Upcoming 'Bleeding Edge' patches to focus on balancing

Bleeding Edge
Bleeding Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Bleeding Edge is a multiplayer game from Xbox Game Studios.
  • It's received good review since launch, but its balancing has been criticized.
  • Developer Ninja Theory will focus on balancing in future patches.
  • Bleeding Edge is part of Xbox Game Pass.

Bleeding Edge is a third-person melee multiplayer game from Ninja Theory. The title has received good reviews since launch, but some of the problems have been balancing. Today, the team took to the game's forums to talk about what the future holds.

You can read a condensed version of the statement below.

We wanted to take the time to give you all an update on what we've been working on since the game launched as we know many of you have been asking us questions about the current known issues and upcoming content for Bleeding Edge. We are constantly checking the forums, Discord, and emails from players every day to make sure we have a good understanding of what the community is telling us. While it's not always possible to respond to everything, we are reading your feedback so don't ever feel like your voice isn't heard! In the past couple of weeks since launch, the team has been prioritizing fixes, optimizations, and improvements to the current Bleeding Edge experience before moving onto upcoming content additions. As a result, we are happy to share that we now have potential fixes for several key issues players have been reporting, and we are currently working on getting these ready for an upcoming patch. We're continuing to work hard on getting our newest fighter Mekko added to the roster so that the entire community can enjoy his unique brand of combat. Following this, we have a variety of amazing skins we would like to get into the game so that our players can have even more options for customizing their Bleeding Edge experience. Aside from fixes and Mekko, the Bleeding Edge development team regularly discuss potential features we can add to the game, whether they're suggestions from the community or things we've had in mind for a while. While we can't be specific about what we've got planned yet, we're prioritizing features that are most requested by the community, but that would also improve and enhance Bleeding Edge for all our players. Finally, we know a lot of players are discussing the balancing of Bleeding Edge in-depth on the Discord and in the forums. We know balancing is very important in an online multiplayer game, and especially important for one with a focus on teamwork. With each patch is the opportunity for balancing changes, which will always be included in the patch notes so make sure you stay up to date!

It's great to see that Ninja Theory will focus on balancing more than anything else. Hopefully, each patch will make the title better. Right now, there are a bunch of overpowered characters that need to be nerfed.

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