Unofficial Pandora app "Metro radio" for Windows Phone 7 in the works [Video]

Should you be a Pandora user, this will be of great interest to you. We're already aware of the team getting cold feet last year when requests were in for a Windows Phone client, possibly due to no background audio. Now that Mango is here, some were hoping for any sign of progress with an app. To lighten things up slightly, we have an unofficial solution surfacing, which is being developed by Janabi Mustafa (opens in new tab) (see above demo).

Metro Radio will allow users to login with Pandora account credentials and display radio stations on the account with background streaming, album art, and liking options available. The app is set to be released next week, which will provide Windows Phone users with Pandora access.

Thanks Mustafa for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Just a quick question, this is not something Pandora will have yanked within hours of it being released, right? Or is this an allowed use of their service? Thanks.
  • Good question. Short answer: we don't know. In theory, it should be released to the Marketplace no matter what. But Pandora could then try to have it removed (and they will be successful). Or they could look the other way. Or they could look the other way...until their app is going to come out. Real grey area here. So long as the app follows Marketplace app submission guidelines, it should be fine. If it does get pulled though, it'll be a star player in the homebrew field.
  • pandora boring. I rather get the Rasco Radio App it best app with 60,000 free radio stations and music to listen too
  • So how can I test it out? Don't see in market ( HTC radar)