Unofficial Windows 10 Telegram client Unigram X leaves beta

Unigram Windows 10
Unigram Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Unigram X, and unofficial Telegram client for Windows 10, is now out of beta. The app has been available to test for some time, but its developers have now deemed it stable and secure enough to exit preview with a release version available now at the Microsoft Store (via Plaffo).

If you're a Telegram user, Unigram X offers up the ability to chat with your friends, but with a ton of Windows 10 features baked in. That includes Live Tile and Continuum support, as well as support for Windows 10's People Bar and quick replies from the notification center. Likewise, Unigram X is available across nearly all of Microsoft's Windows 10 platforms, including PC, mobile, HoloLens, and Xbox One.

In the move out of preview, Unigram X's developers say that the app has been rewritten from scratch "to guarantee you performance, stability, and security." The rewrite also brings a handful of additional improvements:

  • Every chat you open is now securely cached on your device, so you can browse them even when internet connection isn't available.
  • Secret chats are now fully supported: this allows you to communicate with your friends using end-to-end encryption, even on desktop.
  • My People integration: you can now pin your contacts to the Windows taskbar and use Unigram to chat with them without opening the full app.
  • The app is now faster, stronger, better.

According to the latest release notes, the rewrite also means that some features from the beta app may be unavailable at the moment, but the developers promise "they're going to come soon."

Those who have used Unigram during its beta test may also notice the "X" in the app's name is a new addition. There's no explicit explanation available from the developers, but the new name appears to be inspired by Telegram's own Telegram X intiative (h/t Reddit).

If Telegram is your chat platform of choice and you want to give something other than its first-party apps a try, you can check out Unigram X at the Microsoft Store now. And for more, check out our hands-on look at the Unigram preview for a deeper dive.

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