United States' fight against Huawei puts the brakes on a new laptop

What you need to know

  • A new Huawei laptop has been postponed due to U.S. trade restrictions.
  • The laptop would have been in the Matebook line.
  • This is the first known Huawei product launch postponed as a result of the U.S.-China trade dispute.

Huawei would have launched an new Matebook laptop this week, but the unveiling has been postponed indefinitely due to Huawei being on the restrictive U.S. "Entity List." The laptop would have been unveiled at the CES Asia show this week in Shanghai, but the launch has now been indefinitely postponed according to The Verge.

Huawei's CEO of consumer divisions, Richard Yu, told CNBC that the situation was "unfortunate." Yu also stated that US trade restrictions on Huawei are the reason for the postponement. Companies on this list cannot be sold products from American companies — like Microsoft and Intel.

Huawei's laptops are one of the only commercially successful products from Huawei that are sold in the United States. But these devices rely on U.S. technology including the Windows 10 operating system and Intel processors.

Any future plans would require a change regarding the U.S. Entity list. Yu admitted that the laptop might not be launched if Huawei remains blacklisted.

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  • So sad :(... With the Microsoft Surface laptop line-up, the Huawei Matebook X Pro laptops are some of the most well designed Windows laptops on the market... I don’t know what Huawei was working on for their new laptops, but I would love to see a fanless 14-inch laptop with a Qualcomm 8cx processor with the same design as the Huwaei Matebook X Pro, but with Microsoft Windows Hello webcam on top, and 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, and ideally an OLED display : it would be a very good replacement for an old Apple Macbook Air...
  • Thunderbolt on a WoA machine is like supercharging a Prius. What is the point?!
  • Most of Huawei's technology was stolen from U.S. companies. They have next to no research and development budget which is why they were always able to undercut competition. The Matebook line was almost completely copied from Apple's MacBook designs. I'm happy to see them buckling under the new blacklist. This is the closest we'll get to economic karma.
  • Of course, like how Huawei copied Qualcomm's 7nm process before Qualcomm even had one.
  • You've literally just described all of east asia. The west invents, they copy & manufacture. Hence why they make everything cheaper, but a generation later. Also, kind of apple, lol (except they copy, perfect and make more expensive).
  • I think the 2nd guy is pretty much a copycat especially in the PC market. They all have the same functions and consumers demand very similar features. Huawei may seem dirty, but Apple, Google, MS have all ripped off or copied features at some point.
  • Can't comment on the politics nut my 2018 MBP is hands down the best PC I have ever used. If I can't upgrade next year I will go back to Mac as I have not found suitable quality and power at this price point.