. Lol. I wont follow comments in this thread after this. I feel the whining about to flood.
  • It's ridiculous how people cry over having to wait a couple of more weeks.
    Most don't seem to understand that the update must be tested and will be different for each model, under each carrier. The update won't come out for everyone at the same time.
    In a case like HTC, it may be even longer of a wait because it might have actually been pushed out too fast.
    It's like a bunch of kindergarteners throwing a hissy fit because it's not their turn to use the swing set.
  • LMFAO,, Josh Harman you nailed it right....
  • LOL, yup
  • The low-resolution profile images for Me tile is fixed.  The radio option finally is back, just as in WP7.8, under Music and Video's.  It looks like we'll have to wait for GDR3 for any substantial updates and features.
  • where is for the other lumias 
  • Coming soon.. Almost ready for the 920
  • Got some cheese for that whine if anyone wants some......:)
  • Boo hoo - i want my fm radio
    Whaahh - i want amber
    Sniff-Sniff - but they got the update before me
    bunch of wussies!
    but seriously, Nokia...where is it...I need it now!
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  • I have 15 GB other Storage on my 920 Nokia push GDR2!
  • How is that possible?
  • Complete mismanagement.
  • I have 8gb so I know what you mean only reason im wanting this up date to clear out my other storage so I can start downloading apps again
  • Although update priority should've been given to NL920 ...
  • It is probably being worked on, whilst doing so they may have uncovered some bugs which were patched in this update - since L925 has GDR2. I wouldn't be surprised if they roll one out for the L1020 as well.
  • I will not be surprised if T-mobile don't release this update. See Nokia Lumia 810 as reference.
  • I am just looking forward to an improved battery life on 3g. I hardly get 6 hours backup and i would love for it to give me more than that. I happen to believe that WhatsApp is the culprit for that yet i am not a 100 pc sure. Nevertheless, everything else is secondary and negotiable for me if the battery life is improved. :)
  • Unfortunatly 6 Hours on 3G is the best we can get , it really sucks
  • Wtf is gdr2 for ATT! Don't get?
  • We know.
  • Unlocked and Unbranded on StraightTalk in the USA.  Just cehcked for updates.  NADA!
    Still on 10327.77.
    ONly bug I have is occasonal kickouts to the lockscreen.
  • Still need the amber update for the 920
  • On an unbranded, European 925 on Rogers in Canada -- no sign of an update yet.
  • Just checked my unlocked 25 and nothing
  • Microsoft's problem is, and always has been they announce things tooooo early.  Apple has had great success because they have a launch event and anounce it is available that day.  Microsoft has always held an event and then it has taken months before it is announced that it is shipping.
    With Microsoft coming late to the smartphone party, they had plenty of time to watch and listen to what the masses were complaining about.  They had a perfect opportunity to do things right from the start.  I am being patient, but it seems old habits die hard.
  • Really? Is iOS7 available yet?
    Most people appreciate transparency, its the uneducated, impatient ones that get all bent out of shape.
    Microsoft announced, way back when they announce WP8, that there would be 1 major OS update once a year (8.1, blue, whatever) and a few small updates in between. No one else guarantees scheduled updates like that.
    You know, or should, that the updates are coming... so just let them come when they do and be happy at that time. No point in people pulling there hair out in anticipation.
  • Announce today and arrive 5-6 months later. How does that work?
  • What iO7?
    Wouldn't know.
  • No need to whine ppl, have 920 and 925 and its a minor update, if it calls, receives and don't crash then all good.
  • No updates yet on my unlocked 925
  • I need Other storage fix !!!
  • I need the updates!
  • I flashed it last week using NSU, the OS version is actually 8.0.10328.78.
    Haven't noticed any differences over the previous version.
  • Update completed on an unlocked 925. Went smoothly...no noticeable changes to the system.
  • Where did u purchase your unlocked phone. And (I am thinking of returning my t-mobile 925 and going the unlocked way) is it really that much of different?
  • Oh c'mon. When GDR2 is coming for the 820 ?
    I have my phone for 2 days, and it's already have 1 gb of other storage. Fuck. I have like 7 apps. Can't believe it.
  • 7 apps?
    Did you delete the ones preinstalled?
  • Well, not exactly 7. That's why I said "like 7".
    I have exactly 11 apps, but I use 6sec a lot, I think the vines are put in other storage. Maybe ? :/
  • Probably, it stores temp files in there along with some other stuff.
  • I just got rid of my iPhone 4S, now I'm using a Nokia 920, my contract ends february 2014, I'm counting the updates for this Nokia, if these updates keep coming slow, or not at all, my next phone will be an iPhone again, but on the other hand, if the Lumia keeps well suported (with updates) my next will be the 1020 or it's successor.
  • The updates are coming. They are not that slow, just a bunch of whiners around here. Just go back to iPhone if you're that worried about it.
  • When is htc 8x getting gdr2?
  • Update available now with Vodafone Ireland 8.1.10328.78
  • I have n unlocked 925 but why the update? This is the most perfect phone I've ever had!! It hasn't randomly shut down once n as far as I can remember this is the 1st phone to be like that *touch wood*
  • Yes, now I'm getting my updates os build 10328 for 925 and installing 91% :))) cheers from The Netherlands!
  • My Nokia 925 not unlocked,but i got this update.
  • My 925 unlocked in germany, updating as i type. I just hope it fixes the insanely amount of random reboots i have on the freaking phone, i had them on the 920, even worse now on the 925. Fingers crossed.
  • Do you think it could be a specific app causing the trouble? Random reboots shouldn't be normal.
  • no clue. had them on the 920, still have them now. (well, so far today after the update no rendom reboot yet). fingers crossed.
  • That's weird, hopefully the update does fix it.
    I have an 822. The first week I got my phone, I was standing in my garage during a thunderstorm, for phone froze while checking the radar. I had to pull the battery to unfreeze.
    I sent the phone back the next day, got a new one and haven't had any problems since. The first phone was probably fine, but I don't play like that. LOL
  • Good, hope it fix automatically restart. How about Lumia 520, 620, 720? No firmware update till now.
  • Who cares...Where is GDR2 for the 928....Oh, wait, this is Verizon....so 3 months from now ??????
  • Vodafone Ireland Locked 925 got the update yesterday
  • Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but ever since I completed this update on my Lumia 925 the phone keeps randomly turning off. If i go to check my lock screen, nothing happens when I press the button and it's just a black screen. In order to turn it on I have to do a soft reset. It's happened 3 times since yesterday!! Going to try a hard reset to see if it works or if it's just the new update. But not too happy about this!
  • I just got my 925 in Friday but I haven't had any problems with my phone...honestly the only thing that sucks is the web speed from time to time but past that no shut off or lag...im loving Nokia kinda glad I left my 8x
  • We both have had the same experiences since Friday :P got mine Friday. LOVE IT. The screen blows my mind. If you change the screen to vivid and color too notches down from neutral it looks perfect. I put my 8X in the drawer. Nokia Music is simply delightful as well. Make sure to let it die completely at least once then fully charge. You'll get a few hours extra life on it. Also, it looks way better than pix make it look. Its sexy haha
  • Now is available via NSU: http://twitpic.com/d6oif9
  • Just got the update but my firmware is at .2005
    Uk unlocked phone.
  • i have install new update (build 10328) today (nokia lumia 925 grey). :)
    I don't see nothing new.  Maybe fix bugs only.
  • I have a Vodafone Lumia 925 and was having some annoying bugs to the OS - within IE, the phone would randomly go to lock screen when going to a new URL...also phone would freeze and restart every couple of days. THANKFULLY, i have today received this OTA update t OS version 10328 - even though my phone is not unlocked. I did have to "search for updates" - but hope this helps others in the same situation as me :)
  • My Lumia 925 got an update yesterday. It came with FM already though under the Music and Videos. I have noticed that under settings>system there is Call + SMS filter(block calls + SMS). This is a much needed function. And if you go under extras+info, the software release is Lumia Amber.
  • They keep updating the phone with all sort of useless bloat instead of adding and obvious thing - allow phone users to disable annoing haptic vibration feedback.